Survival Rucksack For Your Dog (Onetigris)

hi guys I'm Lilly and today I want to talk about hiking group sex for your dogs stay tuned it always happens to me that there is just no space left anymore for the dog food but dogs are actually quite strong and they can carry a lot of weight themselves and today I want to show you three different rucksacks or bug-out bags that you can give to your dogs and then they can carry the stuff themselves okay first off what is the important content of your dog's backpack first of all you need water for your dog here in Austria we have a lot of streams and creeks so I don't pack water for my dog but if you live in the desert you have to take a certain amount of water with you the next thing I would pack is a poncho or some sort of small table and paracord so I can build a shelter for a dog if it's starting to rain or snow so that at least he has a little bit of shelter and last but not least I would pack a first-aid kit a small first aid kit is great in general dogs don't hurt themselves but sometimes it happens that they jump on some sharp object like broken glass or nails so you should take a small amount of first-aid kit with you so that you at least have some bandages that you can use to first aid their paws and now I want to show you three different pack packs that you can use for your dogs at this side I have a small first aid kit some dog food and some paracord and at the other side I have this military poncho here so I can build packs a shelter and yeah it's made out of canvas so it has a very nice look to it when it's clean you can see the brand one tigris so that's one of their bags that they make but they also make tactical vest like this one here that Julie is wearing right now okay next I want to attach some MOLLE compatible pouches that I got from one tigress – this vest here and see how they fit yeah the rest is looking good on her it's totally black like her so you can call it concealed carry if you want and yeah the pouches are great so this pouches have a great volume and the other pouch has the special security here and has this very nice compartments where you can put your stuff in so that's very nice yeah I pretty much like this tactical vest here because it has so many features it has for example some handles at the front and at the back so if there's something you know happening and going on and you have to carry your dog you can do that by grabbing it on the handles and then you have this hooks here and let's say if you are in an emergency situation and you have to do some climbing with your dog you can hook your dog to the rope and let him down the slope for example so that's pretty great okay then West edulis bearing is pretty heavy-duty and gets a little bit warm in summer and that's why one tigress had made another West which is a little bit more lightweight and has this mesh here so that the dog doesn't get too warm and now let's put on this vest and see how it looks on you Lee okay this West here looks very good on you Lee and here you can see the nice mesh and it leaves a lot of air through so it's perfect for summertime here we can see the same handles and rings for the leash the other pouches are looking great on this vest as well yeah guys I think that dogs are great companions and if you have a dog and if you are a dog owner you should really think about getting some kind of you know hiking Brooks egg or a bug-out bag for your dog and yeah as I said they can carry a lot of stuff themselves and I want to thank the company one taggers for sending me this awesome West sandbag facts and if you want to get one of their rests they are available in all sizes you can click on the link below you get a 10% discount code so I want to thank you for watching check out these videos here at the sides follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and if you want to see more subscribe to my channel stay tuned till next time

29 thoughts on “Survival Rucksack For Your Dog (Onetigris)

  1. BIG NEWS: I have designed my own Survival Knife called “APO-1”. You can get it now at my online store: Thank you so much for your support <3 Lilly

  2. Hi Lilly! I wanted you to know this video will be emailed to over 100k subscribers as part of an article for Modern Survival ( to show different options for dog out bags. Thank you! (and of course we'll make sure to credit you.)

  3. Most importantly you need a well trained dog that follows your commands. It's not good to have a dog that will run off and chase another animal. What ever gear it is carrying may wind up being lost.

  4. What's the size your labs are wearing? Is it the Large one? Because my lab is pretty much the same size

  5. I don't know about the other dogs, but Dax would have his vest wet and muddy as soon as he gets to the water and stay muddy until you all made it back home. My dog would look nice with a vest on like the ones they are wearing, but with my luck someone would run over him after the vest is put on him and I am out of sight. He still likes chasing cars and that is one thing I have not been able to break him of.

  6. a dog pancho for a shelter……..SSSSSHIT! my pitbull would have a heart attack if she had too sleep any where but in my bed. she will sit and cry all night if she can not get into the bed. i will not even get started if the god damn dog has to eat dog food or is she stays outside by herself. she can not even stay in side with out being by someone in the family…..if and when shower or go to the restroom….the dog will go in with you or will sit at the door until you get out….i swear she is more needy then my girlfriend…

  7. Hi Lilly, I have been watching your video's for some time now. They are excellent. Great post on the Dog Backpacks, as I am getting my new English Springer Spaniel puppy in 3 weeks. He is 5 weeks old at the minute. As I am a Prepper and also like Bushcraft/ Hill walking, he and I will be spending lots of time in the local hills/woods and needs his own kit ( and to carry it) when he is big enough and can do the distance with me in about 6 months time. Great video.

    I have now finally subscribed.

  8. I have that tactical molle one for my dog. I got it on amazon for 18 bucks. I put a glow stick on her at night when I camp. Great vid Lilly. You rock

  9. Dogs are amazing for camping protection and companionship. There was a kid who got bit in the head by a bear a few months ago when he went camping. He survived, but he was asleep at the time of the attack. If he would've had a dog, that would've never happened.

  10. Hate Velcro – not only is it too noisy generally for bushcraft use, but dogs hate the sound too, IME. Plus it wears out relatively quickly.

  11. Dogs have been used as pack animals for thousands of years. Many dogs become more settled when doing a job or filling a role. In a well watered area dogs can drink most sources of water and not get sick. There are limits to that though. Pesticide run off from fields and e coli from sewage treatment plants in urban areas can make a dog sick. But a small stream or even a large puddle in the middle of the woods should be safe enough. Dogs are a good source of body warmth in a small shelter.
    Ultimately a dog can be a food source in a truly bad situation.

  12. Gorgeous labs. Maybe instead of carrying the tarp bring more dog food and put them in your tent. They will keep u warm!

  13. I think I'd be a good idea for them to be able to get there own food and water out if they were lost.

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