Staffordshire Bull Terrier Facts

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  1. My neighbor has a Staffy. When I pass Nova barks a hello and I say hello back. She could be friendlier but she's not vicious.

  2. I have a boisterous lovely 3 year old staff who is frequently left alone in a room with all 3 of my children aged 9 8 and 6. Brilliant dog for kids, they have chased her round teased her took her toys and her food and she is still daft as a brush with them perfect dog for kids!!

  3. The Staffie is the most human loving breed you could imagine. That includes of children and babies. Love and companionship is their heaven. Ask any caring owner. They can be brutalised , but only by evil people.Great video by the way. So many variants of Staffie.

  4. I had a Irish apple head staffy pitbull bull terrier he was so loving and caring but if anyone shouted around me he had a mean streak a mile a cross he was so beautiful I miss him so much ??

  5. Mine reached the age of 18 years but could have lived longer.
    When i was put in jail [while innocent] my dog felt abandoned and refused to eat anymore.
    I still get tears in my eyes when i think of that.
    Although i always told everyone that i would never let my dog put to sleep i felt i had no choice but to do so because i was about to stay in jail for more then 1 year. [that's also the reason why i hate the justice department to the bone !]
    Anyhow, he had a great life with me and was always at my side.
    Everbody at the mall knew him [and me ofc] and there were even somedays when he just decided to go to the mall alone [sneaking out of the house] just to get a treat from the local shop owners. [who then called me to tell me where he was at]
    Also my dog was twice incarcerated because he was on the list of forbidden breeds.
    Due to many people signing papers for me i managed to win the lawsuit and the judge ordered the department of justice to return my dog.
    But they refused to do so and i had to ask the judge to use his special powers in order to force them to abide with his judgement.
    After two months of that judgement they finally returned him and i was utterly shocked at what i saw.
    When they took my dog his weight was about 40kg and he looked massive but when i got him back he was only 16kg and was treated with electro shocks. [a vet pointed that out to me]
    But the nightmare wasnt over.
    About three months later they took him away from again for the same reason as the first time.
    I had to go to the high court to force the department of justice to return the dog again and everything that happened the first time happened again.
    So, you now can imagine my hatred towards our justice system.

    Although my dog was severely traumatized i managed to get him back on track and restored his trust in humans. [this was a very hard thing to do because he was so scared of the police and anything that looked like it]

    I have to add that i officially never got the dog returned because i had to sign a paper that stated that the dog was the property of the department of justice and i had been given the job to watch over him.[this is really true !]

    And since my life doesn't matter anymore to me now i want to name the key figure in this barabarian plot to the public.
    His name is : Eduard [or Edward] van Wieringen – Brigade officer of the southern district of the netherlands.

    This man is an utter animal slayer !

  6. I’ve had Staffs all my life. They all adored my kids when they were babies and became very protective of the children through out there lives.
    All a Staffordshire needs is a good stable family environment and you’ll have the best friends you will ever know.

  7. Staffy’s are great dogs for children and families. In fact Staffy’s were bread with that specifically in mind.

  8. Mine has been around other animals since day one and left alone with them. The same goes for my dads my brothers and my grandma's. If you can't tell we are a staffie family. Mine was amazing the first time he met young children, my boy is massive runs in to everything and never slows down that is until he see's the little one's then its a slow tip toe walk until he has passed them then he is straight back up to 1000mph. He always has kisses for them and doesn't care what they do to him including trying to ride him and pull on his ears and tail. He didnt see his first kid until he was 2 either. It is instinct for them they dont need to be taught it.

  9. I have two and I would recommend this breed for any family young or old. When you see a 3yr old child rolling around in the grass with your 9 yr old staffy and the dog turns into a puppy again you know that you have a good dog and yes you have to firm with them as pups or they will rule the roost. Get one as a pup and enjoy

  10. I grew up with my staffy since I was born he would never leave me and love to play. He didn’t like any animal but when he was on walks he would be fine it was just when they were trespassing like if a cat was on a fence he would bark to warn them this was his house

    When my uncle got a border collie he brought him down at this time the collie was a baby he was 6 month old and they got along so well .

    But then he died he was going blind,deaf and had only three legs for the last 9 months of his life because he fell down the stairs and dislocated it and couldnt put it on the ground . HE WILL BE IN MY HEART FOREVER ?

  11. i think the estimated weight is out of date. my 2 staffies are a male 20kg and a female 16.5kg and i would consider the male below average and the female very small for staffies.

