Stories Celebrating Deaf Pets: Joe’s Dog Pack

a typical day in our house is actually
surprisingly lazy at any given moment when you are going to our house there just dogs sprawled out sleeping everywhere our pack is a big group of four two of them are hearing
two of them are deaf both of our hearing dogs i think might
as well be deaf neither of them are good listeners at all the deaf dogs listen way better even if
they can’t hear us this guy right here was born to a breeder and he could not be homed because of his deafness our deaf dogs are definitely some of the
best behaved dogs that i know communication can be a challenge but we
have hand signals for them outside in the yard or around the office at our house we have hardwood floors so if we
need to get their attention while they’re not looking, it’s really easy because we can just stomp on the floor and they feel the vibration and look at us and Cow and Walter take cues from the other dogs really well so, you’d never really know that we had to
deaf dogs unless someone told you i really don’t think there’s any reason
to be hesitant over a deaf dog i think it’s more important to look at
their temperament, you know is their personality going to work with the other dogs in
your household, are they going to work well with your lifestyle all the things you would want to consider anytime you’re adopting a new pet are the same things you want to consider with a deaf pet a lot of times when people find out that
we have a deaf dog, they say, oh, that must be so hard it must be so hard to train them, it must be just so difficult that’s amazing that you do that, but really, it’s not. i love the fact that all of our dogs are rescued dogs the reward that we get from them i don’t
think you could measure, you know, they make us so happy, they make us laugh all the time if somebody asked me about should
I adopt a deaf pet I would say that it is definitely worth
considering it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.
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43 thoughts on “Stories Celebrating Deaf Pets: Joe’s Dog Pack

  1. In my experience deaf dogs are friendlier and form a special bond with you that's much stronger than you experience with hearing dogs. You become their ears & they trust you more as a result. A side benefit is that on walks they don't get distracted into responding to other dogs that bark at them & want to pick fights, instead they completely ignore them and attend to enjoying their stroll with you & attend to the business at hand. They also seem to enjoy being touched & held more.

  2. all dogs should be loved no matter what there problem is they are wounder full creatures and i love the fact that they r rescued dog the greatdane is a beautiful dog

  3. that is so cool.. i would have one if i had the yard.. my brother is deaf and animals learn the same signs that people use.. i have always used hand signals with my animals and they have always responded well with them for training

  4. It doesn't matter if they are deaf or blind… they are still lovable pets. They deal with it just fine. Bless you both for taking in these dogs.

  5. Im not sure if my dog is deaf or not. I see that he can possibly hear a little. Every morning, i can not touch him to wake him. He gets very spooked so i stomp on the floor or move something to wake him up. After seeing this video i can confirm that he can hear either a little or not at all. I have taught him tricks with hand signals and he does great. At first he didn't listen to voice commands.

  6. This is an awesome video! I truly hope this gets more views! People really should consider temperament more than anything else, because this is what first makes/breaks your connection with a dog.

  7. Thanks for sharing this great story. Do you have pet insurance for your dogs? If so, is the premium higher for the deaf ones? I'm assuming a deaf dog's insurance policy would be a little more expensive. I wonder if a deaf dog would be more likely to get hit if it got out and ran across the street. Although, I've seen hearing dogs run out in the street without a second thought.

  8. Great questions! Walter the Great Dane is insured with Trupanion but does not have a higher premium than a non-deaf Great Dane would have. We don't penalize pets with pre-existing health conditions with higher premiums, however no pet insurance provider will cover veterinary costs associated with pre-existing conditions. I hope that makes sense!

  9. This is why I trained my girl with both hand signals and verbal commands.She might get old and become deaf and I don't want to see any confusion on her beloved face if that happens.Great job on training your pack 🙂

  10. I loved your video. I just lost my beautiful deaf Great Dane on 12/27/2013. We lost him from bone cancer. Your boy looks just like my boy. I miss him very much and I know, even though it was hard, I knew he was ready to cross the rainbow bridge. I have the most amazing vet who I was with when it was time. I am looking to adopt another deaf Dane. I never had a better friend.

  11. Any advice I have got a deaf Staffordshire terrier he has learnt sit stay come and no. we have a hearing pit bull so tracking his development is a bit difficult even though the pit bull knows all the signs he does.

  12. My Sam went deaf more then 3 years ago but fortunately when  I learned he was going deaf I taught him hand signals.. especially the  sign for 'I Love You' so   people never think he's deaf and when I sign to him his little tail wags & wags.He KNOWS..He turns 17 this year and is  still my little baby boy 🙂 Bless you for  taking these dogs in. They all look healthy & happy.

  13. I have a 14 year old deaf cat whom we got as a rescue when she was about 8. We didn't know until a couple of days later she was deaf. She sleeps through smoke alarms above her when smoke comes out of the oven :o) Like you, we do hand signals to get her attention, never walk up to her without some kind of foot on the floor signal. I'm not really sure she knows she is deaf. She is a lap cat who is a nurturer. Always needs to be taking care of us. I wouldn't trade her for the world. The only thing I wish I could change is her loud calling. She sounds like a dinosaur, not realizing how loud she really is.

  14. I love seeing this video!!
    I just recently got a Catahoula leopard, she is deaf and only 5 weeks old.
    Watching this video makes me even more excited to raise such a beautiful dog!

  15. This video is awesome!  Walter is a great dog and we love the way the office communicates with him!

  16. Awe! I have three dogs, one of which is a deaf doxie. When we brought him home I was so nervous about taking care of him but he needed a home. I cant imagine life without him. He is so smart and just like the video, takes cues from the other dogs.

  17. This is such a beautiful video. My parents and I have a Great Pyrenees (Zeus) that is also deaf and it was amazing to see someone we've never even met communicating with their deaf pet just like we do with Zeus (stomping for vibration, hand signals, signals from other pets, etc). Deaf dogs listen with their eyes and hear with their hearts <3

  18. I guess this was meant to focus on just Deaf dogs, but I would've liked to hear about your blind ones too.
    I've got 1 Deaf/Blind and 1 Blind and 3 normal Dachshunds. You're right, the deaf one does listen better than the others. Stomp my feet she comes running.
    I hate it when people say they should be put down, thinking they suffer and have a terrible life OR because there are so many healthy dogs to choose from in shelters. But like you mentioned, temperament is very important and aggressive dogs are hard to fix. Many healthy dogs are there because of aggression issues. Some might be OK for guard dogs or protection or if you don't have a lot of company, etc. but they don't make good family dogs.
    Blind/deaf dogs are NOT that difficult to train and they're great snugglers. Mine don't need any help from anyone because they have noses like bloodhounds on steroids. They can track us or the other dogs down every time. They also love wrestling & chasing the cats.

  19. I would like to look after a deaf dog, knowing I'm able to help an animal in need. I would not get rid of them that's silly

  20. Special people for special dogs just love them. Thanks for being there for them . got a Dane with selective hearing.

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