Surrender Meditation | A Spoken guided visualization (Letting go of control)

Surrender meditation trusting the universe hello and welcome to this guided meditation my name is Jason Stevenson and over the course of the next half hour or so we will begin transforming our fear and disappointment into trust and hope we will let go of our need for complete control surrendering to the love and wisdom of the universe thank you for joining us in this process competence and perseverance are admiral qualities for so many aspects of our lives from interpersonal relationships to goal-setting we pride ourselves on choosing our mark aiming and hitting it dead center we move through our lives with accuracy diligence and compassion and yet even our best intentions and carefully laid plans can bring us stress anxiety and depression sometimes when the unexpected happens our carefully built scaffolding trembles as the ground on which it is built begins to shift if you have felt an earthquake or even just a tremor in your life lately this meditation is for you finding a comfortable place now either sitting or lying down closing your eyes gently and relaxed taking a deep breath in and sending that breath all the way to the bottom of your diaphragm holding that breath for a few seconds and then releasing that breath you may like to give the breath or color as it's going in a lighter color that you breathe in and on the breath out releasing tension it may be a darker color so just over the course of this next minute I'd like you just to focus now on your breathing breathing in and holding and releasing any stress or tension as we journey a little further into this meditation take a moment to name whatever has shifted in your life it could be a happy occurrence like the beginning of a new relationship or the birth of the child perhaps it is a sad occurrence like the death of a family member or loss of a job and maybe this part of your life is neutral a new goal a change in objective or some other unexpected twist whatever it is it is out of your control and this can be deeply frightening at times in much of the Western world we are taught that control objectives and contingency plans are what will keep us safe you probably have a plan for any given area of your life a back-up plan in case that doesn't work out and an absolutely worst case scenario and how you would cope with it there is nothing wrong with this and in fact thinking strategically usually reduces anxiety and results in excellent outcomes but what this mindset doesn't teach you is that you can't control everything even if you are centered compassionate being this is deeply unsettling and yet past this fear lies peace a peace that is impossible to disrupt over the course of the next few minutes we will journey into this all-encompassing serenity [Applause] [Laughter] as we go you may encounter painful or frightening memories beliefs and possibilities all I ask is that as we walk through this soulful process you continue on myself and thousands of people who will listen to this exact meditation are with you as you confront the things that hold you back and no matter what happens you are safe so take a few deep breaths and allow your muscles to soften you are safe from the tips of your toes your ankles feet they are safe and relaxed your calf muscle supple and relaxed your knees thighs hips relaxed surrender let your bottom half of your bodies surrender your stomach chest back Nick supple relaxing and release your head shoulders arms right down to your fingertips trust in the process feel the freedom release your face softens eyes nose mouth ears let go surrender your mind opens expands is safe is free is letting go in all of the universe in every galaxy there exists only one thing that you can control that thing that magnificent loving being is you you cannot control the weather you cannot control another person's actions and best you can offer love and respect for each person's freedom at worst you can attempt to manipulate others to do your bidding either through psychological tactics or force you can only control you and yet you are a universe within yourself a vast sea of emotional processes a garden of biology a creature capable of surviving at the bottom of the sea or on another planet thanks to the contributions of other beings like you you are totally unique a heady cocktail of experiences memories and passions that will never ever be created the same way again you have almost infinite choices in every moment what to do how to react when to do it and yet they are your choices and they are the only things that you can control if this realisation feels painful or foreign embrace it if it feels free welcome it something greater than us exists it doesn't matter if you follow a specific faith tradition a general spirituality or nothing at all however you understand the greater intelligence and purpose of the universe you know that something created the world around you and that some greater order keeps it safe breathe in this love breathe in this safety breathe in the greater intelligence that surrounds you and is within you you are born of the universe you are treasured by it and this higher consciousness whether you call it love or God or any number of other names is caring for you every moment of every day it is responsible for the shift the delicate earthquake that has disrupted your life and whether you realize it or not this gentle rumbling has happened for a reason take a moment now to let go drift off float free into the stars of the universe knowing all the while that you are 100% safe and nurtured there is an old Celtic legend that says just before each person is born they are allowed to choose all the hardships they will experience during their lifetime in this tradition everyone selects the challenges that they will be able to overcome the situations and conditions that will push them to learn and grow but that will not defeat them what if your toughest moments had been selected because someone or something knew you could not fail at them how would you feel would you act differently than you have been up until now Trust trust is a word we use often although at times it means different things do you trust that there is meaning in what you are experiencing right now do you trust that you will learn from this change do you trust that the universe is watching out for you even in your darkest moment nurturing you into an even more beautiful being for many of us we cannot trust without loosening our hold on control we cling to beliefs habits and people that feel safe hanging on to rotting logs instead of letting the benevolent waters of life carry us into world's more beautiful than we could ever imagine this is a logical instinct one developed through millennia of striving and surviving as human beings holding on to something ugly at least means knowing what you have letting go opening yourself to possibilities and releasing the need to manage everything is both terrifying and deeply free could you surrender your need for control letting yourself float into the paradise the universe wants to share with you breathe in peace let go of control breathe in new possibilities let go of any stagnant ways on your breath out breathe in a new paradise load within it let go and surrender to this many times for many of us we grasp that things or events because we know what we want a particular romantic partner a job a certain company a body that looks a certain way understanding exactly what we desire helps direct our actions and attention toward a particular goal but what we often overlook other things outside our control you could be the most charming attractive person in the entire world and that special someone still might not be interested you could have the best interview in the history of interviews and you still might not be selected for that job it could be an Olympian and still not achieve that physical goal some things aren't possible and we don't know which they are if these seems disheartening all you need to do is shift your perspective a little bit on your breath in breathe in compassion for yourself for others on your breath out let go of control of fear if you knew everything that was going to happen or if you got exactly what you wanted all of the time you wouldn't grow much as a person and you wouldn't have as much fun today's terrible first date is tomorrow's bedtime story for your grandchildren losing your job today might pave the way to a career so fulfilling you can't imagine it right now the universe is trying to give what you want but it may not look the way you expect it to if we orchestrate our lives down to the finest detail we leave no room for pleasant surprises exhilarating adventures and the deep wisdom that comes only from failure would you rather have a life full of bland safe experiences ah spend each day in riotous laughter earth-shaking love meaningful companionship and the tears that come from seeking and achieving it letting go of control allowing our life's careful architecture to shift with the changes we experience requires intense vulnerability like surrender vulnerability is often mocked in contemporary Western culture and yet vulnerability is not weakness instead it is the willingness to drop your facade to experience your feelings and life's happenings with every part of your being it is a willingness to trust your intuition the universe and even the web of people seven billion people who are seeking the same things as you you are a small ship on a vast and majestic River the current will carry you where you want to go if only you stop trying to row upstream in a day or a week or perhaps even a year you will look back on this difficult time with fondness no matter what happens at this very moment you are learning and changing being carried into a beautiful new awareness by a kind loving presence you can only control yourself but you are enough to enact big changes on the world love compassion trust and vulnerability are your tools and with them you can do everything I and your fellow companions on this journey through life know you will not only succeed but thrive you are a masterpiece in progress believe and anything is possible namaste Oh you

