Strange Lady’s Compassion Saves A Stray Dog’s Puppies, Except For One (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Watching out for a dog in a distance I had no choice But to stay next to her silently She was abandoned She was pregnant at that time So her puppies must have passed away since it was winter… In cold winter The pregnant dog was abandoned on the streets Had no one around to take care of her.. Since then When the lady faced her again.. She appeared with limping legs After seeing her like that, I just had to take her in The lady could understand how heartbroken she was.. Slowly, little by little Darong, go slowly~ She named her ‘Darong’ For the dog, she’s the only one who she can rely on What’s most worrisome is I think she’s pregnant, that’s what worries me a lot Hope she’s rescued and lives happily.. That’s my only wish.. The lady doesn’t want the dog to get hurt by the same bad experiences she had gone through.. Rescue begins immediately..! “Darong~ Where are you~!!” Darong went missing?! She’s underneath the old board..? Found puppies! PD : There she is As if feeling anxious, she stares at people Decide to leave for a moment Then, as if she was waiting Runs to her puppies and breastfeeds them During the rainy season It’ll be dangerous if it rains suddenly Going to block both sides of the place where she’s hiding Then set the fence widely, and clear the blocked sides Will capture her directly Korean Animal Welfare Association : Hope she comes out quickly.. *worries worries* After a while She’s about to go out Korean Animal Welfare Association : She’s going out!! Out!! Out!! Out!! Safely rescued! Make sure nothing’s falling off Rescue puppies as well! Omg.. You gave birth to so many puppies! 8 puppies in total Your puppies are so pretty, good girl~ Thanks~ Check 8 puppies’ health Vet : They’re all healthy without deformity But Vet : Alive? / Yes Fortunately, she’s able to receive surgery Inside her womb A puppy couldn’t come out yet..! Vet : We gotta save this puppy/ Okay! You need to cry to survive, cry pls~ Please.. Vet : Uh, the puppy cries~!! Dogs who give multiple births fail to give birth to 1 or 2 puppies at the end I think she was too exhausted while giving birth to more puppies If it was a bit late she almost had lost her puppy again Vet : Fortunately, the puppy cried And the breath came in short bursts. The puppy needs to receive intensive care for 2-3 days Thanks to everyone’s hard work This time, the dog could embrace all puppies safely Vet : Unfortunately, Darong is infected by heartworms But it’s at a low level So if she’s treated well, she will be in good health Darong will receive treatments for the time being And become a healthy mom Mommy, don’t get sick♡ Thank you hoomans for saving me and my puppies

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  1. I'm so happy help came in time to save there life's 9 children are doing well and mom's recovering now all they need is a special home together and true love and respect for them always?????????????????????????

  2. Thank you so much. The title scared me thinking she lost one puppy. May God bless you all for being so kind to animals.

  3. ? that made me cry happy tears thanks so much for saving her and her puppies. Especially the kind lady that help her so much she is truly an angel ?

  4. Самое печальное, что в якобы великой России, так не заботятся о людях, как в Корее за бездомными животными. The saddest thing is that in supposedly great Russia, for people do not care so much as they do in Korea for homeless animals!

  5. Gracias a la anciana y al grupo de veterinarios por su labor.
    Salvaron a un bebé y a su madre , deseo de todo corazón sean adoptados por familias con mucho amor.

  6. Это просто чудо! То что вы делаете настоящее добро . Спасибо вам ! Здоровье даме которая все таки добилась своего и спасла столько жизней.

  7. Amor, compasión y respeto a la vida de un semejante o cualquier ser vivo que nos rodea nos llevara a un mundo mejor.
    La señora fue tenaz en ayudar, eso la hace un gran ser humano y que ella es el ejemplo de lo que debemos ser como seres humanos, teniendo la comprensión e inteligencia, siempre debemos ayudar a quienes no pueden.

  8. Parabéns por salvar e triste quem faz uma maldade dessa com.os animais eles são amigo fiel eu amo os animais.lindo trabalho

  9. God bless you animal rescuers for the tremendous love, compassion, devotion,determination & sympathy toward homeless animals. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you've done & pray both mother & pups will stay together happy, healthy, well fed, active, & found loving families? in forever homes?.

  10. I needed this right now…. This is beautiful…. That lady is an angel to that sweet mother and her babies…. There is still good in this world among such evil

  11. I was born in 1934 and remember the American-Korean war well (we lost). However,
    this series of Kritter Klub videos has done an amazing job of educating me, and I
    have developed a new respect for that old nation. My present America seems to
    have lost its stable bearing of the past.

  12. Povera cagnolina….ha lo sguardo supplichevole e preoccupato! Sterilizzate la e i cuccioli cercate di farli rimanere con la mamma e alcuni farli adottare da brave persone.grazie.

  13. Esta mujer es muy buena.La perrita tuvo sus bebés. Rescataron a la madre y los bebés. Siento que la rescataron justo a tiempo
    ?????????❤?Bien hecho.


