Sugar Gliders as Pets : How Much Does a Sugar Glider Cost?

hi my name is Elizabeth Cantu and I'm speaking on behalf of expert village today we're talking about sugar gliders and the cost of purchasing a sugar glider and then their upkeep for about a one annual year the starting price for most sugar gliders if you're getting a young animal is about a hundred and fifty dollars it can go up from there this is a normal grey sugar glider who's about two years old and he would cost you know about a hundred and fifty dollars either at a pet store or from a breeder pet stores sometimes are a little bit more expensive there are some color mutations and they drink and work from starting at 2:54 like cinnamons or like spotted colored ones to a thousand to two thousand dollars for an all-white sugar glider they're very hard to find really they're all the same quality of pet it's just you'll pay more if you want one that's some extra exotic color as far as maintenance goes these guys are again insectivores so you have to provide live food most of the time for them or at least some sort of like dead processed cricket food so and then there's also produce and then supplements between supplements produce and insects it runs about fifty dollars a month per sugar glider if you have two or more sugar gliders it goes down slightly because you're not double buying and you know you're not wasting as much food but monthly I pretty much go to the produce section of you know the grocery store and drop fifty dollars just in produce for one animal bugs will cost you you know about ten to fifteen dollars a month and then generally like supplemental protein foods and biscuits and things like that treats will run you you know five to ten dollars a month as well it is a little bit more economical again if you have to but it runs you know fifty to sixty dollars a month to feed one of these sugar gliders for one month so you can add that up over a year there's time to get your um estimate and then other expenses these guys have are basically just your startup expenses which we'll talk about in another clip

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  1. ANYONE who keeps a sugar glider as a pet is not an animal lover. You love yourself, not the possum. If you love animals, don't buy these!!!!! They belong in Australia! (where I am from). PLEASE Americans stop buying these nocturnal creatures as pets. They don't belong in a cage or a house. It's just plain wrong.


  3. This is VERY wrong! You can do TPG (the pet glider) diet. Or BML! I am a sugar glider breeder so I know a lot about them. Mealworms should be the ONLY bug you feed your glider as treats! The rest are fruits and veggies! It costs me about $50 to feed my 8 gliders! 2 is about 20-30 1 is about 15-20. Contact me on facebook for questions @NicoleBoismier

  4. but I found a professional website that sells them and there supplies and it said they didn't need live food or bugs, and will they really get depressed if I only get 1?

  5. You must have them on an expensive diet if your paying that much. It should only cost you around 10-20 a month… I don't know what your were told but feeding insects all the time is not a healthy diet. Sugar gliders do not eat insects all the time; only when they are unable to find the fruit and normal foods that they forage for. Feeding insects to your sugar glider every day is very harmful and that is what causes the over weight gliders.

  6. just a little FYI for those of you who are saying rude things about here not liking sugar gliders and saying that she isn't an expert on you realize that she was hired to talk about sugar gliders if she didn't like them or know anything about them i really doubt they would hire her to talk about them… Shes not dissing on them shes just informing people on them, and informing people on whats required in order to properly care for a sugar glider as well as warning potential buyers on the down sides of buying one.

  7. QUESTION: I currently got 2 sugar gliders (male and female; 2 years old) from a friend and im still learning about them as I go. Im seeing comments against the sugar glider pellets. I do have pellets for mines but my pellets say it should go along with their regular diet (fruits/veggies/etc). Is it still bad to add the pellets in with their other diet?

  8. Read this:
    The videos by 'SugarGliderVet' are fake and provide misinformation about proper sugar glider care. The 'vet'Dr. Brust in these videos is not a licensed vet. Some of the statements in the videos are indeed true but the majority – ESPECIALLY in regards to diet are false. The 'ASGV' is NOT an actual association. It is a fictitious name registered in the state of Florida by Kathy Klunder – Wife of Virgil Klunder who is the head for Perfect Pocket Pets.[Continued]

  9. Somebody needs speech class! Did you realize you said UM 30 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg god speak normally !

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  11. no it dose not cost that much to feed a sugar glider cuz i have one an they only cost up to $10 so where ever u are getting ur food for them well ur gettin ripped of

  12. Why are people focusing on her "word wiskers"? Umm is a word wisker, almost every person out there has word wiskers when they are doing public speaking. Her information is what is the main point here. I have enjoyed watching her video's, very informative. She is straight forward, tells you upfront what the pros and cons are so you can decide if a Sugar Glider is the right pet for you. She deserves a little more respect than all the imature petty back biting over a natural nervous occurance!

  13. she knows nothing about suger gliders of one suger glider will only cost 15-20 a month for one surger glider so u got 2 it would cost u about 30-40 dollers a month with all her videos shes giving the wrong info so dont listen to her

  14. I like theses videos…but it gets really annoying hearing you say umm the whole time. I am sorry but please try and work on that.

  15. UMM today were talking about UMM sugar gliders and the cost UMM……..UMM the UMM starting price for most sugar gliders

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