Splinter Cell WON’T Make E3 2019, But Here’s More Watch Dogs

breakfast-table skin where would I begin this and they said you didn't just make that up yeah that's a very good banana based rock I'm gonna wrap this song anyway guys good morning it's Joseph what culture dot-com joined as never by Scott who is grumpy this morning – why why it's the game the wigs of those said stools filthy all understand we're talking about so this is our Morning News beside you banana munching format I'll stop eating but carry on and get all lips mucky yeah what this is the thing there has this obviously III is just around the corner we're gonna be doing a live stream for the entire thing Scott and I can be kicking things off with Microsoft but obviously one of the big players is Ubisoft and you know what they like to do when it gets to the week before they like to elite things well sorry we leaked things one of the big things they fleet is the fact that there is going to be a new what called watchdog legion yeah I mean it so this leaked a little while ago that there was gonna be a watchdog set in London and then this is a new leak was basically the product was listed on Amazon UK and then Jason Shire of Katanning Fame went on and said look this is all true this is what I can corroborate what are stars Legion is the newest watchdogs game certain London and the big thing the big big hook thing is that you can place any NPC you can recruit anybody and then control them and they have unique animations and voices and everything now that that is a huge gameplay mechanic if it's true we have to do it it's pretty amazing the only thing I can think that it's hard that's any think similar to that is do you remember back in the day when is it battlefield used to have an ability where you could switch behind love even being in between troops I imagine it'll be that were like driver when you could like drop a line between close yes or maybe there'll be a slight mechanic but to have a video game that's basically expressly telling you that it's not going to have a main central character or if there is that he's gonna have some sort of weird telekinetic abilities or tell me tell me then how obviously they recruit them what do you know you tell acutely said it said you can play as the exact quote on the thing was you complain as an NPC here you just take control of them like MLG how do you just take control of somebody without telekinetic powers no no I'm not even the woman here if you if a game just comes up to you and says like this is a super serious game about criminals and hacking things you can also control anyone yeah how are you controlling you've controlled multiple characters in a video game before and they weren't telekinetically linked no but you when it says play as implies a sense of agency as in like every move I make he is also doing the same move are you saying that's gonna be like an RTS game and yeah I'm saying that you play as a main dude I mean look how everything got like as anyone every individual you meet in the open world has a full set of animations voiceover character traits and visuals that are generated and guided by gameplay systems that doesn't mean that they're all linked but the Tecna Ted the title was you can play as yeah I feel like texture is like completely misled me now no he's not look I don't know what I do know what you've got this foam this isn't psyops manga a conspiracy a real shame I wish yours know about it well that's pretty much all we've got to be honest but I think we are making care video game comparisons and the old the portable Metal Gear well he was on portable ops and in peace walker and you know you hide a whole bunch of dudes and you could control them and core missions but you had like a limit I'd like a more limited loadout and whatever but you did just play as them you weren't telekinetic so that's a shame I mean I'd have liked to sort of like body-swapping thing where you can mission it because it would have made it into a potential like multiplayer system really could have done you know how Assassin's Creed has that hide in the crowd players and NPC something and then you assassinate somebody imagine that but just on a city scale yeah I mean it sort of basically and the other thing that tries I threw in here was the there partly the game engine to get their head around everything apart it was a massive headache and it's that's what originally caused watchdogs tree to be delayed and but apparently it's eventually gonna be revealed at e3 and it's gonna be called watchdogs Legion set in London whatever the thing is though it's still not spin the cell yeah this is why they just do split the cell this is the reason why we're making this video it's not the fact this is it's huge thing and we could if they talked about definitely the pros and cons of doing this but it is another nail in the coffin for an already established franchise and splinter cell's do you want them to make that yeah so the reason that it ties to Splinter Cell is that in the same thread where Jason Troy was being asked about the watchdog 3 announcement someone said well what about spin the cell and his reply was I think any Splinter Cell fans are in for a disappointment and it's like I mean that sucks doesn't it at this stage I mean we cover you through every year and I lost track of how many years up and covering you through now but every single time I mean the last month or so was 2013 so it's at least six years but the annoying thing was is that they've also teased the fact the Splinter Cell might be making it so by having Michael Ironside come back and do the voice of Sam Fisher wildlands when they did that DLC thing and even like almost looks down the camera lens and says like that other guy he didn't do so well together and an ass snake he's inferring that the smell the smell the stealth genre is on its last legs and that he was one of the old few guards so why not go out with a bang game you've got Michael and side in the wildlands deal so yeah you've got a leaked set of goggles that partly came as a pre-order bonus on game stock that were then taken down and you've got the the creative leads behind the division and I figure there's like two or three leads on Twitter then we'll all on and my out to go yeah and then they said that oh it doesn't mean anything yeah all working together well just a joke do you what just do one I feel like that is a particularly mean-spirited one because it's kind of like it's almost like valve just going up and walking around doing that all the time three three three everywhere like I just can't father it I saw it this morning I was looking into all the different sales figures and like watchdogs to you initially I had a really quite a full launch it's all I think was like a half of the original game and then you look at the history of Splinter Cell and I didn't realize that the original trilogy like you know the first one Pandora tomorrow and chaos theory actually um sequentially went down in sales chaos theory was actually one of the worst selling yes then well as it pivoted into like actually an internet cell convention in blackness and double agent they were then went back up again so blacklist was actually one of the best-selling ones overall even though the fans we didn't like it because it didn't have my client side it'll always jump in that game I think it's the best one next to scare chaos theory but maybe they're just looking at the old maybe that maybe spent the sell isn't as valuable as we think it is which is even more going well this is this goes onto a larger subject of when people sign up why didn't such-and-such get a sequel why didn't do this it's like you can have a game that is critically so well received but if it doesn't sell well at the end of