some things you should know before getting a service dog! | pros & cons of a service dog!

hey guys welcome back to another video!
and today we are doing the pros – and here you can this so I have a freehand – and cons of
having a service dog. so let’s get into (pop music intro) (inhales) hi buddy so we’re gonna start off with the
pros the good things about having a service dog, or the things that make life
with them better (upbeat music plays) number one, service dogs provide a great
amount of Independence and that might not be something that their handlers had
beforehand which is why the pro because I know for me at least that Sherlock
provided a great- provide – provided a great amount of In…
oh good Lord! PROVIDES a great amount of Independence for me and that has been
something that’s really been life-changing for me. (video game death sound plays) (coughing) that didn’t work (coughs) that’s better I know, you’re looking at me like I’m crazy good boy who’s off frame number two, they can be great conversation starters, for me at least
when I’m in a social situation and I honestly don’t know what to talk about
I will bring up my dog and because he’s cute and fluffy and most people like
dogs it’s a great way to start a social interaction. bonus number three, a task
trained service dog can be an amazing tool as my old psychologist used to put it in
your list of things to help your health whether that be mental and/or physical number four, you’re never really alone for me that provides a great amount of
comfort knowing that I’m not alone and because part of a service dogs job is
often being with their handler to help them in their day-to-day life that is
something that can be really beneficial and number five, training a dog on your
own, so owner training, like I did with Sherlock where I got him as a puppy
and trained him all the way to adulthood was an amazing experience and it can be
really good if know what you’re doing and you get the
right help. -taught me a lot of different things I didn’t actually know about dog
training which is really cool and it will help me someday for training his
successor dog now we’re going to get on to the cons
cue the sad music (sad instrumental plays) waa waa waaaa (sad instrumental plays) number one for the cons is, you can get a lot of attention and sometimes that
can be negative and I know for me the first few years I had my first service
dog it was intense I could not handle people looking and
people commenting on my dog that just made my like social anxiety and anxiety
general just a lot worse but as I’ve gotten more experienced as a handler and
dealt with Sherlock who I took out when he was – he started going out and I guess
about six months like I got used to it so now I honestly don’t really notice when people
are commenting on him, but for some people that can just be too much number two, access issues unfortunately sometimes you might encounter an access
issue it could be a major one, it could be a minor one that’s fixed with just a
little like information about the laws you could go your whole dog’s career
without having an access issue or you can have several. it honestly depends
where you are the situation like there’s a lot of factors, in Sherlock’s working
career – he’s been working for three and a half or three and a little bit longer
years, um, he has had three access issues. one was a major one that we ended up getting
on the news for and the other two were resolved pretty quickly with some
education about the laws and our rights as a service dog team so that’s
something I’m always prepared for because you never know when it’s gonna
happen. number three, training upkeep when you
have a trained service dog the training really never stops you have to keep up
all those skills. I do or try to do -minimum of one training session
a week but I do try to do more. that could be just going on a walk and practicing
focus, heel, the basics, some tasks in a new environment, or with a new
distraction nearby like training really never stops you just got to keep up all
those skills otherwise things start to get sloppy number four, when you travel
you pack for two. for me I always have really big bags and I try to like pack
as efficiently as possible but you’re packing food for a dog
grooming supplies gear comfortable stuff like a bed or a blanket like this this
toys and dishes and just so much on top of packing your own clothes and
sometimes depending on your dog, ya need clothes for your dogs too, so you’re packing for two, you gotta prepare a lot more and number five is, similar to owner
training is, that training can be hard if you don’t get accepted to a program or
you don’t think a program is the best idea for you training a dog can be
hard. I hit a lot of like bumps in the road when training Sherlock when he
would have like a tough moment and it was like, really difficult because I was like
“oh my gosh my dog is gonna fail he’s not gonna make it as a service dog!” which is a real
possibility but it is really stressful because that burden is on you to make
sure that like you can handle this level-headed. so that was definitely hard
one for me thanks for watching like the video if you enjoyed it comment down
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and we’ll see you next time bye (pop music outro)

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  1. FYI in the description it says you started the Channel to track Sherlock your service dogS this is not meant to be rude but sorry is it does.

  2. I like that little thing how are you doing with the pros that’s pretty cool do you know how to handle the ribbon saying pro

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