hi everyone welcome to Lily Bell looks the channel dedicated to information just about sugar gliders I'm Melissa and today we're going to talk about some of the noises you may hear your sugar gliders make the first noise you will often hear your sugar gliders make is called crabbing this is a sugar glider second defense mechanism besides biting so if you are in the bonding process they will make this noise and it is a little bit terrifying but it's doing its job it's supposed to scare you or predators away so for example my girls have stopped crabbing now that we are bonded but Lily stole crabs at plastic bags because she doesn't like them and if I share them crabbing and while they're in their cage it typically means that a dog is near their cage because I haven't introduced them yet I was kind of scared to do that so that's what crabbing is a little tip for people who are during doing the bonding process right now if your glider does crab don't let it bother you just kind of freeze and act like you never even heard it and definitely don't put them away or like yell at them or anything because they're just trying to protect themselves they don't understand that you're not trying to hurt them yet so just don't let them win and situation basically the second noise that you can hear your sugar gliders make a lot is hissing and it's you're going to laugh at me yes I'm going to try to recreate this noise but it sounds like and when I'm treating my girls I use this to say no so if they're doing something I don't want to them to do if they but if they're crabbing and I don't want them to and this is how they say no if you look in their cage and you hear this noise typically they're fighting over something maybe someones uncomfortable in the pouch or someone took so and so's treat they will make this noise to say no the next notice that you will often hear your sugar gliders make is adorable and it's called chattering a couple people call it different things but I call it chattering and it is basically just like a happy-go-lucky noise they are just on top of the world just like a happy size like the fourth noise that you will often hear them make is barking and this can be kind of cute sometimes most of the time it's at 3 in the morning and it's really annoying barking can mean a number of different things nobody really knows exactly what it means but for me it usually means hey mom um come get me out of the cage because I want to play right now even though you're trying to sleep so Lily here will make will start barking at like 3:00 and morning but for other people barking can mean that I'm out of water I haven't been fed something's wrong you better come fix it before it escalates all that sort of stuff it's basically just an attention grabber and it also grabs the attention of other gliders in the cage if one letter is barking a lot of the times everyone else just stops what they're doing and looks at the glider that's barking which is why some people think that barking is their storytelling now there are two other types of noises that pertain more to mothers and babies so obviously I was not able to catch these on a camera because my girls are grown up now but it used to make these noises all the time and Annabelle the mom used to make the singing noise and people call it singing because they think that the mother is singing a lullaby to the baby when in reality she has just been nursing for so long that she is really sore and so she makes a small um like a small hissing noise and it's light and you can tell she's trying not to make it but it's she's just in a little bit of pain and she will kind of twitch with it sometimes and people call it singing the other noise that she will to your babies make is crying and it's such a painful little noise but it's basically when a Joey is on one side of the cage and mom is on the other and it's just like mommy mommy help me or for example when I was beginning the bonding process with Lily when she was finally I would hold her for a couple minutes at a time and I knew it was time to put her back within about because she would start crying and it's not I'm in danger to just I want my mom it's time to nurse again I need to be warm things like that all right so those are the couple of noises that I hear my bladders make often if you guys want to hear these noises I was only able to catch a couple of them on camera so here they are if you guys want to hear some more of the noises I have a link below pointing you towards a website that is phenomenal this woman or man I don't remember which it was but they were so lucky to catch all of these on recording and I'm very impressed because they did a great job so if you guys want to hear more of these sounds you can click on the link below and also I'd like to give a shout out to something pics I'll put it here shout out to this person for requesting this video you go because yes and also shout out to cookie hamster 2048 or something I'll put that below as well because they have the most interesting comment on my vlog channel so if you guys want to know what's going on you can subscribe to my blog channel which is BTS of LBL and you can also make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter which is also at Lily Bell looks and if you guys have any questions comments or concerns you can leave them below and I will hopefully try and get back to you so that's all I have to say for today and I will see you guys in my next video bye

47 thoughts on “SUGAR GLIDER NOISES

  1. I live in an apartment building and I'm thinking about getting two sugar gliders. Do you believe that their barking will be heard to the floor below me? That's the only thing keeping me from taking them home with me. :/

  2. One question Do sugar gliders puff? Mine puffs and its gztting worse and I'm really worried but he can breath just fine I think and he acts complety normal but he makes the noise mostly when he licks his paws

  3. Hey there! I really like your video 🙂
    Since I'm thinking about getting one (actually two) i wanted to ask how loud sugar gliders are. Is it similiar as a hamster or does it go into a louder territory (like lovebirds)? I would really love to read you answer and thank you!

  4. My sugars mimic sounds. Back when they belonged to my friend he would play Xbox while they were sleeping and while he slept they would mimic the sound of the joysticks clicking.

  5. Our rescued gliders make the "popping/chattering" sound when they are eating something they really like, like grapes, apples, mango, and meal worms.

  6. Ok I have two sugar gliders a male and female they are fixed when we got them we have had them for 2 days now any help on how to bond would be great

  7. I’ve wanted one for a long time. I told my mom I would pay for it all when I get a job, but she just says she doesn’t want a cage in her house. My only bet is to keep the cage in my room, is that a good idea? Will they bark a lot and keep me up?

  8. Mine is 12 weeks old and I don't think he likes me, I use to have one but he would bite me and it hurt so bad just kinda scared and don't wanna get bit.

  9. I almost bought a couple sugar gliders but some people said they can get pretty nasty climb in the curtains and turn your business what’s your opinion on that the best way to train him

  10. You did a great job with this video! Good presentation, informative and delightful. You should consider a career in the field.

  11. I think my sugar glidders fight? They make noises at night but can never catch them doing anything… do you think they're playing or hurting each other. Please comment, need help! ASAP

  12. Me and my mom are gonna get one this year bc I am a HUGE animal lover! So I'm trying to watch and read lots of stuff about them.

  13. On the Animal Planet, they said that tickling one will make it sound like it is laughing when in fact tickling under the armpits hurts them. Any truth in that?

  14. I have the best set up to keep gliders, a 4metre x 4metre fully enclosured outdoors .i have all of the requirements and have access to the proper food they require.I am an Australian and am unable to keep them as pets. Good luck with your little fellows and hopefully our Government allows people in N S W be able to keep gliders soon.God Bless,Alan,

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