Spring Pet SafetyTips

The warm spring weather is
just around the corner and that means pets and people
will be spending a lot more time outdoors. There are a
few tips you can follow to keep you and your pet
safe this spring season. In Fairfax County, all dogs
are required to be on a leash at all times unless
they are in a designated off leash area. In addition
dogs and puppies over the age of four months must be
rabies vaccinated and have a license. You can purchase
these licenses either by coming to the animal
shelter or going to the Government Center. When you
are out walking your dog this spring, make sure to
clean up all pet waste. When you clean it up take
it to a public trash can or take it home and dispose of
it in your own trash. Dog waste left on the ground is
not only unsightly but it also pollutes groundwater
can be harmful to wildlife. Most people know not to
leave their pets in cars on extremely hot days but many
people don’t think about warm spring days also being
dangerous for pets left in cars. Anytime the daytime
temperature is 70° or above, you shouldn’t leave
your pet in the car for any amount of time. On a cooler
spring day, you may need to leave your pet in the car
for a very short amount of time- park in the shade and
leave your windows cracked. As soon as daytime
temperatures rise above freezing flea and tick
season begins, visit your veterinarian to find the
appropriate flea and tick preventative for your pet.
In the spring many people like to let their cats go
outdoors and while there are no licensing laws and
cats are legally allowed to free roam, it’s not a good
idea to let your pet cat go outdoors. Animal control
officers frequently respond to calls of pet cats who
have been hit by cars or attacked by dogs or other
wildlife. In addition pet cats may prey on birds that
are feeding on the ground or at bird feeders, so it
is a good idea to keep your pet cat indoors. For more
information about keeping your pet safe and healthy
visit the animal shelter website at
www.FairfaxCounty.gov/anima l shelter

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