the day if it doesn't make the ridiculous targets that developers set then that is unfortunately gonna be one of them is true I still just think though why they doing Beyond Good and Evil 2 if all this well beyond you know but you know Beyond Good and Evil 2 is one of those things where it's become less so now cashing in on its IP it's actually worth more the longer they left it if we do the split the self boggle noise that's pretty iconic yeah true but then again there's a reason why they didn't kick out Psychonauts to straight away well yeah but even that was spelled kick-started and that was double flying and yeah like different I just think if you're could be that big you have to let things just state in order to come I know I know I'm with you I this is like me talking to you as an ubisoft rep but this is the yeah and I feel like as a newbie stuff that I can't do anything about like it's even if they did you know what are also way of the pros and cons of it like if you are going to do it you can bring back Michael Ironside if you up yeah fair enough okay that's that's gonna come with like costs he's gonna know that you're gonna be coming for me that's gonna be weighted costing this can be the development cost more this one that yeah it's like it is incredibly difficult to restart a franchise at this stage I think they might have to reboot it like a completely wouldn't the other wasn't the first Beyond Good and Evil older than buckless time sure that was like yeah yeah yeah yeah back to that the thing that my thing with spin the cell is that I can give a perfect way to do it because you've already proven that they can they do realistic stage and it's this big platform and it's extremely intense gameplay if you played siege it's one of the best tax our first-person shooters on the market like that whole mentality would easily copy across all be molded onto the spies vs mercs thing which are entirely what they pioneered across the 2007 and he doesn't even need to be asynchronous because you know you give the spies a whole bunch of abilities in the mix over in one chip abilities spies in third person mix in first person and that's your platform that's the thing that you just do another Rainbow six siege with and then you give us a campaign alongside feature in my client started teaching somewhere else to be unusable to sell like like like the film Zorro mask of zorro bet like with stealth sure or just just heiress what boy what would you think of that lot I'm nauseous all right I had a Clariant and you been talking about Zorro versus Jango it was apparently the parents a comic book series that happened at one point yeah I mean it's got nothing to do it but then again it about as much as Ubisoft plans have to do is for this lissa so we just have to learn that we're going to be getting something watchdogs Legion let's get hyped about that let's let's talk about how that could be yeah come on man get a laptop and some drums again and now that watchdogs to to be honest it's alright I think mechanically was a better game than the first god they're in there convicted they're they're so different they might be on a different plane of existence much more fun than watch dogs watch dogs took itself way too seriously and where this is a terrible car and everyone everyone started oh I think they've gone a bit too silly with watch other states do not realize the sort of stuff you would do in and watch dogs might be weird the cool stuff into is that they finally gave you just a tool kit and it was a here's your laptop here's you draw and here's like this like we had ball sock weapon thing you've got and you can just kind of play around with it like if it's example kind of thing and I think I've talked about this before but I love the idea that when you realize that you can complete missions remotely you can just sit your car outside like an outpost and just send in your little army of drones to go do stuff and take control of cameras and which makes me think what the sort of gameplay is going to be in Legion like I mean if you can recruit all of these people to do all these things are you going to be in a massive open world where there's gonna be other players trying to do the same thing if so are you trying to be a captured territories is it going to be cold kind of like a small battle sequence is it going to be like what's the game the division there with more NPCs that are your guys we really lose that like like dynasty Warriors they like lose and you push back I don't know if you know that would be tough love they're like one design template that's things we've been talking about this a lot so this takes so many boxes because it is cityscape which they've done well before it is like large open urban warfare which they've done many many times before like the earth multiplayer they've already proved with watchdogs 1 and 2 that they can get their tech stuff working and they can do online capabilities pretty well because of wildlands and my teaming up with that so out of all of these you start going into the singularity of them making one game they just cherry-pick the best bits from all their other games that if they have a mountain in there it'll probably have the snow physics from Steam no I mean they'll just like put it all together in one perfect game just it's just the ooby game it's then yeah this yeah I mean maybe if you can do the thing that I keep thinking of is that they keep to me up to my surprise though it was a real sure the goggles were in watchdogs to know just for a second there I was like I can just play watchdogs like a stealth game can you watch this way you get the costume and the goggles and watchdogs to didn't wasn't that also references in watchdogs 1 and 2 for Splinter Cell with like you think use you could scan people and learn their identity and works like fifth freedom ops I like is like what are you doing to us it becomes less of a tease it's more like like this is what it's like oh this is nice and then it becomes this and then it's like so I mean if you're gonna do that then that's fine but in truck knowledge what the hell's going on it was just a random thing poking me every now and then I need to follow up but we will deliver all of the news as it develops because obviously three is just around the corner we are like I say gonna be doing live stream Scott and I are gonna be kicking stuff off a microphone yes so Sunday 9:00 p.m. UK time we're gonna be here in our little jammies and we're gonna sit there a book Coco I will be doing that definitely because I'll be hungover because it's a I'm going out the night before okay good I'm not being jammy so I'll just be I'll just be well you it wouldn't make no sense for you to be in jammies because the fact that you're actually staying through and doing Bethesda straight arm and your cannon problem not even gonna be going home there's Ubisoft after that which I'd signed up for the girls but so you're gonna be watching watch dog about eight hours worth of stuff so you get see Scott's training for effectively every visit six to eight hours it'll be this reaction I mean Microsoft's gonna be good i dog just it's a whole thing but just things just I just don't I come on father me and I'm gonna keep going on about it but I can't I don't want the Padano especially not you open on earth I I'm good they wrote yep it routine start it anyway guys thank you very much for watching come and join us at the end of the week for some more II threw stuff where hopefully if watchdogs season gets any more details we will be able to share you them with you right and you can go me and retro J with zero over on twitter and you can follow me at at /lp Luke 9 until then viewers to remember you have been awesome Joshua potassium gonna put it in your ass

