Sugar Gliders: Things You Need To Know

hi guys welcome back to my channel over the last couple weeks I have received quite a few messages from viewers and I have decided to address some of the most frequently asked questions on this video I have a list over here with questions or with statements and I would like to tell you a bit about them so one of the most commonly asked questions is regarding cage size if you haven't seen my kids to a video then you can see right now I have a pretty big cage and I'm really proud of it because I think it's a decent size and people have been asking me quite a few times what is the minimum requirement for a sugar glider cage and recommended is a keeper cage that is at least 2 feet deep by 2 feet wide by 3 feet high in centimeters that's 60 by 60 by 90 high personally I think that's a very small cage and I would only recommend it as a temporary cage either um if your Shuggie is sick or if you have to go on vacation for a couple days and you have to take your shoes with you of course in the u.s. people see this a bit differently but in my opinion a decently sized cage is a dcn that is a double critter nation and I will post the measurements right here I have been asked quite a few times what the maximum size for a cage is and really there is no maximum you just you can never have too big of a cage only a too small one so if you have a room to spare for example then you can convert it in a sugar glider room I know quite a few people they have sugar rooms but they still keep them in cages they only take them out for playtime that's quite alright that being said regardless of the cage size you will choose you have to make sure that the bar spacing is small enough because it shouldn't be more than half otherwise your gliders could get out of the cage you don't want to risk that and also you want to make sure that the coating is safe for sugar gliders in the description box below I will post a link to a website where you can read all about sugar gliders in general and especially about housing and the right cage for them the doors should be of a decent size and allow you to easily reach in all over the cage and also to put in and take out different objects that belong inside like the wheel after cleaning it or their kitchen or gladder kitchen so as you can see my doors are pretty big and I can easily climb instead of the cage when I want to clean it which I usually do but they don't really have to be disfigured in side of the cage of course the DCN offers two doors that open all the way so you have easy access to the whole cage and that's why I think the cages are pretty awesome you will probably not be able to purchase this kind of cage if you live in the US but I think that the double critter nation is also a very good cage for sugars and it's probably even less expensive a segment I have come across is the sugar gliders don't bite and that's simply not true they have teeth so they will bite especially in the beginning when they still don't know you they will bite hard and the one secret is to not pull away when they do that because you will condition them to do it more they will learn that as soon as they bite you will pull your hands away and you will leave them alone so they will bite again the next time you try to reach in you have to keep quiet and just accept it and try not to move when they do it so that they know that it doesn't have an effect on you and then they will eventually stop of course some should you still like to groom you and they would buy twenty Gugu Oreo for example really likes to bite me when he's inside of my shirt and he's not sleeping and Dobby really likes to bite my scalp whenever my hair is open that's why whenever I have Dobby on me I will always keep my hair in a bun and even then I have to make sure that he doesn't reach my scalp because as soon as he does I think it might be my shampoo I'm not sure but he always tries to bite my scalp and it's really painful other than that you probably have seen Dobby in my introduction video and you know by now that he is a really sweet boy and he's not aggressive at all but I think he just wants to glue me actually it's a really good tip that if you have longer hair you keep it up in a bun whenever you're handling your sugar gliders not only because they might get aggressive or want to groom your scalp but also because the loose strands of hair might get tangled around their toes and cut off blood circulation and that's really a bad thing because they can even lose their tools another misconception is that they will not pee on you because they sleep on you and they do not pee wherever they sleep that's simply not true it will pee on you as soon as they wake up as soon as they are awake they will pee if they are on you it doesn't really matter if they're on you or if they're somewhere else they will just pee they will have the urge and you won't do it so if you don't want to be peed on then you want to either let them roam inside of the cage for 10 to 15 minutes after they woken up or you just have to live with it of course I personally just have a lot of different spare clothes and I just wear them whenever I play with the sugars and then throw them in a washer afterwards I don't mind them peeing on me I take a shower after I have my bonding time with them anyway but of course if you don't want them to do it then just leave them inside of the cage for a little while after they've woken up people have asked me if they get along with other pets and the answer is really quite simple they might but they shouldn't and other like rodents and that stay don't smell like rodents but cats might still want to catch them and play with them whenever they move around they're just fluffy little bowls you want to keep your sugars separate from other pets among others cat saliva is toxic to sugar gliders and will most probably kill them so if the I only wanted to play with the sugar and I really bite they might still die from it I've seen a case documented with pictures and it was really a terrible story the sugar geyser simply died because cat saliva is toxic to them and the vet couldn't do anything to save him so you really don't want him to come near cats and if the animal is smaller then the sugar either might try to eat that other animal for example they like to prey on birds in the wild so you can't have your cannery bird house together with your sugar gliders or even in the same room when they are awake at the same time because then one of them might die leashes are not OK for survivors they can strangle them they can hurt them whenever the sugars try to glide they can hurt their little wings the little flaps over here because of the restriction from the leash you really do not want to put a leash on a sugar rather you can bond with them you can take them with you inside of a bonding pouch to not keep them initials please oh and no diapers no good I know many people use unsafe wheels and I can't change all of your minds but really just think about it many stores recommend you use a wooden wheel and they're really not safe I know they're called glider safe or specifically made for visors they're really really bad I'm just going to ask you to please go to Google and Google rodent wheel sugar glider excellent take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself if you really want to risk it I personally would never put the wheel with a middle bar inside of my Shaggy's cage I have been asked a couple of times if they smell if you take care of them properly then they won't smell as bad but they still have a smell they're animals every animal has a scent and even as humans have a personal scent if you keep their cage clean and if you clean their wheels regularly if their pouches clean regularly than they will not smell as bad also if you have a male than you will want him neutered because intact males smell a lot that being said if you clean the cage too much or too often and they will want to mark the cage and I will smell pretty bad so always leave a couple used objects or dirty objects inside of the cage don't clean it all at once because then you will not like to smell of it probably there's a common myth circulating that if you spend enough time with them then share with others don't need company that's not true they need a partner they need at least one cage mate if not more people think that just because you spend a lot of time with them they will be happy but they won't they really need someone you can socialize with and they can't