Surprise Toy Unboxing & Assembling Power Wheels Ride On Bike | Toys AndMe

two hours later [Applause] Raisa sent you this bike today is so cool to your isn't it yes being Jordan assembled it earlier on oh yeah come on – y'all know you know it's time for a test ride let's do it I just noticed something Wow why is it got mom's name on the back mom is this bike yours yes well it's got your name on the back my bike I'm going shopping on that say did you turn this a it's not a prank I just notice that it's got mom's name on it I'll get over this Pete by anyway how was your day at school [Applause] who said you like my surprise so that was nice be – coming from school to fight on the moped Tiana bad day at school then yeah Oh would be fabulous ever go on that today what mom's got a point Tiana because it's got blooms name on the back boys you got to try and stop her mother's obviously run there you go go go go she's coming Gianna watch it back up watch the Kitty dolls how you manage around there either Gary to park upon your vehicles Jana Bob needs a garage to pile wheels and a moped to over ports or raisers should be the stuff going up wow you are a moped look the evidence is there on the back right there guys yeah well it's the right color for you Oh captain brave hope our last latinum Tiana laughs lap need to charge the battery up you need to tell me something okay so is that good don't talk to me this is toys of me

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