33 thoughts on “Splinter Cell WON’T Make E3 2019, But Here’s More Watch Dogs

  1. I wish Ubisoft would just come out and retire Splinter Cell rather then keep stringing people along. Also I guess its just a big joke at Ubisoft now.

  2. ubi fans: “give us what we want! Give us a new splinter cell! It’s been years!

    Ubisoft: “no, no I don’t think I will.”

  3. The way I see it we will be taking control because we are not a main character we are not a side character but we are the legion we will be everyone and no one

  4. Tf? Fucking watch dogs? I will definitely pass on Ubisofts presentation if there’s not a new Splinter Cell

  5. I love the Watch Dogs games but I really want another Splinter Cell game soon. Sam Fisher deserves another game

  6. I’m not excited about this new NPC mechanic I just want a main character please bring Aiden and Marcus back and WRENCH

  7. LET IT DIE!! You are the reason they kill our classic games and can’t come out with new titles.. fallout 76, mass Effect Andromeda, and many assassin creed games should be enough evidence.

  8. I bet this new Watch Dogs is still going to end up average. That’s how Ubisoft are these days. Masters of the average game. GIVE US SPLINTER CELL.

  9. Watchdog suuuccckkkkssssss. Why do they keep making this garbage…. oh because dumb people keep fucking buying it….

  10. This week a bunch of dif youtubers are eating bananas in videos… wtf am I missing this week lol

  11. Bro that's an Amazing Idea Please Please Take The Idea Of Splinter cell Rainbow Style To Ubie that sounds fucking amazing

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