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Mikkel: Every single animal is trainable. Mikkel: Understanding how animals learn
helps us to train all types of animals. Mikkel: Hey. Amelai: hey Mikkel: oh my goodness,
this must be Amelia. Amelia: It is. Mikkel: Hi, how are you? You are so cute. Narrator: This is Mikkel Becker. She’s an expert, animal and pet trainer. Mikkel: I work with a lot of different clients. And I help them with different needs that they have. Mikkel: Whether it’s teaching their dog or their cat basic manners, or addressing an issue. Mikkel: So this rest behavior gives him a way to give
me permission to go ahead and do the handling. Mikkel: So when it comes to ear cleaning,
he can cooperate with it. Mikkel: Indiana bonds with me in dog form. And Indie loves to always stay busy. Mikkel: It’s hard for him to sit still and chill and that’s really me too. Mikkel: Growing up with a love of
animals is absolutely in my family. Mikkel: We show love and respect for all animals, regardless of what species. They all have value. Narrator: In her day to day, she helps pet owners, Who are struggling to tame their unruly animals. Narrator: She’s also co-authored seven books alongside a celebrity veterinarian father, Marty. Narrator: And she has her own dedicated families online. Mikkel: I really value the power of social media. We can really share information and I can help people. Mikkel: I can share behaviour tips and training tips. Mikkel: And I can also share stories of animals and people, who have really touched me and it made an impact on my life. Narrator: Today Mikkel has three clients, Who all facing different issues with their pets. Narrator: Will she be able to bring some
peace into these fed up pet owners lives? Mikkel: Right now, we’re going to go see a lady named Caitlin. And Caitlin has a dog named Diesel. Mikkel: And Diesel has a phobia of
having his nails trimmed. Caitlin: Oh, hello Mikkel: Hi I’m Mikkel. Caitlin: Nice to meet you. Mikkel: Nice to meet you. Hi. Mikkel: So Caitlin, what is going to help you today? Caitlin: The biggest thing is reducing
his stress level while trimming his nails. Caitlin: A nail gets clipped. Mikkel: Yes Caitlin: He freaks out. Caitlin: Normally, I try to get them to lay on his side. Mikkel: The less restraint you have and the
less pressure usually the better they do. Mikkel: Good boy. Do you mind if I just start
to add in just a little bit of a change. Mikkel: So, we’re just going to go ahead and
give them treats for being in that position. Mikkel: And then what I want you to do go ahead
and just set down the nail trimmers for now Mikkel: And I want you to start here
handling his paw like you would do. Mikkel: And moving in with your second hand like you would with the nail trimmers. Mikkel: There’s a lot of really bad information out on the internet. A lot of bad information. Mikkel: And that’s part of what fuels my passion. Mikkel: To be able to share the good
information because it’s not about me. Mikkel: It’s about people, It’s about animals, it’s about relationship. Mikkel: And it’s about making a positive
difference in the world. Mikkel: So I want to reward him when he’s still. So that’s my goal. Mikkel: So go ahead and start handling his back paws. Mikkel: Good. I’m going to start up on his shoulder up on his hip. Mikkel: So then starting there, and then moving down. There we go. Mikkel: So then moving down, so it’s less of a surprise to him so he knows where you’re at. Mikkel: And then start to do a
little bit of handling. Mikkel: Treat Mikkel: When I come in, it’s really building upon those positives. Mikkel: Building that communication back
into their relationship with their pet. Mikkel: And recognising the good in their pet. Mikkel: Treat. Good job, that was very good. Mikkel: By doing that a lot of times those behaviour issues. Mikkel: Actually go away on their very own. Mikkel: That’s awesome, you’re doing so well. Caitlin: Typically, if I was doing this, in this room by myself. He would have run off a million times. Caitlin: He would have tried to jump on me. Caitlin: Not in anger, but he would have tried to jump on me just to, Mikkel: Just being a little more stressed. Caitlin: Yeah. Narrator: With Diesel’s nail clipping erases softening. Mikkel is off to meet her next problematic pet Mikkel: Okay, thanks, Caitlin I’m happy to come back anytime. Mikkel: Thanks for letting me work with him. He was so fun. Bye. Caitlin: Bye Bye. Mikkel: Now we’re on our way to go see Sarah, and Sarah has two dogs Dozer and Daisey. Mikkel: And they need a little bit of help
on brushing up on their manners Mikkel: And just learning to be more calm
with their guests when they come over. Mikkel: Hello. Sarah: Hi. Mikkel: Hi, I’m Mikkel. Sarah: Sarah Mikkel: Nice to meet you.
Sarah: Nice to meet you. Mikkel : So cute. Sarah: Good boy Mikkel: So Sarah, tell me what issues
you’re having with Dozer and Daisey. Sarah: They like to jump. Mikkel: Okay. Sarah: With strangers, even with family members sometimes. Sarah: So, knock over my son because they
don’t realise what they’re doing. Mikkel: Okay, so we definitely, want to work on that. Yeah Oh yeah, we’re ready to start. Mikkel: Okay, so the big thing right here is whenever they jump. I want to just freeze like a statue. Mikkel: And so if we have the jumping,
I’m going to freeze in place. Mikkel: And I’m just going to completely freeze. Mikkel: We want to go ahead and ask for that sit. So I’m going to say the word first.Okay. Mikkel: Oh, I didn’t even have to that
was very good. Good job, Daisey. Mikkel: You’re so smart.That was very good. Mikkel: When I treat, I also want to make
sure I always treat down low. Mikkel: So a lot of times people will make the mistake of holding the treat up too high, And the dog will start to jump up, for it. Mikkel: I want to make my training and the
behavioural advice that I provide, doable for people. Mikkel: Started waiting, now she’s
licking, she’s licking. Mikkel: Old habits take a little while to
