STOP! Save this Turtle?

(vehicle braking) (upbeat instrumental music) – I’m Coyote Peterson. Have you ever seen a
turtle crossing the road? You stop your car and jump
out and you say to yourself, “How do I help this guy
get to the other side?” Stay tuned, ’cause
I’m about to show ya! (thunderous instrumental music) (roaring) – Welcome back, everyone. Okay, so this is a scenario
that we often see in the spring: a turtle crossing the road. And in this instance, it’s a large female
common snapping turtle. What I’m gonna show you today is how to properly move
a turtle across the road. Now, this pertains to
any species of turtle. I’ve chosen a snapping turtle, ’cause as we know,
it’s my favorite, and this is also the
most dangerous turtle that you can ever come across. Now, I do have to disclaimer,
if you see a snapping turtle out there in the wild,
do not try to pick it up unless it’s an absolute
must-do scenario. And if it’s in the
middle of a busy road, that is one of those rare
cases where I would say, “If you’re gonna be a
good turtle Samaritan, “this is how you do it.” Alright, you guys ready
for me to show you how to properly pick
up a snapping turtle? – [Voiceover] Before we do,
what should we tell people about if they’re getting out
of their car on a busy road? What’s the first
thing they should do? – Oh, yes, definitely turn
on your hazard lights. Pull your car to the
side of the road, turn on your hazards, and
make sure that everybody knows that you are getting
out of your vehicle. Safety for yourself first, and then we worry
about the turtle. Okay, so now I’m gonna show you how to help a snapping
turtle across the road. Are you ready? – [Voiceover] Yep, let’s do it. – Okay. Now, there is a right
way and a wrong way to hold a snapping turtle. Oftentimes on the internet,
you will see people holding snapping
turtles by their tails. You see it’s got this
big, long tail here, and you think to yourself,
“Man, that looks like a handle. “Why don’t I pick the
turtle up by its tail?” This is really, really
bad, because the tail is actually connected
to the spine, which runs right down
the length of the body, into the neck, and then
into the turtle’s head. If you damage the tail,
you damage the spine, and in turn, you can
paralyze the turtle, ultimately killing it. Now to hold a snapping
turtle properly, first we need to
understand a little bit about the turtle’s anatomy. The top of the shell
is called the carapace, and the bottom of the shell, let me pick him up and
show it to you there, is called the plastron. Now, where the carapace
connects to the plastron, you’ll see right
here by my finger, that is the safest place to
pick up a snapping turtle. Put your hands just on the
side of the turtle like that. You can see my fingers
are tucked underneath on the plastron, thumbs on
top holding the carapace so you can balance the turtle. Gently pick it up just a
few inches off the ground and move it in
the same direction that it was headed
across the street. Now, I recommend placing it
five to 10 feet off the road, just gently like that. Good luck, sweetie. Go lay your eggs. Slowly move back, make sure
there’s no traffic coming, get back in your car,
and you’re good to go. Now, this turtle is gonna
head off in that direction. Say you look this way
and you see a swamp or a pond or a lake, and
you think to yourself, “Well, there’s water over there. “Shouldn’t I put the
turtle back in the water?” The turtle knows
exactly what it’s doing. It has made the
decision to go this way because it’s likely a female
headed to lay her eggs. Put her back in the pond,
and all she’s gonna do is cross the road again. (splashing) Hm-mm, don’t wanna do that. (peaceful instrumental music) Okay, so now you know exactly
how to properly pick up and move a snapping turtle if you ever have to help
one across the road. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see ya next week. (instrumental music) – [Voiceover] Every time
I head out on the water to search for snapping turtles,
I take calculated risks. And when I leap from a kayak and submerge myself into
the realm of dragons, I never know what the
end result will be. – And that right there is
how you leap from a kayak and catch yourself a dragon. Whoo! We are in business. Alright, buddy. – [Voiceover] I take risks
so that we can all learn about these incredible animals, and I have been doing
this for many years. My point is that
snapping turtles are
potentially dangerous, and while I have many
years of experience, sometimes even I make mistakes. What I don’t want to happen
is for anyone out there who is watching to ever be
bitten by one of these animals. So I stress, never try
to capture or handle a snapping turtle unless
it is absolutely necessary. If you enjoyed this turtle
encounter, make sure to go back and watch the first
season of Dragon Tails. And don’t forget: subscribe
to join me and the crew on our next wild adventure. (ominous music) (howling) (chirping)

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  1. I used to live in an area surrounded by swamps in southern Michigan and we would see snapping and painted turtles crossing the road at least once a week in the summer. My dad always had a flathead shovel in the car so that he could gently scoop them up and carry them to the other side.

  2. But how do you know which way to carry it? You could like being it back to the start and make him do it all over again

  3. I'm Cotey petter and I'm about to stick my head under a alligators mouth…..

    I'm Cotey petter and I'm about to jump on a lego

  4. Grab the tail an it can't do nothin your not abt to hurt him besides when I catch them there going in the pot

  5. The turtle is not right because it’s trying to say let me go my dad is a expert so he knows and he told me

  6. I just saw a video saying grab the snapping turtle by the tail and quickly corrected them and sent them this video

  7. Hey remember that turtle who tried to cut off his arm? My sister found one who was on the road and it tried to bite her! So she just slowly put it back down. That's my story.

  8. Whenever my dad sees a turtle he try’s to save it but sometimes he can’t make in time and the turtle already got hit by a car, so if the turtle is already gone he will always move it off the road unless he can’t .

  9. I agree by saving the turtles. If we do not save them they will be gone forever. So I say we should save the turtles so they can live longer and be happier in their natural habit. We all should not litter but no matter what we all do people still litter and it is wrong. No matter what we should not use plastic because it is hurting the turtles. We need the turtles in this world.

  10. This video really helps me I see snappers in the road all the time and I’m happy I can help out now

  11. I rewatched this today and actually came across the biggest snapper I’ve ever seen and got it across the road a bit later

  12. I thought it was commone sense to take the turtle across the road the way it was going, And isn't it also common sense that the tail is connected to the spine? No offense to people without common sense.

  13. How heavy are they??? What if your not an adult and ur not strong enough to pick it up… what do I do? And also what do I do if it’s to agressive

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  16. Hi my name is Hassan and I leave live in and I just got again that insane air 4 days my name is first national and live in yourself and help the snapping turtle and nephew because he does he is very well

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