SURPRISING MY FAMILY WITH A NEW DOG | Meet Our New Puppy Draco | American Bully

good morning famous gang today is day two of 365 of 2019 and we just want to show you guys okay everyone wait but they don't know what Rinku is wait okay so we just got the kids a dog for Christmas and what is that the dog me Drako so let's show everyone drink oh hi freckles currently in a cage because Draco don't know how to act when he's outside of the cage yeah he's been a very oh yeah he's been a very bad boy let me show you guys what happened when Ozzy let Draco out so he'll use the restroom and then he put drink'll back inside and forgot to make sure these were secured and drink'll got out while we're upstairs oh they are you cut it okay so well this was out Jay go rip this you guys so BAE cut it look you can you can literally see the bottom of my rug this is how it looked before this is how I look now so whenever we're not whenever we're not when I pay attention Jake oh just has to be in the cage until I feel like block off the living room and block off the kitchen area so right now we're going to take Draco to the vet because we did cuss ears let's take your clout okay see she's so excited Oh bite me all right so this is Draco this is Aiden's puppy it was really Aidan's in Oz 'yes but eyes don't really stunt the dog so Hayden is the only one that actually places the dog Ozzy's always on for tonight yeah he's my American Bully and he's only four months right now look how big he is at four months Draco say hi what's wrong with you why are you trying to buy Aiden let me see his eye honey look at him hi Draco look his teeth it looks something because he's a boy dog he's an American bully and we just cut his ear so we're going to the vet so that we can take his stitches out because his ear has been cut for some time and he was actually on anesthesia when we cut the ears but we got his ears clip so you just sit right here this is our baby he's happy you guys with his tail wagging and he bonds really well with the kids so look see when we first got a dog we didn't really know how many times to feed them how many times to make him drink so Draco's being you to stop aging so Draco was really like using the bathroom like constantly and then I thought like you feed dogs breakfast lunch and dinner but you know actually you're supposed to feed the dog I guess like two times a day or one time a day so I was over feeding him and then he started throwing up I was like oh my gosh that I just you know poison the dog or something but he wasn't poisoned he was just I think when I researched I said he was having acid reflux so he had to go to the vet for that they said he was in good condition it was nothing wrong with him just less than the amount of time that I feed him so yeah we're still learning him and he's still learning us so we don't have a set time that we actually feed him we're trying to get a schedule together but we've been doing good so far he goes be Drake I'll sit here listening you guys see sick sick he's not trained look he will run after this toy look the good boy look at him he always wants to bite on this damn towel all right come on Draco I'm gonna see if I can show you guys a trick hold on reset look watch this no Drake oh no he got it he likes me this tugging thing with us but he would literally leap up for it and yes people our dog has a chip inside of him so that we are able to locate him if somebody tries to steal him from us because everybody always says oh my gosh your dog looks so nice so we now people are plotting on our puppy so we will find you if you take all right so Draco's thirsty right now hold on Aiden you gotta make him go this way so the water don't come on you come on all right so this is how I'm gonna give him water no don't do that that's not nice sorry stop Aiden what are you doing poppy you can't do that you gotta be nice but Andres come right here yeah so that's how I give him water sometimes when I don't thought I put me in his bowl because this dog is always thirsty but he pees so much so we can't really get him too much unless he's just gonna stay here and just keep watching them because he's not trained and he keeps pinging and doodling in our house so we kind of have him on a schedule now so that he can come out and use the restroom all right so we're currently in the car we got Draco in the front you gotta be right here driving those eight in the seat this how we have the ride with Draco currently at this vet right now it's Miami veterinarian sand West Bend it's like a mobile vet drink I was over here he cried me yes he has patience every time I meet Jago snacks I look what we see puppies hey give me the tree so I don't I don't trust you thank you now you can fix them Aiden don't drop him okay yeah baby make sure you put them down gently put them down oh how many our limbs want to miss it oh this is the big one here oh okay oh these are yours okay this is only one not coming no it's telling Cooper that one is full already oh they're already sold how much they've done before she said it did one for five thousand five hundred thousand 500 5500 oh wow look at this one by your panel three 3,700 okay so okay then why don't you drop it he loves pips yeah Hayden Hayden Hayden okay you got him you got him okay different kind of dog this is a French Bulldog I mean I principally jegos an American she's gonna market already so did I just I had to see people it was a little sick like dos gonna get his stitches removed out of his ears not Eden he's not getting hurt he's getting anesthesia okay Lucy should I take the leash off hey then back up take those sleeping now he just went to sleep he's cool no he's not happy leave him alone eyes it was been like that no he's not dying puppy he's taking stitches out of his ears they had to stole his ear when they cut him so they can heal properly so Drago's relaxed right now yeah we'll get back to you guys up okay so Draco just finished getting you ears cut looking like a brand new puppy thank you still under anesthesia okay thank you guys for watching our very first video of the year that's taken trinkle well you guys meeting the new addition to our family we just rankle yeah I was taking him to the bed drink was currently passed out right now see he's out cold I think this from the anesthesia but hey and wine were just sitting corrected in the scene a messy Quentin say thank you guys for watching oh you know what thank you guys thank you for all 3,000 of our subscribers thank you to all of our viewers our likers our dislike errs people who follow us on our social medias thank you guys so much we really appreciate and love you guys we appreciate the support and you know what we want to do a giveaway but we just don't know what to do for the giveaway so we want you guys to drop the suggestions below comment down below and let us know what would be the best giveaway and I don't have to know hi phones or no PS boards or no Xbox is because you know our numbers ain't up there yet so give us something like my gift cards or it'd be but something along those lines that you guys would want as a giveaway so that we can go ahead and make our next video for a giveaway and now spin but thank you guys so much famous gang happy new year 20 19 years

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  1. Be careful with that dog when it gets bigger it will turn on you no matter how good you treat him i had one and he bit my sister and we had since pup i had to get rid of him so good luck just saying happy new years to ya

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