Surprising People with iPhone 11 who Adopt a Dog! Then Customizing Them (Giveaway)

100 thoughts on “Surprising People with iPhone 11 who Adopt a Dog! Then Customizing Them (Giveaway)

  1. I just adopdet a dog from the shjelter he was in sooo bad condition and he loves everybody

    His name is jack

    Golden retriver
    Sorry for bad English

  2. My dream is to get an ipad pro but LOOL i can't affored it ;-;
    Ipad pro is more expensive than me even tho D:
    Guys wish me luck to get one and improve my art and climb to the top! finger cross

  3. i adopted a dog three years ago, he was walking in the street until a shelter took him and you know the rest.. he's been in the "black list" and then a nice family fostered him and we adopted him from them. hes a happy boy now ^-^ <3

  4. I should win it because I have trouble with my own phone its really not that good it's only a sansung 1 and there is a few problems with it so please let me win it. 🙁

  5. I want to win an i phone because i want to give it to my mom she only has a flip phone and cannot acsess all her work files

  6. Also i adopted my cat well i dident really adopt her but we found her under my porch she was covered with flees now shes happy living an itchy free life

  7. I want to adopt a dog because there’s a lot of dogs in this world that don’t have a family or a home to live in and when the shelter has too much dogs they get put down and that makes me really heart broken that these dogs don’t have anything because there owners abandon them or there too aggressive

  8. I think I should have a iPhone 11 because of just how much I give dogs a good and loved filled life by fostering them.

  9. My family adopted a dog we named him pinto he was in bad life he was so skinny you could see his ribs and he would not want to eat he just cried and so we adopted him and having a great life

  10. I think I should win because I adopted a puppy from an animal shelter that was going to get put down and my family have fell in love with him and to make it even more special it is my first dog

  11. I adopted my dog a few months ago he was really bad I dont know if I'll get anything but I just want everyone to know that my dog is the happiest dog I'll ever meet I dont want any other dog❤??‍♀️

  12. We adopted our first dog abaya but i lost her 2 months,but we adopt again but sadly we lost her last week ?still moving on ,it hurts soooo bad

  13. When I get old I also want to rescue dog I asked my mom if we can adopt more but she says no because we have 2 dogs and a cat.

  14. I got a free, lifetime supply of dog food when adopting my dog as she was so malnourished and was in a hoarding situation.

    then once they found out I had another dog taken from a hoarding situation and suffers from broken bones that healed the wrong way and dislocated kneecaps, which was also a hairless dog.

    they added a pass to their pet store for me to get anything to do with grooming, feeding and medical attention, for free. For a yearly supply too.

    Never been so grateful in my life. And it just makes me so happy to see people care for others who look after dogs like mine. And this was an extremely rare chance for me to be chosen.

  15. I got my dog mini about 4 years ago she is a Yorkshire terrier mixed with a lapzo. She is very spoilt,we spoil her with treats and toys and the groomers.But I never have time to spoil myself so that's why I think I should get the iPhone 11.But I will be fine if not. Good luck everyone xx

  16. I would want a I phone 11 because me and my family adopted my dog about 5 years ago and he was in a home that beat him and did a lot of bad things and the owners let them go and a guy found them and took them to a shelter but there were about 6 of them and when we got him he was crying because hi missed him sister so when tried to adopt his sister she was already adopted so when keep showing pictures of her for him on a phone and he stopped crying and 3 years ago we got another dog and they get along perfectly fine and with that dog he is getting along well

  17. I have 2 cats but sadly I can't keep them cause we got a new house and they scratch everything but I am getting a hamster this Christmas

  18. I think I should win bc when I see a dog on the street I ask my mom if we can rescue it. Also I have an old phone ~biggest fan Elena

  19. I adopted my shih tzu from the shelter over 2 years ago. He was returned twice said to be aggressive, but he actually was abused. Since getting him he's come outta his shell and is my best friend.

  20. I wanna win this IPhone so bad and i wanna get a case with a picture of my dog on it because he is really old and he dies soon so i want something to remember him?he is the sweetest of all and i grew up with him so i really don‘t wanna loose him ??

  21. I should win becuase i adopted a dog one year ago that had a food allergy to about every thing and my family never gave up we kept trying and we believed in her she was going to die but all our hard work came through but she still barely eats

  22. adopted my dog a year ago now, saved her from a backyard puppy mill where she was forced to give birth over and over again, shes now safe loved and happy in her forever home. my beautiful cavalier king charles.

