Spin POP Surprise LOL Doll Series 3 Confetti Blind Bag Ball + Pets Toy Video

cookies were brand new for series 3 this one has 9 surprise layers inside of this blind bag ball we've got her too lol pets that she lives with too in this house we're also gonna find out which pets are hiding inside of these blind bag balls ok let's open them up right now so unzip the first layer so here we have a secret code music bunny musical rabbit Oh music to my ears here we have the little pet sticker so we can find out what their surprises open up the next layer rocker both the puppy starting to explore the home we have some surprise blind bags for her so let's open this up and here we have oh we have a little scooper and oh a little dark bowl put that in the kitchen for her and here we have okay I don't think this puppy should be left alone unattended in the house let's open up the litter box and at least get this set up into the house here we go so we can open this up there we go oh look at the green sand we can set that right there and we don't want the doggy to be alone in the house so let's open up the owner this little girl that's inside of this ball so these are so cool because now they have 9 surprise layers and these are even cooler because now we're going to spin and then pop the doll out of the ball cheering confetti pop what so here we have our secret code is that fruit bomb Oh cherry bomb open the next layer yep so here we have our stickers oh look at that there's an extra surprise that the dog can do wonder what that mystery one can be open this up and here we have a little ring tattoo now we can see exactly how we can open up this surprise lol ball so we can take this layer off look what if dupe do here we can peel off the sticker alright as you can see it says so now we are going to spin to open up all the different surprise layers alright let's open up our first blind bag surprise can open it up here's the first blind bag whoa get in here we have some gold sunglasses here we go spin me spin me spin me so spin the ball around up in the next surprise what this one we have Oh cute little outfits me spin me spin me and open here we go oh cool and we found the ribbon so this is very important to pop the doll out of the ball open this up and inside of here we have a pair of boots here we go spin spin spin spin well can't open okay that looks like that is the last surprise blind bag there's nothing else in here look just spin it spin it spin it it's completely empty open it up here we have her bottle so here we go now I'm it'll hold it upside down like that and pull the string and the doll will pop out one two three so it looks like we found foxy wait a minute where is she oh she's back in the surprise ball alright let's pop it to have her come on out one two three oh she looks so so so cute so here she is hanging out in her house oh there's our puppy dog oh the puppies digging in the sand oh I think we have a surprise in here so we have to take our scooper dig out the surprise let's see scoop out some of this sand hmm scoop yeah keep on scooping is there anything in here what is the surprise oh here we go I found something wait a minute what is it what is it what is it oh we have a little collar perfect we can put the little collar on her good puppy here puppy all right let's get the puppy some more drink she's gonna take a sip from her cup all right so what's her surprise what is it what is it what is it let's give her a squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze oh oh oh my foxy we have another pet to meet we're gonna open up the pet in this surprise ball let's unzip hmmm what could this be sparkling pointing Friday the 13th Oh flashback Friday here are our stickers in here right which pet are we gonna find open it up open the ball and which pet is it this one we have beautiful blue hair that's like the most prettiest blue ever okay what other surprises do we have for her we have a little sippy bottle dwink puppy drink have her take a sip the water tastes yummy oh she's gonna go get some food what else do we have another surprise oh here we have our scooper it's that same beautiful blue color we don't here we go here we go open this up Oh Lu that beautiful blue color sand wait a minute wait a minute we have to get up to surprise so we have a surprise hidden inside let's scoop keep on scooping out we see anything oh here we go here it is right here I'll choose a little tiara there we go so she can wear a little tiara on her head oh man it kind of changed time oh right now we get to see who color changes so now I have some warm water and some ice water oh here comes the first puppy oh she's jumping okay Amy color change no I don't see any color change okay have her jump into the cold water anything oh okay no I don't think she's a color changer all right had the princess pop pop on in okay she color-changing I don't see anything okay now it's time to jump into the cold water what more they're both splashing around any color change nope no color change all right let's have her hop in so she's going into the cold water let's see does she color change anywhere color change color change no what about her outfit outfit color change no now we'll dump her back into the warm water no color change oh they're going to the backyard to play I hope to see you in my next video for more fun see their baggy pants cuddy fans the puppies were having so much fun in the house I didn't even notice that there was a petkins hanging out in the background but which one was it petkins one two three or four by cookie fans

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