Sophie Turner Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

hi I'm Sophie Tana and today I'm doing an interview with puppies come on oh yeah nope yeshuaa thank you my favorite part about filming Dark Phoenix was probably I don't know probably just okay all right you know what you remind me of my husband my favorite part was probably hanging out with the cast and and seeing Simon Kinberg who has been the writer for so many years finally kind of step into the Oh to the director's chair that was my favorite part and we we as a cast in just kind of like a family and the crew were all so close so that's always my favorite part is going back to them I would like teleportation I think teleporter hey come here honey oh are you looking for your friend I wouldn't teleportation became it he clearly has that power of teleportation teleporting right out of him oh yes I would like to you know go to link Tokyo for lunch or something gene is very vulnerable and Sansa is incredibly strong and resilient yes so I would say I wish I was like Sansa but really I'm probably a bit more like Jean I'm more kind of I don't know I take a lot of inspiration from Sansa jeana's more vulnerable and kind of finding her identity and I think I relate to that I hope it would be you know she would live in harmony and with with you know all of the lords and ladies of the north and I would hope that she had it had a nice life but I somehow I doubt that yeah you do too you doubt it I would hope that she she would live happily ever after and I don't think she'd have another man in her life because they haven't treated her particularly well in the past so I I would like to think that she just runs the north on her own and eats good food and drinks good wine and just has a good time I balance it by you know trying to keep in touch with all of my school friends that I've known since I was like two or three they're kind of my only friends are the ones that I've known since I was really really really young so that's kind of how I stay down-to-earth and also I have two older brothers that are just you know though like occasionally try and beat me up and stuff like that as older brothers do so that definitely keeps you kind of free-spirited and down to earth oh my personal favorite TV shows I love Barry I love Barry it's so funny what else do I love killing Eve killing even Barry and my favorites right now and I also I just love anything like true crime I love anything like that which is probably why I like Barry even though it's not true crime but it's about you know an assassin or whatever so that's fun but if you haven't watch Barry you should totally go and watch it it's amazing and Bill Hader is phenomenal in it yes she is I mean a physical fight gene would win but I think stars are good emotionally manipulate gene probably I think gene would win just because she's the most powerful mutant in the universe and could obliterate anyone in a second we have kind of a history of mental health problems and my family which is always fun so you know it's always been a big part of my life and you know I've nearly lost people too to mental health problems that I really care about and so it's always been for me about D stigmatizing that and bringing it into the norm and not feel ashamed and feel okay to kind of reach out and get help and that's something that I just feel more passionately about than anything Jessica Chastain is a troublemaker so you would think I was terrified to meet her because you're not really supposed to meet your idols that's what people say and she's just one of the greatest actors out there right now so I was terrified but she is a lot of fun I thought she was gonna be a bit uptight and you know actory but she's not she likes to dance and sing on set and play pranks she pulls a lot of pranks actually she's the biggest prankster on set for sure there was a production meeting that she that Simon Kinberg was having with all of kind of the Fox executives and she hired a mariachi band to go into that meeting and told them to not stop playing for half an hour no matter how much they beg so I think that might have gotten into a bit of trouble but it was funny I don't know oh my favorite book is the psychopathy test by Jon Ronson he's my favorite author of all time I think he's wonderful and he has such incredible stories to tell him he's lived such an interesting life Weller I use a lot of Wella products on my hair because I have to you know do so much to it change it diet curl it straighten it so that kind of keeps it healthy and keeps the blonde in facially I used this great is skin equals cleanser lemare moisturizer and truth serum look you Superman whoo these dogs were provided by Vanderpump dogs and you can go to their website Vanderpump dogs org

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  1. She's unbelievably gorgeous! How one can be so beautiful, adorable and talented at the same time?????✔?

  2. I thought Franklin Richards was the strongest mutant but if Sophie Turner says it it’s obviously correct

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