Special Report – National Security Guard (NSG): Making of Black Cats

this is national security guards the country's premier counter terrorist organization they are the very best and the last line of defense against terrorists in India we are at monitor the energies training center in this episode a special report we take a rare and exclusive closer look into the making of an energy commando also known as the Black Cats in the model date battlefield scenario terrorist is India's number one oficer and this terrorist is a power terrorists will attack innocence anywhere and everywhere India's growing economic might has made our immediate neighborhood uneasy and there is a direct parallel between them and terrorism despite best efforts by India's political elite to normalize relations with our neighbors cross-border terrorism and unabated gun running continues till today this brings in the national security guards into the picture a weapon force created specially to engage terrorists head-on and neutralize it killing me while protecting unarmed civilians terror has its characteristics they've been the target of terror is an innocent civilian sometimes it might be a political person or a person in power but he's a non combatant Army's deal with combatants here we are trying to prevent an attack on a non-combat terror also tries to perpetrate fear and panic amongst the public at large and we have to prevent that to begin with first thing first the national security guards was created soon after internal turmoil in the country leading up to a sensation of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 a seeker das at medium patent quad Ivar de Pompadour ji ki Fateh stays many were nabbed our movie Kusum a masseuse key area in attack value rebeccablack are negative or in caveman swappable addresses not a maternity me for this key suit exactly it be says to the chapel when i amateur or who seasame lfg Gigaton cafes lakiya yada the speed at which it was created B speaks volumes about determination of her lawmakers speed width secrecy was the by word and the combination still continues today in the present day setup of the national security guards to see firsthand the making of a NSG commandos with a very exclusive view from the Kota guards grantee Sabha television was given an extremely rare permission by the command of India to record and playback shots at the training center that have never been filmed before garrison stop NS G's manager training center in Haryana membership in NSG is tough very tough only a select few can enter it after their names are forwarded by the best battered group formations in army and central armed police forces across the country and once inside this sprawling garrison that manager in Haryana which is just about 50 kilometres outside New Delhi the combat is in the air literally all over the place at the NSG training center a commando is trained how to neutralize enemy with a single bullet is trained to hit targets with eyes blindfolded or in zero visibility situations and is also trained to shoot in total darkness recently NSG had inducted women commandos do not go by their looks they may be killing but these women black hats are as good a killing machine as their male counterparts are without weapons they're unarmed combat skills are simply lethal women are certainly in their own ways they have got this some skill that men don't have and we would like to make sure that we can get those skills that would increase our capabilities as you know the mouse for example have used women very very very effectively in their action groups so there's no reason why women with the proper training cannot do as well as men modern weaponry is such that you don't need physical strength women are agile and I'm sure that in in time they will walk shoulder-to-shoulder with men their psyche home jaunty hey the enemy still fit male commandos hain aur hum female commandos is a nice you may occur me hey Luca Natasha hey King male commandos a female commandos the heavy company head but first thing first for an energy commander the day begins in right earnest very early in the day in fact much before the sunrise physical fitness is topped in the list normal-looking physical exercises at the garrison NSG are tough very tough each trainee commando is supposed to maintain top physical fitness his physical endurance is like just top class a clean tennis player football player or squash player all rolled into one unit many army units across the nation have send their physical trainers to Manisa and are reported to have incorporated tips and training regimen tailored for their units national security guards is known for two world famous exclusively specialized training schedules first being battle assault obstacle course and the second one known more by its abbreviations CTC see that is counter-terrorist conditioning course Bronte's Omaha television crew was given permission to record a rare glimpse of the CTC see where each and every commando had to go through a conditioning process to see what was happening also required a strong-willed person each commando had to literally walk on the fire crawl under a hail of life fire double burn and rapid fire so fierce that if any commander makes even a small mistake it's bye-bye this is a counterterrorism conditioning course here at energy we train our commandos to be specialists in counterterrorism keeping the same in mind we especially devise a cop cycle course which is specifically for the counterterrorism our trainees and commandos are trained on this obstacle course with the aim to achieve confidence fire accurately with speed and agility recently NSG acquired a new and very exclusive firing simulator in simple terms this setup is used to sharpen firing skills of blackcats by computers and television screens simulating real threat conditions we were told these machines are only handful in the country and NSG being a special force this interactive firearms training simulator better known as what's acronym the eye facts has raised the level of sharpness in shooting of black cats this is an interactive training simulator here we train all the trainees to shop their shooting skills here a trainee undergoes so many various practices which we generally practices in the ground like bus intervention room intervention moving targets snap shooting etc the best part of my friends is after the practices we show a result to our trainee so that the improvement part can be taken care of among NSG is work order they are mandated to provide security cover to high-value VIP targets and driving skills of NSG commandos are put to severe test when adversary's block robes laden with bombs this is the driving track on which we are conducting the driving skill course for various drivers coming from the paramilitary and the central and police forces as well as the energy personnel on this track we teach various maneuvers and driving evasive skills and which driver can face various difficult situations and ensure the safety of the vehicle as well as he passengers and make it make a quick and a speedy recovery from any contingency arising how to drive a VIP to safety through car bombs or highly inflammable and lethal landmines specially filled up with petroleum jelly energy command or know best how to get out of such situations safely and soundly these specialized driving skills taught at the Energy Center are very unique the tasks of instructors at Energy Center is to sport the right talent among