100 thoughts on “Spotting Potential Signs Of Cancer in Dogs and Cats

  1. My pug is almost 11 not fixed, she has had lumps on her breast for years, and for the past year her lumps have doubled/tripled and can hardly walk. So most likely cancer. 🙁 she is my first love. Idk how I'm going to deal with the pain. Right now she looks and acts healthy. Either way I'm scared 🙁 ALWAYS FIX YOUR DOGS, IF I KNOWN SHE WOULD BE LESS LIKELY TO GET THIS IF SHE WAS SPADED THEN I WOULD HAVE FIXED HER…SO PLEASE PEOPLE GET YOUR ANIMALS SPADE OR NEUTERED

  2. Damn I must have the worst luck. I lost both my cats to cancer literally in 2 months! One passed in February and the other passed literally 7 weeks later, both from cancer and one year before that my dog was diagnosed and passed away too ??

  3. my cats had stomach cancer for 3 years and is still bouncing around. hes 17. (hes not in pain dont attack me)

  4. We had a kitty, Ginger Rose aka Ro, one day she was wheezing terribly and you could tell she felt bad. She had fluid in her lungs due to cancer. She went to the rainbow bridge later that week.

    If you know your pet is acting different and they don’t feel right, trust your gut. Even if the vet blows off your concerns, as ours did. We since rescued another cat to love and nurture but we still miss you, Ro!

  5. Dogs get old at 10. If cancer/lump is not located in any sensitive organs then surgery is doable. If it is so in sensitive areas, you very likely can't do much, as the surgery can take a toll. From 9 or 10 onwards, watch for any signs of abnormality, check it thoroughly rather than not paying attention much, perhaps you catch it timely. Also a lot has to do with dog breed and genetics… hoping this helps.

  6. I lost my sweet cat, Emma last year to cancer. Shed had a checkup in October, and she appeared to be in good health. By Christmas, she was gone. She went from playing and leaping about one day, then the next, not wanting to jump on the bed. I had her at the vet's two days later, and she was seriously ill. I miss her terribly each day still.

  7. i lost my cat to cancer. he was 10 and I cried when he died (when we put him down bc of dizziness) and so did my dad. i miss you Leo ??

  8. ok people dont like comments as then people will see it in the youtube notifications and then remember about that sad memory. Let them remember and think about it when they want to

  9. What will i do when my dog had a sezuire last year also we cant get him into a vet becuse he wont listen and he will just run away wat do i do

  10. What about for a guinea pig? I had 2 in the past and found a lump on one and begged my mom to take her to a vet and she just said she didn’t want to pay for someone to say it was nothing. Then said she didn’t want to pay for treatment if it was cancer. I still don’t know if she had it but she passed away in August…

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  12. It's like they just want money lol they basically said even if there is a small symtoms just go anyways lol . When I go to the doctor they always just dismiss me and then I pushed and pushed and got a mri and then they found something wrong with me after paying so much money for nothing !

  13. I sooooo agree. I had a dog (cocker spaniel) who developed cancer she had a tumor on her gums on the right side of her mouth started going down her throat.

    She just chewed on the other side of her mouth. She still had her pseudo puppy like disposition even though she was 9 years old.

    I came home one day and she was gone. My mom took her to get her put down. She thought she would suffer. My mom said it was one of the worst thing she could do. She said she cried all the way back home.

  14. My cat died of cancer, which was discovered shortly after he was diagnosed with diabetes. When pets start to deteriorate, it goes fast. I watched him lose weight to one day not being able to walk. I miss you Tiger, but 12 & 1/2 healthy, happy years was more than I could ask for

  15. My puppy ​​has a very big hump on his leg, which just recently appeared and is getting bigger. I'm very worried?Can anybody help? Thank you very much?

  16. My favorite dog Libby died of cancer, she was the best dog. She was a golden retriever but she was really old. I'm not sure where it was but I remember taking her to the vet to put her down ❤??

  17. I have a lot of respect for vets, but this reminded me of an appointment years ago. The vet clapped behind my dog's back, and when she lazily looked behind her at him, he declared her deaf. Only that Missy was such a chill dog, she could hear him, she just didn't care. ?

  18. I have a 17 year old dog that has cancer now . they said just make her happy now theres not much more to be done. They ask if I wanted to put her down . Well no I dont

  19. I remember before my cat died I knew that he wasn’t looking so good. He started throwing up constantly and his fur became rough and his nose and paws were lighter than before. I asked if he could see a vet and my dad refused. It was too late when he was taken to the vet. After his visit at the vet he died.

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