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As soon as the customers sit down This cat runs to them What is this chair? It sits on the customer’s lap Do you live here? This is my favorite pizzeria because of this cat Does the owner of pizzeria own the cat? Pizzeria owner: It’s not my cat It just comes randomly and sits on the chair What’s for lunch today? Man, I can’t eat this! She feeds her as she feels sorry for the cat How did the stray cat end up here? Pizzeria owner: I heard a cat cry outside Pizzeria owner: and I saw that other stray cats were bothering the cat So I yelled at other mean stray cats and they ran away Ever since the woman saved the cat, she started following her around Sleep here Even follows her way back home No, you stay here Pizzeria owner: I can’t keep the cat in my house so I feel bad whenever I leave her behind there Giving snack The cat is flustered without the woman around Waits for her Next day, the cat is not there Kiss! Pizzeria owner: What? oh Kiss is right there Pizzeria owner: It won’t come here in the morning It’s very sensitive What happened? Vet: The stray cats around here are violent So she might get attacked by them She was scared she might get attacked by other stray cats outside She can now sleep safely inside the Pizzeria at night! Pizzeria owner: I don’t think I can keep her in the Pizzeria when the customers are there but I’m going to let her stay inside when I get off work Stay warm in here from now on Kiss!

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  1. People see cats like this and always think that it's "obvious" that it was owned by someone, but that might not necessarily be the case. There are many great cats that are born on the streets and have never seen the inside of a home. This could be one of those cats….It's just hard to tell unless the cat has a chip or shows other significant signs like being spayed or neutered. Either way, it's a good thing that this cat will not be spending nights outside anymore!

  2. There’s a trend on YouTube animal videos where they’re overdubbed with music and sound effects that are so goddamn cheesy if makes you want to stick your head in an oven.

  3. Jak tak sprawdzasz nie martw się siostra ci przyśle zdjęcie zdjęcie z nad morza…bo będzie w Grecji…nic nie mów… że wiesz…

  4. The cat is a female the stray cats that are attacking it are probably male looking for love in all the wrong places. Getting Kitty fixed and keeping her in at night you will keep her safe from other attacks and won't be run over or killed on top of that she'll eat rodents and roaches or at the very least kill them which will be better for a healthy Pizzeria

  5. that what my grandma did, street cat that followed her around everywhere, and only her. I tried many times to pet it, but it always hangs out with my grandma when she walks out in the yard. RIP grandma.

  6. Love that cat, but keeping it inside the restaurant unattended at night is just asking for a health code violation through contaminated surfaces, food or utensils.

  7. I went to a car dealership in the Dallas, Texas area last year. They had a tabby tom they fed and kept outside. He was overweight, though. I don't remember whether they let him sleep inside overnite, but he was very good-natured and friendly to all the customers.

    In the meantime, I found a photo of Taco from that dealer.

  8. Кошка хочет хозяйку или хозяина и дом, в котором её будут любить и всё .

  9. South Korea…Original video=> Korea SBS "TV Animal Farm"=>

  10. This is called a

    An angel who you will protect
    At all cost no matter what happens
    And show love and affection to

  11. What koreans Think of stray cats:Cuteeee
    What my family and friends think:They will attack you and you will dieeee

    Im the only one who doesn't think that ;-;

  12. It's not a good idea to have it inside the pizzeria they let off a lot of hair it could be a healthcode violation but I love cats though they're cute haha

  13. I came across a similar business that was a cat rescue/cafe. You could dine and drink coffee with cats and if you fell in love with one during your visits, you could adopt it.

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