  12. Fantastic dogs
    They were not bread for blood sport
    They were used in the victorian days ….nanny dogs. Great video for thought thanks ?

  13. Really enjoyed the video till you made the remark about them not being suitable pets if u have babies are you joking there known as nanny dogs for a reason thats coz there great with kids and babies there really gentle and protective of all there family , they get really bad press and its totally undeserved you'll never find another dog so attentive caring and eager to please while being a protector dont let the look of the dog fool you there big softies

  14. Fyi staffys were known as nanny dogs and were used as babysitters for children so they are very caring to babies and children as its in their nature plus my male staffy is around 20kg and he's small for the breed being the runt of the litter

  15. My staffy was soft and gentle great with kittens and pups who she mothered and the grandchildren could do anything with her lost her to thoart cancer last year

  16. I watched my 30 lb female staffy cross a creek to go head to head with a giant dog who was minding his business in HIS backyard. Luckily he didn’t react. She had her two daughters with her and myself so she was protecting us I guess.

    Same dog used to jump the fence to go play in the creek, and before I knew she was gone, would pop back up at our front door. We live in the middle of the street..

    Ballsy and highly intelligent dogs. So much personality…

  17. Staffys are excellent around children they are one of only two breeds the Kennel club recommends to have with children the other being the bulldog

  18. They are completely harmless, with my staffie, if I put my hand in her mouth she will never close it so you don’t get bit

  19. 1. Are there brown or seal colored staffys?
    2. Which are the biggest, then next biggest, then smallest?:amstaff,pit,staffy
    3.i figure staffy is the smallest, but how do j tell the difference tween a pit and amstaff?

  20. staffys have one of the sweetest temperaments of all the breeds. even ones who have been used for agression are quick to give up those ways when not encouraged. their default mode is "sweet ".as for family , children , cats etc , they are fine with and reliably so if introduced correctly as you say and as long as they are part of the pack. outsiders normally require foresight and preparedness as staffys are very protective of their pack and here is where firm leadership is essential to avoid vet bills etc.

  21. I have a 2 year old cuzion and my stafie is a red male…..he and my cuzioun have grown together as we got my dig (Deeks) at age 8 weeks…he and my cuzioon have grown very well deeks is boysrious and all but not with my cuzion who deeks and cuz are both only 2 and 3 this year…me and my dog have strong bond…my mum and deeks have strong bonds… for the part about young children depends in the dog…cuz we got deeks only 1 week after cuz was bron xx

  22. understand the breed,,, keep it loved and exercised,,, limit the time its on its own or get it a friend,,,, can be a cat,,,and they can be socialized even when mature and set in their ways,,, get to know its character,,, if its alpha then be very very cautious with other dogs,,,, as they will attack yours,,,, talk to other owners about their experiences,,, get to know the body language and be prepared to muzzle,,, dogs will accept it if its associated with walkies,,,
    just a fantastic family pet and just a big lapdog really

  23. I have a 17 year old black SBT a 10 year old EBT and a 3year old blue SBT all four of my children have been infants around one of these dogs at one time or another never had a single problem they are wonderful dogs

  24. @ Swell Character. Errrrrrr No. I smell Bull(terrier)shit!
    Back in the 1700's dog fighting was illegal in England as it is today but nevertheless a very popular underground movement was active in working class towns and cities that existed mainly in the midlands. The dogs bred for fighting were known as "pit bulls".
    Fast forward to the 1930's and some admirers are trying to get the dog accepted by The Kennel club, so it was nearly called the Birmingham terrier but they settled on Staffordshire Bull Terrier. (both places in the midlands of England) I won't go into bull and terrier or EBT,
    Old English white terrier or coloured pit bulls, all the info is out there you just have to look.
    So the SBT was a dog bred for fighting other SBT's, not for fighting bulls or bears or wolves or anything else. Also the SBT is NOT from the APBT or any American Bulldog breed, in fact it predates the good (old) USA itself.
    I've had 3 of them (all passed now) and love the breed but I love most breeds.
    If some of the words phrases or spellings are unfamiliar to you it's because I'm ENGLISH and I'm typing in ENGLISH, (the grammar I have no excuse for) sorry for the confusion.

  25. My staffy is kind and gentle. Very intelligent and happy. They are known as a nanny dog for a very good reason. THEY ARE EXCELLENT DOGS TO BE AROUND CHILDREN!!! Your facts are wrong in that regard.

  26. "We wouldnt recommend this breed". I'll have you know. The stafford, is one of only 2 dogs officially recommended for families with children.

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