STRONGEST Guard Dogs That Protect The ULTRA RICH

we think it's safe to say that many people love dogs they make great companions they are loyal and they can make us laugh when we're feeling down some can even make pretty good guard dogs in fact the VIPs and super-wealthy around the world have their preference when it comes to guard dog breeds now before we start our tour of the richest kennels and training facility we ask that you get full access clearance by activating the SUBSCRIBE and notification buttons check trainers where do you rich people go when they want a pup well they likely have their own connections to high-priced breeders in the area however where do they go when they want a trained guard dog well the Czech Republic of course there you'll find k9 Ambassador Abbe company that trains a variety of different breeds to meet customers expectations according to the company's founder k9 ambassador started out supplying well-trained guard dogs to Hollywood stars in recent years the company has discovered a growing demand from the Middle East as the rich find they need more protection bo has mica the company director says that even customers who have full security systems are buying trained guard dogs because a dog can bark and chase any trespassers k9 ambassador can and does train a wide range of dogs from shepherds and Rottweilers to Dobermans and schnauzers they are trained to be good family companions but always be alert for any danger in terms of specialisation this facility can also do things like help train a guard dog to only go to the bathroom in one spot and pretty much on command all of this doesn't come cheap however and a dog from this facility can run upwards of seventeen thousand dollars English bulldog let's face it the Bulldog kind of has a bad reputation among those who don't know a lot about it after all in the media we're always shown images of the stocky little guy in full couch potato mode this dog however is much loved by owners no the Bulldog is a great family companion and very loyal if you know anything about this breed then you know a bulldog can be a bit of an expense after all it's pretty difficult to find a purebred puppy for under two thousand dollars and it's not unheard of for more common prices to have around five thousand dollars per puppy or more in terms of being a good guard dog owners are split on this and it can vary from dog to dog after all the Bulldog is loyal and can be protective to its family but it's no German Shepherd that said there are more than a few trainers and kennels out there who train the Bulldog for personal defense take a look around the internet and you can find countless examples of trainers in padded gear being attacked by one of these dogs as part of a training regimen do you love watching our videos but are you looking for a more ad-free browsing experience take your video viewing to the next level and sign up for the premium Network you'll get the first peek at the newest content from not only the richest but Screen Rant the taco the Sportster the things and many more thousands of your favorite videos in one place is a no-brainer click here to be the first in line for the premium hurricane and Jordin I think we can all agree that the President of the United States is a rich person regardless of whether it's Donald Trump or somebody else the president enjoys all the perks of holding the highest office in the land now well most of that stuff is owned by the taxpaying Americans the president still gets around four hundred thousand dollars a year in salary in terms of protection the US president is also one of the most closely guarded individuals on the face of the planet often overlooked in all of this are the dogs that patrol and guard the White House grounds a few years ago these dogs demonstrated just how well-trained they work when it came to guarding the American leader when Dominic Adesanya jumped the fence and ran toward the White House two Belgian Malinois named hurricane and Jordan gave chase not really an ideal family dog these two Malin was showed why police and military forces trust them so much before he could make it across the lawn Adesanya was tackled to the ground for the two dogs commenced using him as a giant chew toy demonstrating their discipline and training even repeated kicks and punches from the trespasser couldn't get these two guard dogs to give up on their mission Chow Chow those not familiar with this breed likely have a little chuckle when they hear its name after all Chow Chow does sound a bit funny I'm to think of it this dog also looks like a lion with a black or purple tongue that's pretty strange indeed however we're not here for jokes but for the serious business of learning about dogs that protect rich people when it comes down to it the Chow Chow is a guard dog at heart you see this breeds instinctively protective of its family and territory as such the wealthy and powerful in ancient China often used the chow chow as a guard dog to keep watch over the palace grounds alert and protective getting a perfectly trained chow chow can be a challenge since this breed is known for being stubborn and not the easiest to train they also aren't the cheapest dog around either often starting in the neighborhood of a few thousand dollars a Chow Chow can cost you upwards of several thousand dollars or more depending on the breeder then if you want to fine-tune its already strong guard dog instincts we imagine that'll cost you quite a bit more protection dogs UK it seems like no matter where you go you can find a kennel or trainer who is selling guard dogs especially suited to the high rollers over in England for instance there's a company called protection dogs UK based in Bradford this company will source out potential dogs from around the world and then import them once it arrives you don't just get your dog instead they take the pup and begin a course of training to make it into the ultimate guard dog from foreign officials afraid of being kidnapped two Premier League stars looking for a dog to protect their fleet of Bentley's these trainers service all tastes in fact they don't even specialize in one breed of dog whether a hefty cane corso or a sleek and agile Doberman protection dogs UK can train their dogs to do anything from wrestle away a gun is simply mauling an intruder naturally all of this training comes at a price customers can expect to dish out upwards of 40,000 dollars to get a special trained guard dog squeaky toys are not included let's take a break from our dog training to answer a quick quiz can you name the most popular breed of