Surprising Homeless Dog with new family for Christmas! ??Giant Great Dane Goliath Gets Adopted

100 thoughts on “Surprising Homeless Dog with new family for Christmas! ??Giant Great Dane Goliath Gets Adopted

  1. Yo rocky I got some of your dog treats there like Reese's pieces there a
    Green paw print
    Candy cane
    Green mitten
    For my Nana and dad's dog n dogs
    Zeek Dex Zeus
    And I know they will love them and so they have gifts to

  2. Goliath got his forever home…Yay!!! Congrats!! Happy for Goliath and Ty! 🙂 Rocky i subscribed this year with the bell notification and hit the like every vid 🙂

  3. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS VIDEO… thanks for everything you do your wonderful! Goliath is so lucky to have a new loving home… what a beautiful boy! ❤?☃???

  4. Plz be nice to animals they don't celebrate holidays and we do they should have a great life hit that like button if you agree

  5. Can you please start a petition to make dog fighting completely illegal and make it punishable by a life sentence in prison?

  6. The world is a peaceful and kind place just like these great and loving companions. Dogs are abused, homeless and starved to death but because of peoples donations, vets and especially chanels like this it makes a big difference. Donations and Foundations can help dogs in need and find them a home. These holidays everyone can help homeless cats and dogs while having a spectacular Christmas. Like if you will help animals in need these holidays.

  7. Fantastic! So glad Goliath has a forever home. Love the work you do, Rocky! PS: I am a member so please tell Santa I've been very good this year. Thank you!

  8. I might be fostering a dog for Christmas so it can have a good Christmas ? ❤️ I love dog and puppies and animals ❤️

  9. Omg yes! I got a puppy named ginger! Shes a german sheperd and border collie mix

    She was abused and beat and wary of humans but she warned up to us 🙂

    And i made a biography about you for a real life superhero! 🙂

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