Spider Kitten UnBoxing! Foster Litter #33 ~ New Kittens Playing

you want some dinner using baby Oh baby go boom okay yes you're fine what are you doing you little spaz you see her she's just like can you clean their box when you put it back on the habitat please thank you oh look at that tail the little tuxedo all four tails all boost up are you being a spaz baby girl now on the boy the two black ones are girls to have these are boys oh hi he's the time to trim your nails mmm don't look at that I didn't know that was still on I see hearts all right your eyeballs are a little bit goofy its eyes are a little goopy all you like what doesn't still say thanks to your brother / actually he's not your brother is he I told you these guys all came into Singleton's no once you want to name a nuzzle and blockhead I don't really want to name him block either no we need serious names foster mommy means business you know get dose of fire rest – or so are you poor baby will you grab me a wipe there's some up there on top of that cabinet I mean how are you are you my parrot are you my carrot yeah pretty babies where are you going oh you gonna play in my hair Tifa likes to play in my hair – oh thank you you're gonna groom me you gonna clean me up find out how this one yells to be let out of the habitat all the time see your face that's better now forgive me for ruining your little life hmm I wiped its eyes I've ruined his life hi sorry I'm sorry but your eyes will feel better you one down don't want out I'm gonna go down the bridge go down the bridge instead all right

2 thoughts on “Spider Kitten UnBoxing! Foster Litter #33 ~ New Kittens Playing

  1. I know you originated that phrase, I have followed both you and kitten lady for a long time! But remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it truly is the cutest expression! You both are doing great work, that's what counts.

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