dog in the United States if you're a dog lover we bet this one will be a snap will let you know the answer at the end of the video Rottweiler to make a good guard dog you have to have the right ingredients we think the Rottweiler falls right into this category after all any crooks are trespassers are sure to stay clear of your property if they even think one of those big dogs is around those who know this breed know that the rowdy can be a real sweetheart and a great family companion however they also know this dog has the protective and territorial instincts to make a fantastic guard dog with a little training for this reason wealthy people who have lots of property and room for such a big dog gravitate to the Rottweiler it's not cheap though a Rottweiler usually starts around $2,000 but can climb quite quickly depending on the breeder these are a favorite of the rich especially those who live in Russia according to one report after the fall of the Soviet Union Moscow's wealthiest people grabbed up Rottweilers as quickly as they came onto the market from billionaires to Mafia bosses the big Radi was seen as the perfect guard dog to protect people and property against any trouble you mean if the White House has hurricane in Jordan then the Kremlin has you mean an Akita this dog was presented to Vladimir Putin by the Japanese as a gift back in 2012 just last year media recorded in the Fed where Putin greeted Japanese journalists with Yumi by his side now the Akita was originally bred in Japan for hunting and protection this breed of dog is known to be strong and alert and won't hesitate to sound the alarm and protect its pack this was seen firsthand in December 2016 when the Russian leader entered the room with his Akita in tow Yumi immediately scanned the room and seeing a number of strangers near her owner started barking her warning wary of the strange faces in the room Yumi demence interdiscipline and training by sticking close to Putin and following his commands all while keeping an eye on those around although we think if Vladimir Putin was our boss we'd pretty much follow any command he gave without question as well regardless what was pretty clear out of all of this was that if anyone in the room had tried to attack the Russian leader they'd to worry about more than the president's bodyguards Belgian Malinois 'he's bred to have incredibly high energy levels and a significant prey Drive the Belgian Malinois is not considered to be a very good dog when it comes to the family after all there's a reason why police forces and military units use the Malan was in fact even the SEALs who stormed Osama bin Laden's compound used this breed of dog nonetheless when you tell people they shouldn't have something they naturally wanted especially the rich as a result trainers have sprung up who are willing to train Malinois zazz personal guard dogs one company is canine protection international they import Belgian Malinois give them detailed and specialized training and then sell them to very rich owners we say rich because prices for these dogs started around a $35,000 and go up way for that price these Belgian Malinois can walk beside their owner off leash they will only attack if commanded and when you get home from your walk they are trained to immediately go through the house and clear each room to make sure everything is alright they can even pee and poop on command and go and check on the kids if you so desire now that's training imported Shepherds if you are impressed by the trained Belgian Malinois then wait until you get a load of these German Shepherds in South Carolina you can find Harrison canine this is a company that sells highly trained guard dogs to celebrities and VIPs the main goal at Harrison canine is to take a dog that is a natural guard dog and enhance its abilities to protect while also ensuring it remains a good family dog of course that sort of training doesn't come cheap and this facility has been known to produce guard dogs that cost a whopping $230,000 now before you scoff at bat and head off to grab a regular German Shepherd keep in mind that insane amount of money comes with some added benefits first off the dog comes able to understand multiple languages and hand signals perfect for that day you feel like yelling at your pooch in German second you can guarantee that the dog will be so intelligent that you can ask it to find a specific family member and that dog will not stop until it does no matter how long or far away it must search of course Harrison also has cheaper $40,000 dog for sale but we don't think they can understand more than one language American Pitbull Terrier over the last several years the pitbull has definitely received a bad reputation high-profile cases of mauling and attacks made headlines and God officials talking the outrage even had some areas ban the sale and ownership of these dogs altogether despite this many famous celebs own or have owned these dogs including Jon Stewart Jennifer Aniston Kaley Cuoco and Tom Bradley nonetheless when it comes to trained guard dogs the pitbull is one canine which is in high demand specialized trainers charge a premium but they provide skills that turn a pitbull into the ultimate protector take dark dynasty canine for example this company specializes in training pit bulls for police celebrities and the super-wealthy around the globe dogs can be trained to recognize weapons and attack on command simple security and obedience training can cost a few thousand dollars if you're looking for the complete package however expect to shell out upwards of $35,000 this training works on modifying your dog's behavior to make them incredibly obedient as well as protective we wonder if they accept chihuahuas into the program so do you know which breed of dog is currently the most popular in the United States of course it's the Labrador Retriever for well over two decades this family-friendly and active dog has topped the list of favorite breeds just don't expect to ever find the Labrador in any list of guard dogs because they are simply too darned friendly with everyone all right we hope you learned some interesting stuff about high-priced guard dogs if you were disappointed not to see toy poodles or chihuahuas fear not we may just come out with a video about the smallest and cutest guard dogs ever until then try checking outs on the other dog related videos we have for you at the richest from the biggest to the baddest we've got you covered just remember to bring treats and be sure to hit that subscribe button on the way out we'll see you guys next time bye bye for now