  23. Well, I know this isn't a dog but I still want to share my story. My family and I rescued a 3 year old quarter horse 2 years ago, his name is Star. My parents haven't told me the full story but basically the person was putting listings of him everywhere! I always dreamed of having a horse, so for my birthday they showed up with 3 year old stallion. My parents found him on craigslist, apparently the person was a "backyard breeder". (The horse was not registered) He's living a happy life on our land and he has an Arabian buddy.

  24. My dog I adopted since he was a pup around 2 weeks old and now he’s 3 I love him to death he protects us I think I should win because this dog was abandoned with his mom

  25. That's amazing I have a black tiny with little grey puppy that I adopted because of you CAUSE you inspired me ?????

  26. I should win because al my 4 pets i had so far (2 cats 2 dogs) are all adopted!! And my phone is pretty old, i could use a new one.

  27. My dog is a rescue and I think that I deserve one because I care about him a lot and I have a cat that is a rescue in and we saved him and I really just want one so I can make videos of them

  28. I have no idea if your still doing this but my phone just shattered a couple mounths ago and i cant afford a new phone…me my mom and dad adopted a pitbull lab mix in 2011 shes the highlight of out lives her name is kisses i would love to have her on a phone case shes my bestfriend and my happiness we got her on her birthday shes born on Christmas shes are lil Christmas pup….another thing i really love your videos i wanna do this someday when i was younger i would watch pitbull and perolies and i wanted to do that rescue stray dogs and stuff what you do is amazing im glad you care about all theses pups ☺??

  29. I adopted my dog called Jango (after Jango Fett) because he had a slight cold and he had been abandoned as a street dog and was a street dog for 2 days before the shelter had found him after a request to find him. He was sick, had ticks, wasn't fed enough food, and didn't seem like he even had an owner before and was purely lost in life. He also was in the shelter for 3 years until we came along and adopted him. He is now healthy, tick free, and fed and fit besides it seems that he is a fat dog no matter what we do. I have owned him for 4 years and he was a surprise for my brother.

  30. I am just happy how you encourage others by rewarding a iphone11. They may think that the new family member(dog/cat) has bring good lucks for them..

  31. I think I should win because I adopted my dog who a cutie and I love dogs and huskies especially but I’m hoping to adopt another dog soon

  32. Rocky I don’t have a dog but I really want one the breed I like the best is the German Shepard That iPhone would be amazing ?

  33. I have two dogs a cat and two guinea pigs i have a lowland sheepdog that we adopted from my dads brother cause they were never home and couldn’t give him attention we also have a saint brenard that we did get from a breeder for Christmas cause the family that took him gave him back and all his brothers and sisters were already adopted my moms cat she adopted when she went to college and two guinea pigs that had two brothers that died last year we adopted cause a woman adopted them without asking her husband and gave them back we adopted them and the two that r still alive r three now and loving food

  34. I have a amazing rescue black lab mix named Lexi who had to go on many planes and rides to get where she is with her loving family ❤️?

  35. I did all of them but you might already gave all of them away but I think I should win one because I adopted a dog he was abused and he was scared of everyone and so I helped him and now he has a loving home and family

  36. My dog nowadays is a senior lovebug, he is such a loving dog. I love him so much. Dogs are amazing creatures, every dog deserves a happy life with a loving family.

  37. I don't know if you are still doing the whole entire iPhone thing but I love to get it because even though I didn't just stopped my dog my dog was found searching for food and she was hungry by train station she was skinny could see her Bone and she was hurt and because of that no one really wanted her and they always thought that my dog would never accept people but this is my dog's 9 Year and she is loving she loves everyone and she would never trade any of us for Any in the world my dog is the most grateful dog in the world how do you know if you're reading this if you did I don't care if you send me that iPhone I just wanted to tell you the story of my dog roxy

  38. I really want to adopt a rabbit because all my fishes died and I want to have another opportunity to have another pet and I will learn from my mistakes

  39. my dog finley is 3 years old and we had took him home before he was took away to the pound and yes my dog used to be a street dog but we decided to save his life instead

  40. I didn't really adopt this cat but we're currently trying to get her inside first girl cat we have two boys but this little lady is so sweet she's a little kitten but she is so scared and currently just a lives on our back porch and she is freezing to death but she is so sweet

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