38 thoughts on “St Bernard loves kitten

  1. We do videos with our saint: Chuck! We have always talked about getting him a kitten or a little piggie! Great video! Much love from Canada!

  2. You also don't find too many aggressive Saint Bernards either. They're really friendly. Though either of mine could make even the most hungry Mountain Lion think twice before attacking.

  3. My Cats and my Saint Bernards are a year apart. Cats 7, Saints 8, and all love each other. I don't know what I'd do without my Cats or any of my Dogs, let alone my Saints.

  4. Everyone says “Great Danes are bigger than St Bernard's" but I have a St Bernard and my friend has a Great Dane and my dog, Lewis is bigger!

  5. Any dog could love all animals but it depends how the owner trains it when it is a puppy.I trained my Rottweiler to love all animals,I could even trust him with another animal being alone.

  6. We had a dog like this in our family.  My grandmother adopted a St Bernard who used to belong to a neighbor, when she already had several "barn cats," mostly kittens.  The Mama-cat was hostile at first, but the dog and the kittens never bothered each other.  Not even once.

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