38 thoughts on “STRONGEST Guard Dogs That Protect The ULTRA RICH

  1. Did they really put an English Bulldog on here? Seriously. An unhealthy couch potato dog with breathing problems

  2. My dog is a Akita and he protects everyone in my family once I was walking him and a man was following me.and he tried attacking me.but sadly he didn't realize my dog is protective so my Akita growled barked and.nearly attacked and he is very loyal

  3. What a load of bullshit ?if I have a gun with me then the dogs any fucking breed will be dead ? so they are not worth the money ?

  4. The original black lab actually can make an excellent guard dog. Chocolate, buff-colored, and white labs all underwent extensive breeding to get the desired color which changed the entire personality profile of those dogs. Golden retrievers, on the other hand, can be taught to give an aggressive looking display but, when it comes down to it, are extremely reluctant to bite. Also, there are many more breeds that make excellent guard dogs and are not mentioned in this video. Caucasian Shepherd, or Caucasian Ovcharka, Bouvier des Flandres, the Airedale Terrier and the boxer (to name a few) are all good guard dogs and are all more dependable than the aloof Chow named in this video.

  5. mu rottie ones almost killed a chow when the chow got off its proprty and chase my dog, my rott instantly bite off its face, luckily the owner showed up and the chow was saved

  6. My auntie has a english pitbull named Apolo and I have a german sheperd named Cookie and they always fight,mainly if Apolo wants to play with me or my baby brother Cookie gets a bit jealous but I still love my jealous,vicious and loyal guard dog❤️

  7. You can pay too dollar for the best trained guard dog all you want but unless he's bullet proof, he can be taken down with a bullet…just saying

  8. i have a jackakita…a jack russell crossed with a japanese akita…he is small and has a cute curly tail..he loves to protect us…that is all i need… people who choose big nasty dogs as a weapon and don't engage with them on a daily basis can expect one day to be attacked by them…

  9. lol did anyone else crack up at the guy and girl on the couch just chilling after they see the dogs got it under control? The dude even sat back farther in the couch.

  10. All it takes is a pistol round to its head, or precision timing and snapping its neck. If you really want to steal something, youd do what you gotta do. You cant stop anyone from doing anything. And that wall trump is building only adds to the list.

  11. When ever i see Malinois i think of Bear from Person of Interest wonderful dog on that show even if they used i think 3 or 4 different dogs in total maybe more during the years.

  12. I have a two pitbulls and they are not bad dogs and my chihuahua on the other hand is literally my guard dog he is so savage

  13. I have a pit bull lab mix and she is one of the most loyal family dogs and guard dogs I have ever had or seen no can walk near my property if I am not outside with her. She caught someone trying to break in while I was at work one night when I got home I found a bloody piece of denim laying in front of her and a blood trail starting at my back door and going out through my yard to an alley way

  14. I have 3 begal/pits, all jet black wouldn't trade them for any gun. Guns are for hunting, robbers are just food treats.

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