29 thoughts on “Surrender Meditation | A Spoken guided visualization (Letting go of control)

  1. Recovering addict here. 7 months sober off xanax and opiates. 2 years off the needle, heroin, amd meth.

    I deleted Facebook. I made a deal w myself. Goals. Lose 50lbs by my 34th bday. Keep off spcial media until july 1st. Dont settle for abusive men. Stay celibate. Doing all. Now trying to stop smoking and learn to meditate.

    I am an empath named kels. I was an awfuk junkie that shot up 30x a day, shoved out of cars left for dead, pverdosed 4x. Suicide attemps 3x left in week long comas on lifr support 2x. I am alive for a reason. Wanting to be whole spiritual and grounded.

    I am here, as you all are….to share our stories. Find experiencr strength and hope. Common grounds. Souls meshing, love, guidance, and relief.

    Dont give up to those struggling. If i can survive and push through hell so can you.

    I've changed a lot. Just in 7 monts. I surrended. I have NEVER kept a job until recently. 3 mos working as a phlebotomist and lab tech. Something bugger then me gave me my dream career. And kept me alive.

    Find your light ?

  2. Your voice is so soothing, your words sensitive, practical, and help me channel inner peace. Thank you for your work – it’s truly a commitment to something altruistic, which is a rare gem these days.