really socialize with you so make sure that you purchase a cage mate for your sugar glider personally I think that you should start with two and in my honest opinion a good breeder will only sell you two sugar gliders if you don't have any at least in Europe they're pretty strict about it as far as I'm aware and most breeders will refuse to sell you only one sugar glider if you don't have any others so if you plan on purchasing a sugar glider then make sure that you purchase a second one soon after or even better just purchase two at once personally I would recommend you keep at least three sugar gliders inside of a cage just because I've seen too many people either trying to quickly reload their glider after the partner has died or find the new cage mate and I think that if you have three of them then it won't be as hard on the other two when one of the partners dies another big misconception is the truth leathers needs their teeth trimmed apparently many vets suggested please don't they are not rodents their teeth will not grow back if a vet says you have to trim your Sugar's teeth then you need a new vet some people have asked me how noisy they are during the night and I will say they're not the quietest but they're not rubies out I have four of them but it's really not that bad sometimes Oriole likes to work during tonight for a couple minutes but usually he will stop after two to three minutes if I don't pay any attention to him sometimes they jump instead of the cage they jump from the top to the bottom and that makes some noise or they play with their toys they're living creatures they move around they jump around they play with their toys sometimes they have little spats they will make different kinds of noises during the night they are not the quietest of the animal if you want a quiet animal and especially if the cage is inside of your bedroom then I suggest you get a different one because sugar gliders are awake during the whole night and they will play and they will make noise another big misconception is that parents will not breathe with their offspring and that's simply not true if you want to keep related to Tigers house together then please make sure that you neuter your meals some people think that sugar gliders are easy to care for and they don't need a vet that's also not true at all accidents happen and you want to make sure that you have a vet that you can trust in case of an emergency sometimes they will get sick and you will not know what's happening either from improper diet or from ingesting something unhealthy and that's when you will want to take your show you to a vet too many people think that pallets are sufficient as a diet for survivors and that's simply not true they need fruits they need vegetables and they need protein and they also need their vitamins some people have argued that's the diet I use the SGS too is too expensive and that pellets or instance diets are cheaper I strongly suggest you look into a proper diet if you want to own an exotic pet the exotic animals they need a proper diet they are not dogs they are not cats you can just buy canned food for them you can't just buy instant stuff for them because it's not healthy you want to own an exotic pet then you have to be able to provide them with the scare that means a good cage safe stuff and a good diet and if you can't do that or if you think it's too expensive and please just don't don't purchase them for just a different pet that's really the best for them and for you I'm not saying that the SGS diet is the only good diet for them you have a couple of different diets you have the hpw you have the B ml the t PG AWD and so on there's really a longer list of diets you can choose from but please do your research and pick a good diet for them don't just let them have pellets don't just serve an apple a day that's really not enough while sugar gliders are not rodents they will still chew on stuff you do not want anything with an electrical cord inside of the cage no heat rocks no heat blankets and they don't need heat lamps either if you want to keep them warm and put a cage cover over the cage you have to heat the room they're in you can use a space heater you can use a couple different things but not inside of the cage not too close to the cage there's a common misconception that all the sugar gliders will not bond to you that's really not true at all if you've seen my introduction video then you know that Dobby has come to me at 13 years old and he is very bonded to me I have been asked how often it is okay to bathe your sugar glider and the answer is never you should never bathe your sugar glider if they smell then maybe they are intact maybe their cages too dirty maybe their toys are their pouches their cage sets there's plenty of reasons why your sugar glider would smell the baiting them is not the solution sugar gliders bathe themselves they don't need you to wash them and getting them wet is bad for their health they can get sick taking a cold that's it's really don't don't weight your shoes weathers just on yes you can take them out with you all day just keep them in a closed funding pouch or bonding scarf put a piece of Apple inside in case you get hungry they might pee on you so be aware of that when you take them out no you shouldn't change their sleeping patterns you probably could but it's really unhealthy for them if they wake up on their own during the day then it's simply because they feel like it or they feel peckish or thirsty or whatever there is a difference if you take them out in the evening just to play with them a little bit so if you take them out for example a couple hours before they wake up so that you can bond with them and attend or in the bathroom or whatever that's really ok but you can't just leave the lights on during the night so they sleep and then just cover everything during the day so it's really dark and they wake up and they play that's not how it should work you have to be able to change your schedule to work around this sleeping cycle you don't want to mess up their health one last thing I would like to add to this video is the fact that sugar gliders do not need us but we need them keep that in mind because some people think that if you don't bond with them they will be mad and angry and whatever and it's simply not true sugar gliders are really happy as long as they have company and a decent cage they don't really need us we need them they make us happy we find comfort in bonding with them in playing with them it's really for us not for them so keep that in mind if you don't have the time to play with them every night they won't be sad it won't be disappointed as long as they have each other they will be happy bonding is something we do for ourselves we bond with them because it's fun for us because we feel good when we do it so keep that in mind because too many people believe that you should bond with them otherwise they will get depressed no they will not they will be less bonded to you and I think you sad but they will be still quite happy as long as they have each other only one more thing I would like to add before ending this video is the following if you post in the comments that you do not agree with my way of keeping them then I don't mind it's your personal opinion you have one I have one but if you suggest a different channel in the comments for people to have a look at and get their informations from then I will have a look at that channel and if I find that they promote things that I consider unsafe like an unhealthy staple diet or unsafe wheels a too small cage I will have to delete that comment that being said I don't mind if you suggest any different channels as long as they promote safe stuff if you should other related channels are like on YouTube or ELISA Liu Lily Bell looks and I think the third one is called sugar letters and kids kids and weather or something like that I will post the links to these channels in the description box below in case you're interested thank you very much for watching this video and if you have any unanswered questions please post them in the comments below and I'm open for suggestions in case you have any requests for future videos as I'm running out of ideas so please post your suggestions in the comments as well I always read them thank you for watching please subscribe to this channel if you want to see more on sugar gliders please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it or found it helpful and I'll see you next time bye

