Stop Litter Box Problems! Cat Problems Q And A

what’s up y’all welcome back today we
are gonna be doing a little bit of Q&A about some cat litter box issues people
with cats urinating all over their houses you know all those types of fun
problems I figured since I was starting to get a ton of similar questions that I
would go ahead and just do a QA I might start actually doing regular q and a’s
for all the different pets and subjects that i cover because i am having a
harder and harder time keeping up with my comment sections so the first
question is I currently have one litter box and cannot keep a litter box outside
of my room do I really have to have a second litter box and how can I keep
this litter box from stinking up my bedroom so ideally if you have one cat
you would have at least two litter boxes for that cat and if you have two cats
you would have at least three litter boxes so sometimes this is not always
something that we can actually pull off sometimes this is just not feasible if
there is absolutely no way that you can have another litter box then I would
definitely recommend at least at the very least having a larger litter box so
that your cat has more room and isn’t stepping on their feces and their urine
when they are in the box as for the smell as for the smell there are a lot
of really great clay litters out there that do have a lot of odor control and
can help with that making sure that you are maintenance in your litter box on a
regular basis will of course help with this making sure that you are thoroughly
thoroughly cleaning the litter box out as soon as it starts to have that odor
even after you’ve scooped then it’s time to change out the box and you want to
make sure that you really thoroughly clean the box a spray a 50% white
distilled vinegar with water will help to eliminate those odors white distilled
vinegar works amazing and getting rid of those
cat urine ammonia type smelling odors as far as getting them out of the litter
boxes and if you do use a plastic litter box you want to change that out about
once a year now when it cat urine AIDS that odor control usually works pretty
fast and pretty well in most litters from my experience if you are using a
clumping style litter and of course there are litters out there like feline
pine that are amazing at odor control but a lot of cats will not use them they
don’t like the texture they don’t like the feel of it on their paws I know my
cats I have four of them and I did try different pellet litters including
feline pine they wouldn’t even go near that box they would not touch that
litter box they didn’t want anything to do with it but if your cat will use the
feline pine it can be amazing at odor control there is also crystal litters
that are supposed to be amazing at odor control unfortunately they aggravate
admirers maasai can only imagine what they do to a cats respiratory system if
they aggravated miasma which usually takes quite a bit for my asthma to
actually give me a problem to where I need to use my inhaler
now as for like the scented litters and things like that there are a lot of
scented litters out there but a lot of cats will not use scented litter so it
can be a little bit of a struggle and it can be a little bit of trial and error
when it comes to finding a litter that really really controls that odor
especially when you are talking about if the cat just went poop when a cat just
does number two fresh fresh right in the box it will smell almost no matter what
you do especially if you especially if you have a cat that doesn’t like to
cover their stuff up a lot of cats will not cover up their feces or like one of
my wonderful cats they dig in one spot go to the bathroom and the other and
bury the hole that they dug on the opposite side of a litter box for
absolutely no reason if you have a cat that does bury their feces and urine
just like they are supposed to do just like they are theoretically
supposed to do in nature then you have a much better chance of actually not
having to smell that lovely feces smell in your home I really wish that I could
help with the smell factor a little bit more but unfortunately sometimes if I
give you a recommendation your cat might not appreciate that type of litter I
know I really like the fresh step with Febreze litter
but you may not like the smell or your cat may not like the smell but it has
done a great job for odor control as far as for my home and my cats still don’t
have any problems with using that litter so I have two cats and when they come in
to do their business it smells awful it’s causing me horrible headaches in my
room so this is another person that can only keep their litter box in their room
and it is to the point where the litter box is smelling so bad that it is giving
them headaches so to me if the cat litter box is causing you like physical
ailments then it probably really should not be in your room there are hooded
litter boxes that have like a carbon filter type of thing that you can put in
on the top to help with some odor control as far as keeping that from
leaking into your room as bad there are automatic scooping litter boxes although
unfortunately a lot of cats don’t particularly care for them an incident
of that litter box turning on while the cats in there which
unfortunately has happened quite a few times for your cat to decide they don’t want
to use the litter box anymore so there are options you can get again you can
get a larger litter box you can get a much bigger litter box you can even get
like a Rubbermaid container a large Rubbermaid container the more quality
scoopable litter that you have in a box that can help with reducing the odor to
a degree again though it’s gonna be heavy-duty maintenance and really just
being diligent about keeping that litter box clean doing your maintenance you may
have to completely change out the litter once a week whatever it takes to really
keep those odors under control again white distilled vinegar is amazing at
getting rid of pet odors in general really odors period and it’s safe to use
around the cats it’s safe to use around pets it’s safe to use around children other than that I mean another thing you
could do is also put an air purifier in your room that will help kind of reduce
odors and keep that air quality a little bit higher a little bit better but it is
really hard especially when if you’re keeping a litter box in your bedroom I
would it’s not something that I really recommend I know when I was a child
growing on my parents didn’t really want the litter box outside of my room either
for a good while so I feel your pain I know that when I was keeping a litter
box in my room I mean I was cleaning that thing out probably two three times
a day just to make sure there was pretty much never anything in there like my cat
used it and I tried to scoop it right away because I didn’t want that smell in
my room either and I understand it can be difficult and hard to keep up with
and sometimes when you walk in your room it’s it can be overpowering it could
potentially be overpowering if you’re not home regularly scooping it but again
as I said with the first question high-quality litter super diligent about
maintenance and that will help a lot with alleviating the smell
