23 thoughts on “Stray Cats – Rock this town LIVE

  1. You have to understand how cool these guys were in the 80s. All our older brothers and sisters were into foghat and foreigner….but we had this!

  2. Many years ago, a friend and I went to the Palomino in North Hollywood. We were waiting for a singer/guitarist named Rick Shea to take the stage. We did not know him personally, but Brian Setzer sat down with us at our table and bought us a few rounds. He was really down to earth. We shot the breeze for about 30 minutes or so. He is a very cool dude. Since that time, I have heard similar stories about him

  3. Saw Brian play a free outdoor show at the Montreal jazz fest a number of years ago the crowd was huge and he was great ,just cranking out the most amazing riffs like a man possessed

  4. Was on a bit of a downer to day…hit this and got that electric shoot up my spine…rock n FUCKIN roll
    Will get the dead up and jumping .

  5. remember showin up to their gigs in my leather jacket long hair n motorhead t shirt ,the psycho billys always looked after ya 🙂 ace gigs

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