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  1. I would like to point out that the video of the SGS 2 diet has been removed and will be refilmed soon. After talking to the creator about it we have realized that a couple things from the video might have been misunderstood (some people thought chicken broth meant with added condiments) and that the choice of ingredients was not ideal, not because of their calcium:phosphorus ratio, but because some of the the ingredients I have used were very high in oxalates and iron. That would be bad because oxalates bind with calcium and prevent it from being absorbed.
    That being said a new video will be filmed soon-ish and my interpretation of the recipe adjusted to the whishes of the creator.
    Thank you for your understanding!

  2. Does 8 weeks old sugar glider hard to bond with like if I buy a sugar glider that age is it okay after 3 days of leaving them get to know the cage and everything I start to hold him/ her or I should start bonding with them with a pouch because I heard that gliders at that age get used to ppl easily and don't worry I've done my search and I've been looking at gliders information for 5 years

  3. I let my kids get two sugar gliders from a friend. It was a quick decision that had to be made and we went for it. Even with some reading on them, I wasn't quite as prepared as I thought. The cage they came in is waaay too small. The wheel in it is a rodent wheel and I am still trying to figure out a proper balanced diet. I look fwd to watching more of your videos. Thank you! Are there places to find good used cages cheaper? I've seen some beautiful large bird cages on yard sale sites but so far all of them have the gaps for the bars too wide.

