Streatham Hill Cat Rescue Centre Charity in London

My name is Dawn Travis and I run the Streatham Hill Cat Rescue Group and I have done for the last 41 years it started off with my children bringing home two sick cats in and we was at a bedsit at the time, and by the time we was wished we 35 cats, two children and two neighbors six children I got about six regular helpers, they have been with between fifteen and twenty years we still all friends, thank goodness. They come in every morning to give me a hand and through illness, I need them even more, and they been absolutely supportive to me. We got a colony out the back they adorable, they as wild as a hatter… I never turn an animal away because if they can’t come here where can they go? We have a stall outside the house on a Saturday it’s just started it’s quite new, we’ve only done it in the last two weeks it’s going to take a while to get on it’s feet but hopefully people will come and support the group. We get some nice stuff, but we always looking for stuff that anybody has got. In March.. I had two massive heart attacks and the hospital said I would never survive, I did.. I survived for the cats! because they dated back my life, what I’ve done for them over the years they gave me back. I also won the civic award for Lambeth and it’s the first time an animal charity ever won it The South London Press are absolutely brilliant, they love the group, so they… support the group and do loads of stories me, because without them no body would know who I am

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  1. thx eddie for your hard work in making the video. I have already put the video on the streatham cat rescue website. May I ask what sort of equipment u need to make the video like this ?

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