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When I first saw a picture of Mr. Crowley, I thought, “What a cute little dude.” His tongue was out, he was all happy. I thought, “This could be the one.” We were not looking for a perfect dog. We were not looking for anybody’s first pick. We were looking for maybe the one
that had been overlooked. I knew nothing about senior chihuahuas. But there was an overwhelming number
of senior chihuahuas, specifically, near us. The benefit of adopting a senior dog, to me,
seemed like they were more established in who they were as a dog. -We got a call over at the Westchester SPCA,
in New York. And they said, “Well, come see him.” You know, “Nobody’s inquired about him, and he’s been here for a few months.” And I thought, “I think this
is such a great match for us.” And so when we saw him, we just melted.
We just melted. Crowley had a few health issues
when we met him. -He has a collapsed trachea. His teeth were all rotted, so they had to get pulled out, all but two. And he has a luxating patella, which is something that older dogs get. It’s just a knee problem that he has.
But he’s not in any sort of pain. -But that did not deter us from adopting him. -My thought was, if we’re gonna get a senior, we’re getting a senior all-in. -After a few months, he started opening up
a little bit more. Started being more personable. More funny. He communicates with us
when he needs to go outside. And when he needs to eat. He’s quite clear about it. -He rolls around on his back and starts snorting, and putting his little paws up in the air. And that’s his way of telling us,
“Hey, I want something.” There are three basic spots that he enjoys. Being in bed, under the covers, curled up
in a little ball or digging. Sitting on the couch, under a pile of blankets. Or he just enjoys wherever we’re sitting, sitting on our lap, just like this. This is like, his thing. He loves to watch me or V.J. We call it Mom-TV or Dad-TV. He will just watch. -Occasionally, he will enjoy going outside
in the yard for 20 seconds, and then that’s it.
That’s like, the extent of it on that. I do recreationally play in a ’70s and ’80s cover band. And Mr. Crowley, the song by Ozzie Osbourne, is one of the songs that we cover. -As soon as I heard him snorting, and I saw his tongue hanging out,
and he was wobbling, I– the name just popped into my head.
Mr. Crowley. And it just stuck. Crowley loves music. My husband is a music professor. So music is part of our daily lives. -And he’s quite okay with that. When I will be trying to play guitar,
and he wants to crawl up on my lap. And then it’s — that’s kind of
a funny thing to see. -Today, we’re here celebrating
Crowley’s 11th birthday on Halloween. We are having
a rock and roll birthday party for him today.
Raquel’s gonna be putting some different types of
rock and roll things up. -We are going to put him in
a Batman costume today. He loves it. My family’s gonna be joining. Some of our good friends
are gonna be joining us and celebrating with him. They come here much more often now,
to see him. And I’d like to believe that it’s ’cause
they want to see me. But I don’t think so. I think he’s really gonna enjoy having everybody snuggle him,
and pet him and feed him. Crowley means the world to me. Part of the family.
My grandkid. [LAUGHTER] They’ve been doing so much for this dog. They really changed his life around. -Happy birthday to you. [SINGING]
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Mr. Crowley,
Happy birthday to you. -Keeping with the rock and roll theme,
we’re making him a Meatloaf cake. -Mashed potatoes for icing,
with some peas around for decoration. So we’re really excited to see him
kind of dig into that. Happy birthday, buddy!
Happy birthday! -There’s a certain stigma,
that if you get a senior dog, that you’re getting sort of a broken,
used dog. But that’s not true. They’re just as fulfilling as any other dog, and maybe even more so, ’cause their perspective
is a little bit different. -I think we weren’t sure what to expect
when we got him. We weren’t sure if loving him meant f
or three months, if loving him meant for three years. And the more we get to know him,
the more we get to see his personality, we just love him so much more
than we thought. My birthday wish for Crowley, he just continues to be as happy and healthy for as long as possible.

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  1. That's so sweet and cool it reminds me of my old dog Tiffany I had got at 17 and had to put down at20 she was blind and deaf . thanks for sharing your story.god bless you all.

  2. ……………………….. ……………………….. ……………………….. ……………………….. ……………………….. ……………………….. ……………………….. ……………………….. ……………………….. ……………………………MR. CROWLEY!

  3. Senior dogs are amazing. I highly recommeng getting one. I adopted a senior dog and he is the most playful and sweet thing out there. I would definetly adopt another senior if I could (:

  4. The dodo channel should get an award ? because they help so much animals so you should sub to them because they do so much when they don’t have most people don’t care about hurt animals I love and animals thank you so much the dodo bless you for helping bye ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Happy BD Mr C.
    I have 12 chis and chi mixs age 19…oldest we ever had was 24!
    When I had my Saints the chis bossed the saintsand when the Saints passed on the Chis were never the same losing their big buddies.
    Now they sleep, eat and go out and watch TV. wow I think my dogs are welfare dogs…hahahah

  6. Awww( I’m binge watching ur vids that’s why I’m on an older one) I have a senior chihuahua too and I love him ❤️

  7. I love Mr.Crowley!! He should be the ambassador for adopting senior dogs! I am glad that he’s so happy in his new home& that they love him so much. Hope he enjoyed his b.day???!!

  8. You are amazing parents to your fur baby. I adore him. I have three chihuahuas and like you I love them sooooo much.
    May your fur baby have lots more years ahead where he can relax knowing that he is loved by his mummy and daddy ❤️❤️❤️
    May he leave paw prints on your hearts forever ? xx

  9. We took in a Senior Chihuahua and it was the best thing we ever did.. He had skin problems and an ear infection but a grain free diet took care of that. My Husband named him Fonzie because he's very cool. He even helps me spread the word about pets needing homes and ending the Puppymills on his Facebook Page ..It will be his 3rd gotcha day this year

  10. I’m really not a chihuahua fan I mostly like German Shepherds but this video was just so heartwarming….??✨

  11. Awww what a cutie! Great story?
    I picked my Chi up off the highway and had no idea they were such cool little personalities.
    These people are awesome, they went out of their way to get an elder dog, and of course, he stole their hearts?

  12. my dog has colaps trakea her name is peaches and i had another dog with the same thing his name was colin and he was my best friend ever i miss him rip colin 1 like one prayer i love you colin???

  13. He is so cute happy birthday mr crowley i love you i love chihuahuas and chihuahuas mixes i have three rescues my oldest chihuahua is petey he was abandoned on my road last year i just took him to the vet yesterday and found out he has a bad heart problem but you cant tell it thank you for adopting him you are truly angels and so is crowley

  14. Senior dogs and cats rock! Thank you for being the kind of adopters who realize that and adopted Mr. Crowley who is one lucky dog! So cute and loved unconditionally. ❤

  15. Awww happy birthday mr Crowley hope you had a awsome day we love you ? and my gift to you is a steak and a tennis ball ??

  16. I have a 10 year old Chi who is a special need Chi. Her hips don't work as well as they used to but the doesn't stop her from being a clown. She was abused and no one wanter her. The shelter called me and ask if I could take her in for a while and thats been 8 years now so I think she will be here for ever :). Some days we walk alot and some days we just go out side so she can do what she needs to do. No matter what I will love and care for her as long as she needs me to be there.


  18. I loved your story, and Mr Crowley looks so much like my Chi, Sugarbear~age 16! You two are awesome for giving this little guy a loving home for his final years…

  19. Chihuahuas tend to live a long time compared to most dogs… Especially large ones. So if you want to adopt a senior dog, they have many years left to enjoy with you. (please make sure to give them dental care, because their teeth a notoriously bad)

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