  15. This woman is unbelievably observant and kind. She is such a good model for all of us. 이 여자는 믿을 수 없을만큼 관찰력과 친절합니다. 그녀는 우리 모두에게 좋은 모델입니다.

  16. You guys are wonderful. A job well done. You saved the day by rescuing the last puppy. What a beautiful puppy. Hope you find them all a forever home.

  17. Nothing strange about that. Well done. That is one beautiful girl. Hope the pups find good homes. Again well done to all who helped!

  18. Muito agradecida por trazerem tantas histórias maravilhosas!!! ?? Elas me trouxeram de volta a fé nos "seres humanos"!!! ☺☺ Espero que em 2020, vocês continuem nos emocionando com seu lindo trabalho!!! ???❤

  19. I was waiting for the second part of this video. I need to say a lot of thanks to a woman, she has a really big hart she safe puppy's and them mum .

  20. انا استغرب الان في هذا الفيديو بأن الاسيويين يقومون بالعناية للحيوانات الأليفة كالقطط والكلاب ويسهرون عليها في المراكز الطبية بالعلاج والاسعافات الأولية وانقادهم من الاعمال في الأزقة والشوارع .
    واعني في الصين واليابان ..
    اما في الصين واليابان في قلب شوارع هذه الدول تجد في اطفال رضع مرميين في الشوارع والمارة والراجلين يمرون عليهم ولااحد ينظر اليهم ولااحد في قلبه رحمة أو شفقة حتى الدولة لاتهتم بهذا الموضوع تم أحيانا الآباء يعذبون ابناءهم بالضرب والرقي حتى الموت من المطلقين والمطلقات ولحد هذا جاري به العمل في اليابان والصين..وهذا شاهدت في فيديوات حقيقية وكم تالمت ولم استطع ان اتابع المشهد فيه عذاب لاطفال صغار …
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    وفي اسيا هنالك عصابات اجرامية تختطف اطفال في عمر 4سنوات ويسرقون من اعضاء من جسمهم كالعينين..والكلى والطحال وببعها المراكز طبية خاصة بهذه العمليات……
    اما موضوع الفتيات الصغيرات فمصيرهن الدعارة وبيعن باثمنة خيالية في عملية السياحة الجنسية…..
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    اما هذه الفيديوات التي نراها إلا تحسين الصورة لهؤلاء الاسيويين…
    أحسنتم النشر…..


  22. It is so nice that someone saved that poor dog and her babies. Why are there such heartless people who abandon them like that. My own dog came to me in that manner. He had 10 years of happy life with me that he otherwise might not have had.

  23. Bom dia,sou sem por cento,amar os anjinhos de 4 PATAS que os seres que se dizem HUMANOS,os anjinhos amam sem maldade.feliz Natal para todos e 2020com muita saúde e proteção DIVINA ??

  24. Q preciosidad d animalitos..
    Porfavor cuidar d la mama perrita cuidarla y buscarla un hogar con sus cachorros donde los quieran y los cuiden..
    No merecen vivir en la calle..
    Merecen una vida digna llena d amor y cuidados….
    Gracias por rescatarlos y ayudar al cachorro a sobrevivir..
    Sois maravillosos..
    La labor tan estupenda q haceis..
    Sois dignos d abmiracion..
    Un super?

  25. Se me olvidaba decir q gracias también a la señora q se preocupó d la perrita para q llevara una vida mejor fuera d las calles..
    Personas asi son las q valen la pena..
    Gracias otra vez..
    Feliz navidad a todos…

  26. C'est évident on les abandonne pourquoi pas savoir criminel monstrueux montre comme ça vous leur fait plein de mal pourquoi pourquoi vous faites ça voulait maltraité voulais laisser mourir pourquoi vous pas comprendre merci de les avoir de l'avoir sauvé merci il faut les punir ces gens-là ce sont des amours ils sont adorables ils sont innocents il demanderai juste un peu d'amour et un peu de nourriture où est le problème et être heureux il vous aime il aime les humains sans condition merci de l'avoir sauvé merci merci merci d'avoir sauvé le bébé merci

  27. I love this women for giving her time and love and patience to the mother dog to get her help with her life and her puppies. And everyone at the vet's office to
    If this women is considered crazy.
    Think how much better the world
    would be if we were all like her??.

  28. Syukurlah,anak anjing yg ke 9 selamat. Terima kasih,tim penyelamat. Kalian sudah menyelamatkan mereka. Terima kasih juga pad nenek yang sudah tulus merawat dorong. ☺

  29. Graças a Deus que ainda tem gente no mundo de bom coração para ajudar esses anjinhos de 4 patas. Que gratidão ver todos salvos, graças a Deus ?

  30. Oi pessoal que trabalho maravilhoso que vocês fazem que Deus Abençoe há todos vocês que ama e protege os animais ?

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