SUMIYA the Cat’s Servant | Sumiya Invoker Stream Moment #1165

Slark: You sound like SUMIYA

92 thoughts on “SUMIYA the Cat’s Servant | Sumiya Invoker Stream Moment #1165

  1. can you put a cutie music when he's interacting with his cat instead of assassin creed's ost
    it should be cute, not all serious and tense

  2. Cat is so adorable and kawaii. Me too own 3 cats 2 are still kittens and 1 the mother of the kittens they are too cute when they having their moments. Cats are saikooo-des!!

  3. The raffle last Sunday, is it your last raffle for this year? Just asking, I'm gonna continue my support to you even no raffles heheheh

  4. If a situation arises in which you need a cataclysm then you should buy a scepter.

    Faceless void's ultima, Enigma's black holle are available from 7-10 minutes of the game.

    Cataclysm talent was given at 20 lvl before new patch, but now you can use it at 12-15 minutes of the game just buying scepter.

    It's imba with some of ultimative abilities at 12-15 min of the game.

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