Stray Dog Never Leaves This Dangerous Location | Animal in Crisis EP1

One peculiar dog… That looks lost… Bears the cold water and winds and stays on large rocks What brings it here? Is it watching people? Even many people are curious about this dog Why is he alone on dangerous rocks? He’s here every single day! He’s always like this He’s been doing this for a long time He was there during the cold winters Is he waiting for someone? What is his story? He looks so pitiful in that state When it’s cold, he’d lean against the rocks Surviving near the cold waters… Is this possibly his house? “It’s okay, I’m just here to help you” Despite help, he’d run away… He won’t approach people even if he’s hungry He avoids everyone… Eat up! He distances himself even further The man leaves food on the rocks in case he’s hungry He’s not going to eat, he ran away But he’ll return soon He wanders around As the man leaves… Nurung returns to have a bite Looks like he didn’t eat in a long time For the remaining hours, he returns to his search mode Who could he be missing? Nobody has a clue about the dog’s intentions… Seems like he’s waiting for his owner The owner went fishing over there every day The man went fishing and the woman was catching things around here Nurung was waiting for his owner…? The owner who fed him and took care of him moved out but the dog has not forgotten about this He wouldn’t follow the others. He only misses his owner. Nurung, who was once well loved… Can’t let go of the past… But… where did the owners go? Everyone tried to reach the owner, even through phone Hello? Do you remember the dog you raised? The owner wants to come over immediately But he can’t because he’s sick and has to visit the hospital frequently Due to health problems.. He had to leave the area And say goodbye to Nurung till the day he returns… He takes those happy memories to the rocks A place where they spent a lot of their time together Now he’s waiting for the owner… Everyday, while holding onto the memories and promise But then… A dog walks along the rocks Towards Nurung… What’s going on between the two? The barks are very fierce They’re always like this Why do they do this? They’d bark whenever they see each other It might be territorial behavior But… more dogs gather up… Stop them! What are all of these fights? Is he scared of dogs too? No matter how strong the waves are He still stays on his ground… He is always scared and in fear I feel so sorry for him But they are quick witted They don’t mess with the ones who have owners But they treat him badly Nurung is constantly attacked For being different Often being left out Despite all of the treatment… The promise with his owner is stronger than anything else But to keep Nurung safe We had to stop him from this routine The locals plan to rescue him The plan starts… however… “Block him!” “He’s running!” Nurung is running away in fear… Eventually breaking free His fear makes him run away from everyone Darn it It will be difficult to catch him A man has another plan in mind A tranquilizer is shot! But doesn’t stop Nurung from calming down Where did he go? He’s over there! He slowly stops in his steps… This used to be his house He stays by his house when he’s about to collapse Nurung is finally calm… He finds his house in the end… It’s an instinct He still recognizes… He old house he used to live in The locals check to see if he’s okay We’ll go to the hospital to carry out various tests Will Nurung be okay? A check up is carried out His outward conditions are good A heart worm was found… during the blood test for heart worms If his treatments go well He will live healthily What a relief that he is healthy Nurung now has a new house! He’ll live well here Making sure the house looks clean for the new owner It’s now time for Nurung to enjoy his new house Home sweet home! A healthy meal, just for Nurung Eat well! Nurung eagerly finishes his food And one last thing! Once he gets healthy… I’ll take him to the owner in Mokpo Till then… the man will comfort Nurung And hopes to make many happy memories together! Stay healthy and happy, Nurung!

100 thoughts on “Stray Dog Never Leaves This Dangerous Location | Animal in Crisis EP1

  1. I’ll freakin never understand why people have soooo much footage of an animal suffering & not try to immediately help them. I don’t see them as ‘heroes’ or ‘kind souls’ but rather abusive. If this pisses anyone off, get over it!!!

  2. En Puerto Rico hay una piedra gigante en forma de un perro aullando en una de nuestras playas.

    La historia dice que un hombre tenía un perro el cual era muy amado. Cada vez que el pescador se iba, el perro siempre lo esperaba en la piedra más alta de la playa hasta que volviera. Un día, el pescador se fue como siempre hacia, y el perro se quedó esperándolo en la piedra más alma como siempre. Pero esta vez el pescador nunca volvió. Pasaron los días, semanas, años aullando por su dueño hasta convertirse en una piedra.

  3. One of our beaches in Puerto Rico, have a giant stone with a shape of a dog howling.

    The History says a man had a dog which was so loved. Every time the fisherman left, the dog always waited for him on the highest stone of the beach until he returned.
    One day, the fisherman left as usual, and the dog stood waiting for him in the most highest stone as always. But this time the fisherman never came back. The dog spent the days, weeks, years howling for his owner until he became a stone.

  4. Que crueldad, lo dejaban que los perros lo mordieran.
    Y despues lo sacaron de ese lugar y lo encadenaron vida triste, la de ese pobre perrito.????

  5. What’s the update?! Is the dog ok? Is he still living with the man at the end of the video?! Or was he returned to the thoughtless owners who didn’t take him with them?

  6. This is like that movie where the owners die of old age, and the dog still is sitting around the area waiting for his owner to come to work and say bye to him.

  7. Que bueno que lo pudieron ayudar, que triste que estuviera ahí sólo esperando pero también que mal que sus dueños se fueran sin él ?

  8. Promises to keep doesn't mean he'd stay there forever and not put trust on humans. When the time comes, just the right time for his owner to announce his return from his recovery, then he can wait for him at that location.

  9. Coitadinho deve de estar a sofrer muito com a falta do dono!!!…..Eles sim são seres fiéis até à morte!!!….Obrigado por o terem salvo e a esse Senhor que ficou com ele e o vai levar pro dono….graças a Deus!!!!……Sejam muito felizes!!!…..???????

  10. 凄い感動した…


  11. Смотрю я это видео и плачу, сначала от горя, а потом от радости и счастья. Спасибо этим людям, которые помогают этим животным. Этим они помогают и мне… нам всем!

  12. 韓国では当たり前の様に放し飼いなのか?日本も山へ捨てた野犬が未だにいる地域があるが

  13. My friend’s dog is a shibe and is way different. One time my other friend opened the door (we were all over at the shibe friend’s house) and the dog just ran out and apparently ran all the way down the street to a neighbor’s house.

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