  4. i love all the points you make, i have a cage that is very similar to the double critter nation, just taller. i have one at the moment since he was a rescue, he is getting neutered next week and i’m already on the hunt for friends for him

  5. I have a pretty decent size room and what I do is simply have a small bird cage and put it on a dresser and have their pouches in there but I leave the cage open all the time so they can go where ever in my room (all doors and windows shut) and it works great. They know where to go and not to go. They have a great life

  6. Oh my gosh…I looked at the cage you suggested and I could never afford A $700 CAGE!! And that’s just for the cage…not even including diet, toys, sleeping places inside the cage, etc.

  7. I have been thinking of getting Sugar Glidders as pets and thjs really helped me out ob jf i get some of what to expect.

  8. I feel the same about cage size. mine love to jump and play, with that small of a cage its not possible for them to stretch there legs so to speak. The smallest cage i have is still 22in deep, 32in wide and 54in high and that is the smallest i would go with 1-2 gliders. Your a great glider mommy, Great Video !

  9. Hi Andra~~~~~

    This is a very educational and wise Q/A tutorial. I agree with everything you have shared. I thought of two things you did not include that might be helpful, so I am mentioning them here with the understanding that you can delete my comment if you don't think it is helpful or correct. I don't mind. I respect your glider wisdom much. 🙂 One advice I read from a glider vet that I don't oft hear but it seems wise, is: If you need or wish to change a diet (example: if you have new gliders, but you want to feed them a different glider diet than the one they are on: The advice is to do this gradually over a month. Week 1, give them 75% the diet they are used to, with 25% of the one you will be using. Week 2, give them half, half. Week 3, give them 75% your diet, as long as they seem fine and healthy. Of course, any diet should be one of the healthy approved sugar glider diets such as what Andra suggests here. The reason for gradual change is sometimes their bodies need to adapt to a completely different diet. I can relate. (I moved to the Midwest once, and my own system went through a shock wirh completely different good staples. :D) At any rate, it seemed sound. One other note on diet and scent: I understand that we all have a scent. But one reason a glider can smell more stinky is if it is eating too many insects. Insects are high in protein and fat. If your glider smells very stinky and eats a lot of insects, you can try adjusting the diet to an established glider diet with less insect content. Some scents are natural. It is funny that there is, on some level, a corelation between what we eat and how we smell. I am just spellbound by the cutefulness 🙂 of gliders. (The wee hands and the delicate swively ears and many sounds and snuggly searches for that cozy pouch. And don't forget the stripe.
    The flights! OK, I must hide now. TY for really great advice for anyone thinking of owning sugar gliders.

  10. FINALLY!!!!!!!Finally one person agrees with me. All animals including us humans have a scent. My parents always say all the animals I want have a scent and I say all animals have a scent!!!!!!!!???????

  11. Wow… Someone should really look into this site that came up when I was looking up that whole "cat saliva" thing because it had so much misinformation that it was basically the exact opposite of your video going as far as to say they just get along with other pets because of that whole "not a rodent" thing and how you don't need to bring them to a vet

  12. Wow this is the most informative video by far! I made the huge mistake of buying only one baby girl a year ago. I bought her at a fair, yes shoot me for that, terrible mistake I made on not knowing what I was getting into. They lied to people making us think they're the easiest pets to take care of and they have the cheapest and easiest diet, they only need one apple a week!! they said, and blah blah… they're freaking adorable looking so I fell for it 🙁


    But I haven't give up on her yet, she's sort of bonded to me 'cause she's not scare of me anymore but she bites every time I put my bare hand close to her, and it's hard no to flinch 'cause it hurts a like hell :'( but I'll use your tips and see if it works.

    Thanks to your videos I've learned a lot of things I been doing wrong so THANKS for the info 😉

  13. We always give our gliders different fruit and it's usually fresh. I just hope that what we're feeding them gives them the proper nutrition. They're perfectly healthy, I was just wondering if what we feed them is ok. And another question if you don't mind. How often do you clean the cage?

  14. we feed our gliders a mixture of fruit and sometimes spinach, as well as some pellets. and we sometimes give them some yogurt drops and meal worms. do I have to do a specific diet? because mine get board of the same food so the types of fruit change every night. is that ok?

  15. I live in England and it can get cold I am thinking of using a heat lamp but I do anymore not know what to do please help, are heat lamps safe for them?

  16. Thank you so much for your videos, I'm educating myself on suggies right now, I'm supposed to be picking up my pair this weekend. My question is, while bonding time starts do I handle them both at once or one at a time. I haven't heard anyone say specifically, and I just want to be as prepared as I possibly can be. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

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