Super Animal Royale Tonight | Episode 7: The Night Before CRISPRmas

Are we there yet? [Thomas Sledison jabbers indecipherably]
Almost! Just a bit further! [Howl Michaels chatters indecipherably]
It’s freezing up here! Now we’re talking! Uh, this looks like a quality establishment Uh, hey, sir? We, uh, seemed to have passed the [Thomas jabbers indecipherably]
Over here! Over here! Oh, oh I see. Yeah. Right Good idea. [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Uh, is it? Over here it’s so much…colder. [Howl chatters indecipherably]
We’re freezing our tails off! [Thomas jabbers indecipherably]
Okay! Here we are! Home sweet home! [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Um… [Thomas jabbers indecipherably]
You’ll be safe here. Oh wow. That’s…rustic. Okay, well, uh… you don’t happen to have any broadcast equipment, do ya? [Howl chatters indecipherably]
What? Twas the night before CRISPRmas and all through the house ALL the creatures are stirring, even the Super Mouse. So grab some warm health-juice and bundle up tight tis the season for slaying… on Super Animal Royale Tonight. Ho ho hee-hoooooo Super Animals naughty and nice. I’m Donk Patrick, here with my little helper Howl Michaels… [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Hey! and we’re coming to you live from the great white North, courtesy of our new friend, Thomas Sledison. Say hello, Thomas! [Thomas jabbers indecipherably]
Huh? What? Who? Thomas…say hi to the folks at home! [Thomas jabbers indecipherably]
Oh. Right. Hello. Hello. Hi. Right, right. Busy, busy. [Thomas jabbers indecipherably]
I said BUSY BUSY! Move along! Move along! Thank you, Thomas! Speaking of busy [Chirp chirp!] [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Huh? Speaking of busy, some of you super animals have Uh, did you — ? [Howl chatters indecipherably]
No! That’s not yours? [Howl chatters indecipherably]
No, I thought it was yours. It’s not mine, I don’t know where it — hee haw! [Super Penguin Chick brays indecipherably]
Oh. Mama! [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Huh? Oh, would you look at that. [Super Penguin Chick brays indecipherably]
Mama! Mama! Maaaaama! Well, no, I’m not your Mama, exactly, but… Okay, okay, hey. Stop. I’ll be your…Mama…it’s just… …we have a show to do here, so if you could just sit there I’m gonna read a little bedtime story off the old prompter… [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Uh huh. Speaking of busy, some of you super animals have been super busy… …super busy killing each other. [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Yup… This is Superest Kills. PEEK-A-BOO. PEE-HEEEEEEK-A-BOOOO! PEEE-HEEEE-HAAAW… …Hey there Super Animals, it’s time for your favorite chicken check-in! Reporting live from Lake Slippity, it’s the irreplaceable Joe Cluck. Joe, are you there? [Joe Cluck bwoks indecipherably]
Yes, I’m here, Donk, and I just want to — bwoooook! You alright there, Joe? [Joe Cluck bwoks indecipherably]
Fine! I was just about to wish you a — bwoooook! Having a little trouble there, Joe? [Joe Cluck bwoks indecipherably]
Fine! I’m fine! I just wanted to wish you a Merry — bwooook! Joe? [Super Penguin Chick brays indecipherably]
Bwok Bwok! [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Okay… Uh…Joe seems to have slipped off for the moment, we’ll check back with him later. For now, let’s enjoy some holly jolly moments in a segment we like to call… [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Ho ho ho! Blooper Scooper This SAR Tonight is brought to you by The Super Penguin Palace Super Animal World’s coolest place to stay. Literally…it’s freezing in there, you’ll want to wear a — hee haw! [Thomas jabbers indecipherably]
Busy busy! Listen, kid when I said you could have a few friends over, I didn’t mean all of your [Howl clears his throat]
We’re back. Uh, uh hey there Super Animals, let’s check back in with Joe and see if he’s managed to get a grip on the situation. How you doing there, Joe? [Joe Cluck bwoks indecipherably]
Good! I made some new friends! I can see that, Joe. That seems to be going around. [Joe Cluck bwoks indecipherably]
I’m so happy! Well, I’m happy for you, Joe. They’re cute, aren’t they? [Joe Cluck bwoks indecipherably]
This is the best day of my…huh? Oh dear. [Joe Cluck bwoks indecipherably]
Oh, cluck me. [Howl chatters indecipherably]
C’est la vie… Boy, you really hate to seeeee-haaaw! [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Well, of course. [Super Penguin Chick brays indecipherably]
Mamaa… Hi there, kid. At least I’ve still got… [Super Penguin Chick brays indecipherably]
Baaaaad Maaaama. Uh, Thomas? [Howl chatters indecipherably]
How ‘bout a little help here? [Thomas jabbers indecipherably]
Busy, busy! …kill. That’s not good. [Super Penguin Chick brays indecipherably]
Ready…aim… Jimmy? [Super Penguin Chick brays indecipherably]
What the — ? [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Okay, time to go… [Super Penguin Chick brays indecipherably]
FIRE!!! [Howl chatters indecipherably]
Merry CRISPRmas to all… …and to all a super night! [Jimmy Talon screeches indecipherably]
And Happy Bananukkah too! Super CRISPRmas begins now on Steam Early Access. [Thomas jabbers indecipherably]
Okay, we’ve got it together, so let’s see…

45 thoughts on “Super Animal Royale Tonight | Episode 7: The Night Before CRISPRmas

  1. These episodes are literally rigged.

    People who have already made tons and tons and tons of clips in, in past episodes, just constantly get more clips into the new episodes even when they're far from "good" or "entertaining".

    Pixile shows a pandering to the more well known community members and feeds them with a silver spoon. One person made two clips into this single episode.

    There are players I've seen in-game who are loaded down with every single possible SAR: Tonight cosmetic item. Microphone, golden jacket, SAR: Tonight umbrella, you name it.

    Choice for clips is god-awful. I understand some of my clips may not be the best-of-the-best, but can anyone answer me why some guy's clip of him drinking health juice, and then just being shot unceremoniously is worthy at all of making it into one of these episodes?

    You can tell me "It's not up to you" or "Not your videos, not your choice", but that doesn't mean I can't point out that some of this stuff is plainly unfair, or poorly made.

    I may not know how to fly a helicopter at all, but if I see a helicopter stuck in a tree, I think I can safely say "That person doesn't know how to fly a helicopter."

    Anyways, Praise Banan, Merry Christmas, all that jazz.

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