SportDOG Brand® YardTrainer E-Collars

Hi, Josh Miller, Product Training Specialist
for SportDOG Brand. I’m here today to talk to you about the YT-100 Series. This is a
great product if you’re looking for something in the backyard or in the house for your dog.
What the YT-100 Series is going to give you is 100 yards of range, and three ways that
you can communicate with your dog: Tone, Vibration, and Static Correction. The YT-100 Series is
also completely waterproof using DryTEK™ Technology. It’s also completely rechargeable
with the ease of use USB charger. There’s a difference between the “S” version and the
non “S” version, which the “S” version stands for “Stubborn.” So if you have a dog that
needs a little more correction the “S” version is going to be for you. For more information
be sure to visit us at

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