Stop train stop! A Thomas the Tank Engine Story – Storytime with Frozendoll – Book Reading

Hello little buddies, this is Frozendoll reading for you. Today. I’m reading the book Stop Train Stop. A Thomas the Tank Engine Story Every day Thomas the Tank Engine chucked from the start of his line To the end of his line and back again All aboard called the little blue engines conductor Every day Thomas and his coaches puffed along Not too fast Not too slow and stopped at every station They start at Knapford where a little boy waved They stopped at Elsbridge where a spotted cow mooed They stopped at Hackenbeck. People got on People got off One morning the little blue engine said I am tired of making stops I’m going to go from the start of the line to the end of the line without stopping Clackety-clack Clackety-clack. Away went the Train without looking back The little blue engine whisked right by Knapford The little boy hardly had time to wave In the dining car Passengers bounced up and down in their seats Stop train stop. Stop on the spot! Our hot food’s cold and our cold food’s hot But the train didn’t stop It whizzed right by Elsbridge The Spotted Cow hardly had time to moo In the sleeping car passengers bounced up and down in their beds Stop train stop don’t go anymore Our feet are on the ceiling our heads are on the floor But the Train didn’t stop. It whizzed right by Hackenbeck People could not get on. People could not get off In the baggage car trunks and bags and pets bounced all around Splish! a fish splashed into a cat carrier Meow! a cat tumbled into a bird cage Squawk! a bird flew into a suitcase “Stop” they called. Stop train stop But the little blue engine and the long brown coaches didn’t stop until Screech!! They reached the very last station The train had gone all the way from the start of the line to the end of the line without stopping once The passengers were not pleased Their soup was cold Their ice cream was hot Dresses we’re here Suits were their Fish wagged their tails Cats flew everywhere And Thomas the Tank Engine Did not feel happy either he said I miss boys waving I miss cows mooing. I miss people getting on and people getting off So from then on Every day the training traveled not too fast and not too slow and stopped at every station That was a nice story That was nice of Thomas the Tank Engine to understand that he should be stopping at every station. I hope you all enjoy the story “Stop Train Stop”. See you soon again! You

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