Soooooo I Got A Kitten…

so I just want to say it really quickly if I sound dead or there's someone exhausted in this video I've got my reasons but first off half a million subscribers what I've made quite a few sub specials in the past thanking you guys and going into depth of all the support you've given me so I don't want to bore you guys with all the mushy talk but dude what a fucking milestone when someone reaches half a million subs you got to think of something massive to give back to your community but I've got nothing for you guys I actually did something for me what is this something you asked well let's begin the cringy vlog so to keep the beginning of this super brief I kind of just wanted to talk a little bit about myself in the past when I started youtube I was working in a retail living with my parents pretty much in the basement and I wanted to start editing just to kind of bring stuff I had in my mind to life honestly might sound super dumb but I just wanted the ability to create whatever I was thinking after starting my channel with cringy 360 montages and finally moving over to commentary my channel started to lift off pretty well and I had the decision whether or not to leave retail after plenty months of quitting retail and taking commentaries a full-time job I made the decision to start streaming on Twitch considering I was still living with my parents and had siblings wandering around the house in the daytime being pretty damn noisy I had to take up a nighttime schedule the nighttime schedule got slightly lonely and there was really no time for me to socialize considering I would sleep during the day but I had this cat named Ruby Ruby is pretty much a typical cat except she is super affectionate and if you gave her enough attention she most likely wouldn't leave your side eventually I got my shit together and decided to move out to a small little place which I have no roommate this was obviously my choice and it's definitely a lot better for my content but going back and visiting my parents over and over seeing Ruby I finally wanted to make the choice and adopt a small companion first name and your hissing at me so fucking nasty I can't get her to shut up one second you hate me in the other second you can't keep your eyes open you finally fell asleep I literally blocked off every single side cause she wouldn't stop fucking hiding I'll be honest I got quite scared after the first night cuz I didn't see her eat or drink or use the litter box at all but being the fucking idiot I am I finally realized that you know she's probably pretty fucking terrified and eventually she got around to it thank God she is now honestly probably the most energetic thing I've ever had to deal with but when she falls asleep especially right now while I'm recording it makes everything so worth it anyways I don't got a name for her so I'm hoping you guys in the comments can give me some ideas even though I have a feeling 99% of them are gonna be Mia I also did make an Instagram for her so if you want to see daily to weekly pictures that'll be the place to go and yeah I'm sorry that the video turned out mushy after all

49 thoughts on “Soooooo I Got A Kitten…

  1. I have like three names for you they’re

  2. I post a name suggest and then go through the comments and see that everyone's suggestion is either Nea or Claudette. Jeez…

  3. You should name her after something you deeply care about. Someone in your life, or one word that sums up a memory you love. Other than that my personal name suggestion is Lykai. (Lie-ka) She's super cute though!

  4. The new member is here :D. Loving your stuff and I want to join this journey with you, hope you can expand the fam to a million soon, Good Luck! 🙂

  5. Tbh i love cats more than dogs when they are young. But when cats get old there just lazy fucks that cost you money

  6. Sorry if the name Nea is a bit of a meme but I feel like is such a perfected name, or you could always name her Clauded

  7. Honestly Nea is a unique name and she's the character you always play and you will love this cutie for the rest of her days so yes please name the baby Nea??❤❤ make kitten and cats merch omg and dog merch. Like cat and dog collars ❤❤❤

  8. I just recently fostered four kittens and kept two…. I feel your kitten struggle bro. Anyway I like “Jukes” but we all know you’re probably just gonna keep calling her Cutie anyway

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