black cats and get the best driving skills out of them we take a short break and when we come back we take a closer look at the energies rare and exclusive for the first time ever the phantom commando unit of the NSD [Applause] welcome back with a special report on NST NSG has raised the bar of excellence they have created a new specimen of commando category the Phantom category the NS G's phantom commando to the outside world for the first time and only on Raja Sabha television the phantom commando the phantom the worst who walks when a recruit signs in for this special elite forced the national security guards he has signed in for just one set of words ready to die to keep his country safe from terrorists and in doing so only the toughest can take the pole position here comes the creation of a very exclusive and hitherto unknown regiment of black cats known as the phantom commandos these phantom commandos are the best of the best of the very best and only very few of graduating black cats can achieve this status of phantom commandos we assess them on a 7-point grading scale starting with phantom not more than 1% of the sample is able to achieve a phantoms you have a phantom category yes the rest of the very very start the best of the best 1% of a sample is normally that one person just 1% we got him correctly only 1% of the total force in NSG can achieve phantom status and once any black cat achieves such hallowed status he is simply removed from NSG straining center at Manisa and taken to some classified ultra secret location for a new kind of training regimen till Raja's of our television crew was given this exclusive news and no one in the outside world had known the existence of anything like a phantom commando unit of the NSG as the mystic name suggests the phantom the ghost who walks is literally translated into the best of the combat skills both armed and unarmed have a look at the unarmed combat skills it is said that these skills have been sourced from many fighting techniques from some secretive societies of the Far East whatever we could record in playback was only a Declassified version we tried to speak to one such phantom commando but was denied access unarmed combat forms an important part of training of an amine energy commander the skills have been designed keeping in mind that a car mondo will not be able to use his weapon effectively in every operational situation but will have to rely upon his hands and legs to overcome the enemy national security guards is also known for one of its kind the National bomb data center this place is so exclusive and so unique that it has never been filmed of photographed ever before today the terrorists are targeting the public mind that is why you have attacks in major cities against national icons you have had attacks on religious places and the preferred weapon of the terrorists today is the improvised explosive device on of course of Medina attacks as we have seen the deadly IEDs yes we did the ideas now that is where the role of the NHD comes in we have a National bomb data center which is unique in the sense that it builds up a record of the methods used by terrorists different explosives that they have and almost a signature of that different terrorist groups have this we try to impart to the states we try to build up the the capability that the states have so they can respond it to a respond to it and we can come in to support if require data center is very unique it's using more than one other things there is no other Center like this over there is not a center like this it is the only facility of its kind these officers are masters of techniques used in different kinds of bombs and explosives that terrorists world-over used to kill innocents and unarmed civilians it is this specialized knowledge that keeps them several steps ahead of terrorists a short visit to this exclusive zone these smart officials had one word of caution kindly keep a sharp eye on the following objects and the alert take for example this toy bicycle of small children bomb is triggered as soon as a small child sits on it or even bomb that was used in Boston Marathon can't believe it was a pressure cooker bomb this looks like a normal pressure cooker but it has been similarly modified by placing an explosive inside this depicts that the construction of the ID which was used during the Boston Marathon twinblast infadoos in which placed explosive helped me build a similar and the containment to this particular explosive has been given by this pressure cooker this roof ID was placed in the finish line of the Boston Marathon which Claus a lot of destruction in which many people lost the light and a several worth injured take this deadly technique that was used by catters of left-wing extremists this was horrific they had planted bombs inside bodies of policemen that they had killed this particular mannequins is the depiction of a recent very shocking incident which took place in the lot a hard forest in districts branchy of charcoal in this particular incident twelve crpf personnel were ambushed by an ox light carnage in the next day when the bodies were being recovered four people died during the recovery of the body this was because bodies of the dead soldiers this way the bodies had been booby-trapped this particular mannequin has been fitted with a similar kind of a mechanism on which disturbing the body which calls an explosion now we will be disturbing the body and take your attention to the area red flag where the effect of the explosion will be witnessed and the nastiest of all the techniques that covered terrorists use triggering deadly plastic explosives connected to a cell phone I will now be dialing the number associated with the device in the area and flag you can observe the effect of the explosion looking like some specimens of some species in a biology lab these jars actually contain original fragments of bombs that have been used by terrorists the task of national bomb data center is to decipher its DNA both of the raw material and the maker of the bomber terrorists Darwin Krishna episode essential worker not a problem technically to the food absent check Romania mechana by DT chimera daisuke-san or Mahatma McConaughey's paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya CA duskrtam anita producing dosa general interior chatter man or the strata someone mastered the methodology irresistible new energy a word we say structural team the Sifu began underwater Mohammed he you I say Adam when he talked in front of saloon now Scarman or satis argue if they escape Crudup Susan's Krypton or Satya Nadella kraang will go surah chapter damn this trident of Lord Shiva with wings of beasts sits majestically at the right place in the right hands and ultimate destroyer and destructor of evil the hallowed Sudarshan chakra reminds every day without malice to learn and on that once it is unleashed in form of energies black head commandos it will come back only after Oh bleep searching the latest enemy of the nation the terrorists in the end only one thing could be said about NST this unique counter-terrorist force having the right mix of military and paramilitary inputs continuous it's much to counter terrorists and the enemies of the nation and if the Magnificent reply for all times to come with my cameraman believes this mantra and in this relation this is Vinny snitching or the special report on NSE [Applause] my bad

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