St. Pawtrick’s Day adoption event

there is quite a few pets over at the Corpus Christi animal care services that are hoping they’ll have some luck today finding a forever home that’s where sunrise reporter Jessica beretta joins us live with all the details good morning Jessica hey good morning Jessica and happy st. Patrick’s Day I’m here with Sarah Brown of the Corpus Christi Animal Care Services to talk to us a little bit about the st. Patrick’s Day adoption event that they have going on today Sarah tell us a little bit about it so today we’re doing a seventeen dollar special adoption fee in celebrants of Saint Patrick’s Day he’s gonna have a seventeen dollar adoption fee and that includes our spay neuter current vaccinations rabies and City license and you’re having a little bit of a giveaway that we want to tell our viewers are about can you tell us a little bit about what that is yeah so any person that does adopt gets a chance to try to pick the lucky coin out of the pot of gold if they do so then they get a chance to win one of our larger crate Thank You bundles for adopting if not then they still take home one of our Thank You adoption bags which has a whole bunch of good stuff for anyone that needs to have a dog alrighty and that seventeen dollar fee again what does that all come with so that’s gonna include the spay neuter current vaccinations rabies and City license all the stuff that you would need for your dog alrighty this is Jeff by the way he is one of the many dogs that they have available here and just in case um you don’t win the big kennel by the way if you do have an adoption today you will get one of these bags to take home in it they’ve got treats toys there’s also information everything you need to know about taking away or taking a pet home for you so if you don’t happen to win you’ll still get lucky you’ll still go home with something and you’ll be with a very new member of your family so Jessica I’ll go ahead and take it back to you in the studio

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