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[MECHANICAL WHIRRING] [MUSIC PLAYING] – All wings report in. – Red 10, standing by. – Red Seven, standing – Red Three, standing by. – Red Six, standing by. – Red Two, standing by. – Red Five, standing by. – [WHISTLING] – Lock S-foils in
attack position. – We’re passing through
the magnetic field. – Hold tight. – Switch your deflectors on. Double front. [WHOOSHING] [BLASTING] – Cover me, Porkins. – I’m right with you, Red Three. [BLASTING] I’ve got a problem here. – Eject. – I can hold it. [SQUEALING] – The Rebel base will be in
firing range in seven minutes. [BLASTING] – Luke, trust your feelings. – [WHINES] – Watch it. You’ve got one on your tail. [BLASTING] – [HOOTING] – I’m hit. – You’ve picked one up. Watch it. – I can’t see it. [BLASTING] – I’ll be right there. [BARK] – Watch your back. Fighters above you, coming in. – I’m hit, but not bad. – Hang on back there. – I’m on him, Luke.
– Hold on. – [BARK] [BLASTING] [EXPLOSION] [BARK] – Thanks, Wedge. – [MEOW] – We’re going in. We’re going in full throttle. – It’ll be just like
Beggars Canyon back home. [BLASTING] – R2, see if you
can lock it down. [BEEPS AND WHISTLES] [BLASTING] – I’m hit. I can’t stay with you. Sorry. – [MEOW]
– Hurry, Luke. They’re coming in much faster. – R2, try and
increase the power. – [BEEPS AND WHISTLES] – [MEOW] – Wait. – [MEOW] [EXPLOSION] [MEOW] – [PANTING] – Use the Force, Luke. – [MEOWING] – [PANTING] – [BEEPING] – [MEOW] – [SCREECHING] – I’ve lost R2. – [MEOWING] – Yoohoo! – Look out. – [SCREECHING] – You’re all clear, kid. – [BARK] [EXPLOSION] – Great shot, kid. That was one in a million. – Remember, the Force
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100 thoughts on “Star Wars Animals “The Trench Run” | The Star Wars Show

  1. The untrained Mary sue aka space Jesus will return to put the final nail in the sjw political fueled saga that crapped all over the originals by bashing all the men along the way to the ultimate evil man the miraculously resurrected Palpatine who she will defeat alone better than Luke and Anakin ever could. Set your sabers to flop and get your wallets ready!

  2. This makes complete sense. They hired a 12 year old to work at Lucas Films and this is his first project before working on future Disney Star Wars projects. Shows the extent of talent and creativity at the magic studios!

  3. As much as I love Vader as a cat, he probably should have been a black dog… The emperor on the other hand…. Should be that wrinkly hairless cat.

  4. star wars just one tv spot with the emperor pls
    and I am a very big fan thank you for all these amazing tears of great star wars movies

  5. …Uhhh…guys…why am I the only one that notices the legendary piece from the "Medal of Honor: Underground" soundtrack, "Panzer Blockade" that kicked in in the later half of the video? 😛 Like…uhhh…huuuuuh. Just…wow. XD That song came out of left field, awesomely so…but…uhhh…why "Panzer Blockade" from "Medal of Honor: Underground" for the PS1? LOL Still…Porkins as a pig. Yikes. X'D Good videos, guys. LOL

  6. That is unbelievable, poor bloody Porkins, always being ridiculed, first in the movie, then Family Guy, now this. #poorbloodyporkins.

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