Sphynx kitten doesn’t want to leave Pet Smart

Alright guys, so we just took this little monkey to PetSmart it was so much fun. It was a blast Every single person just fell in love with her Actually one woman suggested we make her a youtube channel So if you know how to make a YouTube channel and could let us know in the comments below That would be great But anyway, we gave her a bath first before we took her because we didn’t want her to have stinky bum. Yeah no stinky bums allowed, and she had a great time. She’s purring now You can tell that she’s pooped because she is physically pooped she was not doing this about two hours No home where she was exploring Everything was so cool. The cat trees was a big thing, a huge hit it’s like a jungle tip. So she’s like Not so much the ball python. The python was not her thing. The guinea pig kind of eh whatever. It was like the cutest thing it was like her cousin or something Alright so keep watching we’re gonna give her a bath and take her to Pet Smart and you’re gonna join along for the ride Alright This is the best part See so fascinated with the water Not anymore. I Know baby, it’s okay. It’s okay little girl, yeah good girl little Rue. So I can feel her heart rate increase she’s going to be very loud So, I don’t know how much of the audio I’m actually gonna get to use from this but Let’s work on washing this little bum. All right, so we are at Petsmart, are you ready for this? are you ready for this? Yeah, there she is wearing her awesome new Sweater that Maeva just hand sewed all the trims on so that it hopefully doesn’t fall apart So let’s take her inside and see if people think she’s cute. I don’t I don’t think she’s cute I don’t think they’re gonna love her.. I think they are going to love her. Okay fine let’s find out Okay. All right. Let’s see if she will do the doors to PetSmart It’s too scary, you think so? What are you doing girl? What are you doing girl? Alright guys, thanks for watching and remember to comment like subscribe Let us know if there’s anything you want to see and if you happen if you like her sweater Give us a thumbs up in the comments All right. Thanks guys bye

3 thoughts on “Sphynx kitten doesn’t want to leave Pet Smart

  1. New sub, on here and IG…… I love you guys and how much you love your Rue… My baby comes after may 10th. Please keep blessing me with your content xxx

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