Steve Harvey Breaks Down After Seeing His Mama's House

tomorrow is my 58th birthday I will be celebrating god willing I wake up so my producers together put together a show filled with surprises of course I have no idea what's happening my first guest though is the master of ceremonies for the hour I'm as curious as you to find out who it is so whoever you are please reveal yourself we have a lot more surprises for you um Dominique are you there hi Marjorie I'm here I'm Dominique Rex from Woo's newschannel5 in Cleveland hi Steve oh do you recognize this street we are here on the block where you grew up for a very special ceremony and I'd like to kick it off by introducing his honor the mayor of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson I don't mr. Harvey how you doing yes sir how are you mayor I'm doing great I'm doing great I have for you today a proclamation and it's proclamation reads the first paragraph on behalf of the people of Cleveland I'm honored to offer this proclamation designating January 17 2015 is Steve Harvey Day in recognition of your 58th birthday and the ceremonial rededication of a portion of East 100 12th Street as Steve Harvey way in the city of Cleveland as you can see mr. Harvey we have a lot of people here including your family so I like to introduce Mona hi Steve happy birthday I know you're half crying but we're here because we love you loading all of us are here and if mom and dad was here dad would be sad do you know I'm his daddy and Mama would be just shaking her head so we love you Steve and you have a very happy birthday and more people want to talk to you we have councilman Kevin Kahn well on behalf of the entire Glenfield community in the tar blood of nations here we wish you a happy birthday I my wife here County Councilwoman your Viacom well and we're gonna introduce the mighty mighty mighty table brothers cheerleaders for you Steve yeah yeah come on gear to me Oh getting started here we go home oh I think you may remember them Ricardo prude who pledged Omega sci-fi with you way back in the day and also your other buddies mani and Biggie wag biggie wait whoa wait a minute wait a minute lady be coy ya know what true can you hear me Rick Ricardo proven your nieces I'm Ricardo prude I met him this day after I met booty P gratulations my dog boy we was roommates in college yeah hey Steve I can't think of a more deserving person to have the honor of the street we grew up on named after him we have been friends for a lifetime we grew up on this block we worked to graduated from Glenville high school together roommates at Kent State and we're brothers of Omega sci fi fraternity incorporated together you're an amazing person an amazing friend amazing brother and an amazing member of Omega sci-fi fraternity incorporated I have some brothers I want to join us and remember our motto friendship is essential to the whole soul and that's from the heart brother friendships essential to the soul thought the hooks broth oh great child got hold on ma'am man can she hear me ma'am but my brother up here is I'm right here my man you know it's kinda chilly out here and my wife just pulled my ear muffs also are you doing hey what's up man don't cuss I'm trying I'm trying me we go cause he don't cut I love you man I love you too bro you take care yourself man come on home and see us now hey doll hey they gonna name the clock out to me scrape Steve and now and now for the moment the moment we have all been waiting for I'm gonna go ahead and turn it over to Mayor Jackson now behind me is a sign and I want you to take a look at this sign as they pull the cord can you see this yeah I'm looking at it here we go all right mr. Harvey I want to read the last paragraph of the proclamation it says now therefore I Mayor Frank G Jackson the 56 mayor of the city of Cleveland do hereby offer this proclamation in recognition of the Steve Harvey date I invite all cleaners to join me in congratulating mr. Harvey on his success and commending him on his contribution to the city of Cleveland and the community one more time happy birthday to Steve Harvey that's the best I mean what are you thoughts about all of this I made my family man but you know what that look at that I learned everything I know about survival on that block right there with them dudes you look at that right there hey it's my Bob you

38 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Breaks Down After Seeing His Mama's House

  1. My second daughter of three girls is born on jan 17th 2017. She was born on your birthday. Love it!!!! ♡ happy birthday Steve Harvey. Your inspiration!

  2. Man these recommendations are killing me lately! Mr. Harvey keep on, keeping on! You're amazing and now it will be seen and recognized by all who pass your block!!

  3. Don't agree with everything this brother, but I respect the fact that as a man, he can cry about the people and the things he loves! Man, when I think of my mother, I bring it, too…

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