and maybe even adding an air purifier to your bedroom to help kind of keep the
air quality a little bit better because if you again if you were to have a cat
that will not cover their feces or doesn’t curve ler their urine if they
don’t cover any of their excrement then the litter is not going to be able to do
its job quite as properly which makes it a lot more difficult as a pet owner to
keep that scent down my male cat goes to the bathroom by the front door I have
bought his own litter box since I do have a female as well but for some
reason he refuses to use the litter box how do I kill the odor and get him to
use the litter box he has been to the vet and there is absolutely nothing
wrong with him health-wise so since he’s already been cleared health-wise is he
neutered that would be my next question has this cat been neutered if he has
already been neutered and he is still having a spring issue and he is not
using the litter box properly then there could be multiple things going on there
there he could just not like the litter it could be the smell of the litter if
you have a scented litter a lot of cats do not like sent it litter I know I say
this over and over again but I can’t say it enough a lot of cats out there will
not use scented litter they will not use pelleted litter they will not use
crystal litter most cats prefer the fine grain of the clumping litter if you have
a scented litter or you have a pelleted litter or something that cats typically
don’t use one that they they don’t typically prefer then I would try
switching over to a fine grained type of litter like a scoopable litter there are
a lot of them out there there are a lot of them out there available to choose
from and I would try to find one that is unscented the next step is I would put
that litter box right next to the door where he likes to go to the bathroom
already a great product as far as trying to get that smell out of the carpet or
out the tile or wood depending on what type
of surface you have you’re in destroyer Nature’s Miracle urine destroyer I have
found to be probably the most effective one out there although if he has
repeatedly repeatedly soiled that area you may have to pull the carpet back you
may have to clean the carpet pad as well as the carpet you may even have to rip
out a patch of carpet because that type of cleaner really needs to soak in for
the enzymes to be able to really get that odor out of there and truly truly
get that area clean unfortunately with especially cat urine it can be extremely
difficult to remove if they have repeatedly soiled in an area but I would
say that the Nature’s Miracle urine destroyer is probably the best one that
I have personally used and I have used a lot because I have foster cats over the
years and sometimes some of them some of them are problem children and I brought
home a lot of cats and kept a lot of cats over the years and yeah again some
of them have some serious issues and they have to be worked through some of
them have extremely sensitive paws especially if you have a cat that has
been maybe two clawed then they’re going to have extra sensitivity in their feet
as opposed to your typical raw cats or even an outdoor cat they’re gonna have a
little bit more sensitive feet so the next up my seven month old male cat is
spraying in the house my husband is not fun of him and he has had enough how can
I stop him from spraying so you have a seven month old kitten has he been
neutered if he’s spraying has he been neuter because that may or may not solve
the problem if he hasn’t been neutered unfortunately with spraying a lot of
times you need to get them neutered before they are before they reach six
months of age and after that it may or may not solve urination issues so if he
hasn’t been neutered I definitely recommend having him neutered my cat
keeps urinating all my clothes and Kitt’s I’m washing betting every day he
is the only cat and the only pet his litter box is cleaned out daily and is
kept in the bathroom and he has no urinary issues so this one could get
long and complicated there’s so many different things that could be going on
here it could be a texture issue it could be a insecurity issue I had a cat
with very sensitive paws at one point in time and the Arm and Hammer
litter as much as I don’t really care for its odor control was the best one
that I found for a cat with sensitive paws and I probably tried about 15-20
different brands of litter trying to find the one as far as one that he would
be able to use because he did have really sensitive feet and would not
would not step foot into a litter box if it was not the right kind of litter so
there could be a few different issues going on I would try switching the
litter to the finest grain litter that you can find that is also unscented in
case scent is an issue with your cat I would make sure not to keep my clothing
piled in any way and keep the sheets and things like that on the bed straight
because if it’s in any kind of pile of laundry on the floor or on your bed
where it’s really easy for a cat to be able to kind of mimic that whole litter
box feel where it’s digging in one area and being able to cover its urine or
feces I would definitely try to keep all that as minimal as possible I wouldn’t
leave any clothing on the floor just to try to start reconditioning this cat to
use the litter box so anyway guys I know I know this is a really long video and
it I only answered five questions and I don’t even know if I answered them well
enough or detailed enough because unfortunately when it comes to cat
urination problems there can be so many different underlying causes to make the
cat have these problems there are drugs out there I know that you can get from
your veterinarian if it really is like a problem with the
cat where the cat is just maybe having some problem like some sort of neurotic
problem where they are using where they are not wanting to use litter box where
they actually have some sort of anxiety problem or an underlying cause that may
not be a physical health problem but might actually be a mental health
problem which yes I know mental health problems in cats what yes that sometimes
that can be the actual the actual problem there is sometimes sometimes you
do have to put them on some sort of antidepressant to help limit that type
of behavior so anyway guys that’s all I really have for y’all today as always
thank you so much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next

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  1. Cat litter for the right cat and for me. I hate the litter that has a perfume smell. I have been thru
    so many..Dr Elseys Precious Cat litter I used for a very long time, but had to stop, because it was dusty. I guess they changed something in the formula …what a shame. I bought Tidy Cat Light Weight…big, big mistake. Dusty and tracks litter ALL over the house..YUCK! Still on a search for the perfect one..if there is such an item..LOL. Thanks for the answers…great video.

  2. One of my cats does that too. Where he digs a hole goes to the washroom in another spot then bares the hole he dug.

  3. I enjoyed watching… thank you for sharing this video. Keep it up! Happy Fish Keeping!

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