Surviving A Black Mamba Snake Bite – Venom Man

my name is Tim Freddie and I put my life on the line every day for one reason to save people a tear from sniper the reason why I inject venom and get bit by snakes is for a larger purpose and that larger purpose is to create a universal human anti-venom for the last seventeen point five years I've been using basically seven snakes to become immune to prove it one is that people say you can't beat because they're too necrotic and you can't build up immunity wrong you can build up immunity so you can be immune to anything that's only by doing it the probiem a black mamba is one of the most venomous snakes in the world from Africa and you can easily die in 20 to 30 minutes from a black mamba but it's just a nasty snake its aggression level besides the fake length make it easily that's a black mamba highly venomous highly aggressive especially this one just like most mamas but this one in particular is it's gonna really be attitude I'm about to take the black mom about to take a bite to prove my immunity it's a captive born zoo Black Mamba about four feet long highly aggressive let's do it ah got me twice three times right the finger I'll do one more in the arm something we ready make it fast and two more bites two bites in the Finger Lakes in the arm I do not want that to happen when I took it out with the other direction got me the finger twice got me twice three times when you get bit by a black mamba basically like getting hit with a hammer in your face out of your finger yeah it's pretty much the exact same thing it feels like throbbing sensation it feels like it's broke and that lasts a pretty long time usually two to three days before it goes away we're gonna find out but I don't believe so hi I have millions and millions antibodies to the Black Mamba this was the most extreme easily the most extreme by bites that I've ever taken I've never had four bites by one snake which sounds strange it really doesn't make any sense because people listening to that well how'd he get bit four times of a one snake and the way that app has it bit me twice of the finger and I was trying to pull it out safely and I did another intentional bite and the reason I did that is to see how far I can take it and I'd love to push the limits and that's to to prove my medians to prove it works and obviously it does because my hands are swollen which means there's a venom injected if they weren't swollen there'd be no about him injected so it clearly clearly proves that self immunization works to the very highest level and the very highest level of that was today at four bites and that's a beautiful thing the really cool thing that as we sit here in a film right now is the website was just launched live Mithras on deck by dr. Glanville the PhD Stanford anti body engineer and all the films that I've done I've always said what I want to do I never thought in a million years that I could film and say the site's up it's done have my blood my Hania bodies are synthesized and the products being worked on and possibly being sponsored by a lot of people I can really make a huge difference and I think that's really important that you go to the site please and donate even if it's a dollar it helps it adds up it goes to the company it doesn't go to me I'm the one just getting bet it goes to distributed bio on Jacobs company so the scientists can make a product and make a big difference with people at diverse state but you know please subscribe to The Wizard of ID you

33 thoughts on “Surviving A Black Mamba Snake Bite – Venom Man

  1. Check out a guy that catches Burmese Pythons In The Florida Everglades!!!

  2. He is mad, risking his life to make money. That's acting foolish ? money is not worth any life, you can get back money but not life until God come.

  3. Did the snake really inject venom? because snakes do not always inject venom, we call it a dry bite, do they still have their venom glands? we will never know (really)

  4. What I want to know is how did his first ever bit from a black mamba go. You didn't have the antibodies to fight the venom.

  5. You got balls of steel man… Now don't let that damn mamba escape to public coz that thing ain't scared of biting a human, now that you have just let it bite you it will continue biting

  6. Does anyone know where i can get a breeding pair of black mambas? I am verry interested in venomouse snakes and i want to let the babies go in my neighborhood. Thanks

  7. Ahh I don't understand u sure those snakes are not milked or they venom glands removed anything is possible this days

  8. The most amazing guy i have ever seen in this area.. Love ya man.. He will have his antibodies gathered into a antivenom shot.. First it was horses.. Then sheep.. Which was better.. But human antibodies.. I wish i could help but I'm broke.. Weeell.. How about you.. Use paypal.. I have no affiliation here.. You could save a life.. Personally i hate snakes..

  9. Mate i respect what your doing you must have huge balls!! but your eyes glazed over your finger went white it cant be doing you much good.

  10. There was a bloke training to be a safari guide. They were putting the thing back in the box. He said, "If you'd been bitten would you know?" So he knew something was wrong. Thirty minutes later his vision was going and he was dead within the hour.

  11. I am not convinced that his primary motivation is altruism—the desire to selflessly help mankind. Rather, I suspect that he is a masochist and a risk junkie who needs to feel the pain and the venom to turn his inner motors. It would not surprise me either if he has a cowardly deathwish which he has transformed into something that is useful to snake bite victims and brings him attention and adulation. Yes, he does look sickly, so there is something else going on. In my opinion, he needs help before he reaches the limit he is looking for.

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