Surprising Homeless Dogs with Thanksgiving Dinner!

100 thoughts on “Surprising Homeless Dogs with Thanksgiving Dinner!

  1. Who is going to celebrate Thanksgiving with their dog? and do this now! to try Experian Boost. It is completely FREE!

  2. Nice jester. Bad idea to let them eat off a table. Next video will be a trainer, reversing a table habit.
    But, kind feast for the dogs!

  3. I wanna be like you when I'm older because I love animals and I love watching people show love to the pet

  4. I recently lost my pug my best friend after 14 years together always
    God I miss him so much it hurts it hurts so bad to the bone I miss him so
    Much god help us please
    I cry all the time I
    Miss him his smell companionships everything I miss him god watch over my pug please
    Looking for a pug or French bulldog yo heal
    My broken heart if possible

  5. I love dogs with all my heart and it makes me happy to see what your doing for them. Thank you for doing what you do. I would take any of those pooches but unfortunatly my work schedule makes it unfair to my furry companion.

  6. French bulldog homeless? that's a $3500 dog. some rich cunt thought itd be cute until she realized it was work and dumped it somehere.

  7. They are all good dogs you do a lot for them thanks for your support I bet there happy have a good Christmas and a happy new year hope they find a home soon as possible

  8. this is such a clickbait video lol.
    those dogs were saved it´s true….but they are not 'homeless dogs' xD
    they choosed the best looking dogs for this video, for the views!
    real homeless dogs have no home and are out on the streets with no food. there´s a difference 😉
    he made dinner for like 3/4 dogs? there are people who made dinner for hundreds of dogs and nobody talks about them! open your eyes to the world lol, youtube is nothing

  9. I would love to adopt them but I already have a happy dog and cat and I don’t want to mess them up by introducing another animal

  10. I would love to rescue one of those guys. When I grow up I definitely want to adopt dogs and work w them aswell as horses. My dog was free from a home that’s dog just had lits of puppies he’s the cutest and I love him so much

  11. This made me both happy and sad on so many levels. I wish I could adopt every last one of them to join my pets and me. xo

  12. Wish I can LIKE this more than once. Great deed to these fine gentlemen. Thank you for making these adorable dogs have a happy day.

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