break so that’s something to be aware of. Mikkel: Sit. Good job, and I want to go over that was good too. Mikkel: Because even right there and he got excited he thought about jumping did you see that? Sarah: Yes yes. Mikkel: And then he’s like, yeah, yeah. Mikkel: And then he’s like, okay,
I guess I better not do that. Mikkel: It’s absolutely essential that I work with the people and I have that connection with them. Mikkel: Because if I missed that there’s no
way I’m gonna be able to help that pet. Mikkel: It’s a huge honor for me to be able to change
lives not only animals but human lives as well. Mikkel: Thank you Narrator: Mikkel’s final stop for the day will be with Ashley. Narrator: Whose unconventional pet has
been causing quite a commotion. Mikkel: I have the most fun training a pig. I love pigs Mikkel: Because of my love of pigs. I have
abstained from eating bacon and pork. Mikkel: Because I realized how these
animals are so intelligent. Mikkel: They are incredibly trainable. Mikkel: Hi
Ashley: Hi Mikkel: Hi I’m Mikkel. Ashley: Ashley. Mikkel: Nice to meet you. Ashley: You too. Ashley: Wally was born on November ninth of last year. So he’s six-ish months getting towards seven. Ashley: Overall, I actually feel like he’s a pretty good little pig. Ashley: Walking on a leash, gets distracted pretty easily. Mikkel: Okay. Narrator: And Wally is also no fan of wearing a harness Ashley: He takes it really well once it’s on. Ashley: But the only way ton really I find to get it on. Ashley: You kind of try to make this, work
before he realizes what’s happening. Ashley: Like right now. Ashley: Okey. Mikkel: Good Boy. Mikkel: In order to get those treats he actually is going to have to put his head through, Mikkel: Rather than around. Mikkel: So he started to put his own head through the harness, which is awesome that’s what we want. Mikkel: It is for him to be nice
and comfortable with that. Mikkel: And then I’m going to go
ahead and give him some treats. Mikkel: And then I’m going to take it off.
So I’m just gonna say off. Mikkel: I’m gonna pull it off. So then the treats go away. Mikkel: But then whenever the harness comes back out, the treats come out. Mikkel: So that way he learns like, “Hey,
I actually like that harness.” Mikkel: And you will be able to do it. I know. I know. I know. Life is very hard for you. Ashley: He does get kind of squealy when he gets picked up. Mikkel: I know we are going to this. Mikkel: That is very intense. So what I want to do is I want to give him a cue. Mikkel: That lets him know what’s going to happen, but we need to introduce it slowly to him. Mikkel: Because I think right now he’s probably going to squeal if he’s had that happen in the past. Mikkel: What we can do, is we might just
say a word like, pick up, good. Mikkel: Good news and good and I’m
going to reward him right there. Mikkel: Pick up. Mikkel: I want to make sure he’s getting
comfortable with this, good. Mikkel: So I’m just getting him used to just the feeling of being picked up, Mikkel: Without actually doing any picking up right now. Pick up. Good. Mikkel: I’m going to have you do the motions for picking him up. Mikkel: So we’re going to say pick up and
just put your hand lightly on him. Ashley: Pick up Mikkel: Good Mikkel: I want you to practice this, when you’re inside with him especially when he has fewer distractions. Mikkel: Go ahead and do that again. Ashley: Pick up Mikkel: Good Mikkel: It is usually when you are right infront,
that’s when you are getting more stress. Mikkel: Good Mikkel: So we’re just going to reward
him there because he didn’t move. Mikkel: But we want to get him more comfortable. Mikkel: So go ahead and say pick up and
just lightly put your hands on him. Ashley: Pick up. Mikkel: Good There we go. Mikkel: I definitely don’t want to stress him out too much. I think that’s a great, in between. Mikkel: Good Boy. Mikkel: So getting him to go down the
stairs and up the stairs without squealing. Mikkel: Isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight. Mikkel: But if you are just diligent and you really are proactive on making it positive for him. Mikkel: You’re going to help him and it may
take a week or a couple of weeks. Mikkel: But you’re going to see amazing progress and helping him to be more comfortable. Mikkel: I’m really proud of his progress today just keep at it. Keep doing what you’re doing. Ashley: Yeah, absolutely he’s done a lot better than I thought he would do after one trial. Mikkel: Every single animal is trainable. Mikkel: Understanding how animals learn helps us to train all types of animals. Mikkel: Just helping to change the little things that they do, Is going to make a huge impact in the animal’s life. Is going to make a huge impact in the animal’s life. Mikkel: And in their relationship with their human. Ashley: Good Boy Mikkel: Good job, get ready, set, go. Mikkel: Good job boy. Good job Indie. Mikkel: Well, there’s no perfect pet. Mikkel: Good boy Mikkel: The real goal is making that pet perfect for that person and for that household. Mikkel: And that’s really looking at what
that person’s goals may be for their animal. Mikkel: Giggle. Mikkel: When it’s all said and done, my favourite thing about being able to work with animals Mikkel: Is well selfishly it just makes me happy. Mikkel: Honestly, like today I still am kind of in shock. Mikkel: I can’t believe I’m doing this for
a living because I love what I do.

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  1. I have a baby capuchin monkey that has started to be jealous of my Grandson Silas but absolutely loves his brother Tanner she cries when he leaves to go home Tanner is 10 and Silas is 5 do you have any suggestions

  2. Yay Mikkel!! You rock!!! You have to come meet Jane, our rescue Airedale. She is so sweet, but gets so excited when a guest comes over and she jumps all over. She sits once she gets the jumping out of the way, but it's hard on us old folks. Keep up the good work.

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