  3. At Dusk, at the close of my days & also at the Dawn every day I've been here for over 26 months (Jason Stephenson's 'Surrender' guided meditation) I've found a home, a solace and comfort with the safety net Jason has given me in SURRENDER without which I was tumbling rapidly towards a very very dark place. I'm solely responsible for the welfare of all my family members, Widowed Mother 85 since 1985, Sister with born disabilities since birth 57, a partner who lives in but doesn't see or hear me as she is always too busy and my 12 Yr old son. Before hearing Jasons Surrender, I've been drinking very heavily, and using ever single day to support me & see the hours and nights through. I have to work alone from home & provide support and personal care 24/7 care for family members, and don't get opportunity to leave the family threshold to share these feelings. In fact I've NEVER written or spoke of this anywhere, till now. But I have found a gradual realignment of my mind allowing me to put the brakes on, for a moment with Jason every day, through a voice that is resonating and reasoning with me to my very core. A voice that has been absent for too many years. The only coping mechanism was drink and drugs and that dark and vortex like a vacuum had shred me… with nothing to nurse the sounds with except JASON. There indeed are 'GODS' here and right now I dont believe that the wings upon my shoulders will find me my GOD. Nor will Fins at my side allow me an audience in the depths of our oceans …. Look, into the eyes, of the very next person you meet … Before you utter a single word, at first SMILE if you can, with kindness … I trust you'll there become a GOD to someone still seeking and contentment along with it in this fast, restless world. Life is what happens to each one of us, whilst were too busy making others plans. I want to ask everyone who reads my words to believe this, to find Joy, purpose and deep contentment in all their tomorrow's . LOVE, RESPECT AND MY JASON. I know you're listeners WILL slowly and evrntually LET GO of the need to manage EVERYTHING…to ALL who read these words – I LOVE YOU – Wherever you may this on this beautiful planet you're reading this… Right now. SMILE.

  4. Great piece up until the point that states we have no control over how others act towards us. Everything and everyone in our external reality is a direct, holographic blueprint of our consciousness and only that, there is absolutely no exception to the law of reflection. We create and generate everything, there are no victims here.

  5. I have never had such an intense emotional response from a meditation ever before. Several times I had tears streaming down my face. I know I need to do this meditation more. I feel like the release that it gave me only scratched the surface of the layers that I need to let go of. I struggle alot with letting go and surrendering control. I always have tried to make things be as I desire by attempting to manipulate situations and trying to say or do just the right thing to prompt a desired response or outcome. Probably the Capricorn in me.

    Many times my manipulations would work but many more times I would be thrown an unexpected curveball that I could not fit into my plan, or control. I hope that over time and with more meditation that I can learn to give up the constant need to feel like I need to control everything. I hope that I can learn to have a more open heart and not be afraid of being vulnerable and having trust.

    I have definitely lived a lot of my life in a "paddling upstream" way. Now it is time that I learn to surrender and flow through life.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

  6. I have been nodding my head to questions with a yes and tears just flew …I was carrying too much of pain….all came out….i choose to control only me and have faith❤Love you big hug

  7. All other apps / videos / guided meditations just dont seem to work, you have such a calming voice, i always look forward bed time, i stick this video on every night knowing i will get a restful sleep, thankyou so much jason! ?❤

  8. Wow. This is beautiful. I've been having trouble surrendering. I've started my own chant that includes 'ram' in surrendering (sur-ram-der) to release me heart. Thank you Jason ❤… I created an art piece to go with it as part of my spiritual transformation this year. Very inspiring 🙂

  9. I don’t control anything
    I only observe my thoughts
    until I choose to use them
    and make
    my best improved choices
    in my mind
    my brain ? controls the actions
    I don’t .


  10. I highly recommend everyone here if you see this to read the power of now by eckhart tolle. And after reading that book. Read the new earth by Eckhart Tolle. Life changing books. But read the power of now first.

  11. Thank you for sharing and bathing our universe with this guided loving, trust and vulnerabilities spiritual life meditation. It’s so kind and tender. Jason, the universe brought you to us. Namaste ?

  12. I have been rejected many times the past few months. It is very hurtful and it even makes me think that I am not worthy for those people and I am not good enough. I definitely can't go through this alone. This guided meditation is going to show me the way.

  13. Posting to Instagram for all of my self harming teens. I’m a Christian and still adore your work. I have mental illness and chronic pain and for almost a year your work has been helping me have a new perspective of who I am etc. You and MindValley and all of the amazing videos available to our hurting kids. I do preach a higher power to my kids who have no faith and no hope. Using your gifts to help others gain perspective and light into all they can be. God bless you so much. Thank you

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