36 thoughts on “Sunbeam Cats and Guitar

  1. A sunny home with cats is excellent. And William is really sweet indeed. It's a lovely video . Thank you ?

  2. Do solar panels produce heat after being in the sun for long periods of time? If so, I think I've figured out a way to stop global warming, attach solar panels to cats, the cats lay down in sun beams and the solar panel collects energy while also heating the cat, it's flawless!

  3. this is so relaxing. it reminds me of a lazy, sunny and windy afternoon in a hammock while the sun peaks through the leaves ?

  4. Re-watching all the music videos I've saved. Love this one and my cat Zackary joined me and watched along with me. He loves it too. Thank You for sharing this with us…take care and happy Christmas! Love from Spokane.

  5. And you play guitar & compose instrumentals to cats lying in sunbeams? HOW. ARE. YOU. STILL. SINGLE? Those Wichita gals better get with it.

  6. Beautiful, Paul. Warm, gentle, and lovely. You've got talent, you know….and smashing good looks. Why you're still single is a mystery. I wish I was young again. If I was, I'd head straight to Wichita.

  7. A cat that lies in a sunbeam absorbs all the gravitational energy of the sun (such as is available through that beam) and transfers it by radiation into whatever surface it is lying upon. That is why, should you pass near a cat-sat couch, chair, bed, or carpet, particularly during the afternoon when maximum absorption has occurred and when human biorhythms experience a natural decline, the "urge" to lie upon it is irresistible. It is not an urge, but is in fact the inescapable gravity instilled upon it by the sunbeam cat. Should you be compelled by the gravitational force to lie upon it, a nap is inevitable. Should a sunbeam cat also lie atop you, there is not predicting the duration of helpless immobility you may experieince. As engineers, you already know this. Your adoring and possibly less scientific fans on the interwebs, however,  should be warned. (Belba has NOT approved tis message.)

  8.  That video and song had me in tears…… remembering all the kitties I have had that are now gone…..the wonderful memories they gave me and all the incredible love they gave me until their very last breath….we are so incredibly lucky to have these souls that love us so much no matter how cruelly humans may have treated them they never stop loving us as long as we let them in……..thank you for all the laughter, loge and joy your videos have brought to us all.  Lindsey

  9. And you wonder why women love you????  Why you get all those marriage proposals???  All those (probably) indecent proposals???  Just watch yourself on this video Paul…(sigh).  Btw, how does the engineer know how to play the guitar?  Is that not outside the purview of a professional engineer…
    Anyways, we luv u and TJ too.  And the kitties too.

  10. Not sure how I missed this video, Paul! I'd forgotten how much I love when you play the guitar… Very nice, easy going song and of course the FurBabies are adorable as always…

  11. I love your stuff and your kitties. I could help you get the guitar in tune and show you are few more chords, but still, man/guitar/kitties, hard to resist.

  12. If you ever take votes on what to do next, I really wish you'd make another one of these… no issues with EMI !

  13. I just discovered these videos…love love love..the like button just isn't enough…sweet kitties..cool guys who like cats…awesome:-)

  14. Beautiful…glad TJ's William is in this one too–perfect! This video makes me yearn for those summer sunbeams streaming in windows (it's October). I already have the cats 🙂

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