Solo Trip to Japan: Bunny Fever in Okunoshima (Rabbit Island) | Japaniku episode 19 (Ikutree)

Hello everybody Welcome to Kure I’m on my way to Okunoshima even though there’s a typhoon coming Hesitated for a long time Then I thought, you know what? Let’s just try At least try Worst comes to the worst I’ll just have been on a train for two hours then I’ll have to go back for another two hours But there’s not much to do when it’s raining like this So I’m going to go try and see some bunnies and I’m halfway there, still have one hour to go And then I have to get a ferry to the actual island That’s the part that scares me: there might not be any ferries About ten minutes until my next train It’s raining but it isn’t pouring We’ll see I made it to the port guys, as you can see from the decoration behind me Just got my round trip ticket. I think it came to around 620 yen And for 100 yen I got this little baggie of bunny treats Super cute It wasn’t hard to find at all. I just don’t know what time the ferry is coming so I’m just going to wait for that Sorry, I’m multitasking as always I can see some boats approaching so it might be that. No clue There’s a bunch of other people waiting so I don’t know if I’m the right area but this is what I saw And this is where I’m waiting Anyway it says on my ticket stub where I’m going so I’ll just hand it to the guy and if he goes like No or does that sign, I’ll know that I made a mistake again Anyway it was really long to get here but I’m lucky with the weather It’s cloudy but it’s not raining at all. It’s a little humid so it makes it a little warm So not the worst thing in the world It’s really pretty here too. Can you see? It’s like this quaint little village A port village I don’t know which boat I’m supposed to board No clue I guess I’ll just follow the children or something? Look! Rabbit Island ferry tickets! The people are coming now behind me. Yay Bunnies! Welcome to rabbit island! Yay we made it! God this was the longest trip Ever. Two hours to get here then 40 minutes waiting for the ferry to get here But yes, welcome to bunny island, Okunoshima Island And I’m already seeing bunnies everywhere so I’m really excited! So you’re not allowed to feed the rabbits that are close to the road So I’m not sure where I’m going to go Bunnies are everywhere! There’s also a museum here: the poison gas -oh it’s called a pavilion so maybe not a museum The island’s circumference is about 4 km so it’s really small And I don’t really intend to walk all the way around it, I don’t think. Hey bunny! I may go and see the poison gas thing but the main point is obviously the bunnies! Look at this! I’m on an Island guys! You like the scratchy? Ok this is where it gets tricky because What? What? What do you mean? Ok guys I’m officially moving to bunny island Bunnies everywhere! What about that sign? It looks like English… What does it say? Remains of an air shelter for military chiefs Well I’m not feeling up for a hike today, I did enough of that yesterday in Miyajima Oh my God guys I just recognized -I didn’t see what they were They’re bunny ears! Friggin’ bunny ears! Look at these! Am I supposed to listen through these? Look at your eyes! You have the most gorgeous eyes mister! Aw I can’t show them. You have bright eyes Let’s enjoy these bunny ears You can listen to the sea in them? I’ll feel stupid if I do it and it’s not what it’s supposed to be Ok let’s try and look stupid I’m not sure if I’m supposed to face this way or… Maybe the other way Ok I’ve got this on so.. Can you see me with my bunny ears? Well I think that’s what it’s for but I just hear what I’m hearing out here but with a slight hissing sound Anyway, it’s cute Funny (or bunny?) I should take a selfie You’re getting my trousers all dirty! Hello Aren’t you the cutest bunny in the world? You’re all cute! All of you! Do it again! You ran straight up to me! I didn’t film it! Do it again! Do it again! Ok, ok just because you ran up here but I’m almost out of food you know Almost out There you go, yum yum Hello! Where do you come from? Want to come up with me? I’m going this way, I don’t know what’s that way but I’m going this way Anything that’s higher up Is good enough for me Oh my God! You guys are going to kill me! Kill me with cuteness! Ok I keep filming and then I get distracted by frigging bunnies! Everywhere. Even up here on this gorgeous lookout -just saw a rabbit just run past me I was like ‘oh this is a cute view, it’s high up, the bunnies aren’t here’ There are frigging bunnies everywhere Everywhere! No! Stay away! I’m going to die Why are there so many trees? Gah! Spider! Why are there so many trees? I want to see I wanna see! Let’s focus on climbing Up here Because bunny fever is making me frigging giddy Hill in evening sun -more bunnies! Sorry, looks like you were canoodling and I disturbed ya I only have a little more food left and I’m saving it So, which way am I going? Hill in the evening or um? What appears to be up Hope I’m not making a big mistake and that I’m not going hiking That was not the plan -hey bunny, forgot to say hi to you. Hi! Um? Um? Yeah Um, no I’m going back Let’s go to hill in the evening Whatever that may be Hello! Definite bunny fever Well it definitely would look pretty in the sun Ooh, I like this one Look: heart shape It’s so pretty out here I have to walk back already Bunnies! I’m having to walk back already for the [ :30] ferry I think I understood the schedule (I never know the correct way to pronounce it) I think I understood that it was 3:30 for the ferry to go back and then there’s two hours of trains and stuff It’s like 5 hours journey for 1 hour on the island It’s worth it though but I’m frustrated because I left so late because I wasn’t sure if I was going at all (because of the typhoon) Happy I did And then I really didn’t expect for the journey to take two hours And then that I’d have to wait for the ferry So if you’re coming guys, plan ahead. Not only knowing where you’re going as I did but more Knowing your schedule and timetables And stuff I think I’m back at the peer already Am I? What makes me sad also is that I didn’t get to really explore the island which is something I would have loved to do But it’s going to be dark in like an hour Anyway, that’s the first thing I didn’t find the poison gas pavilion either So boo to that I guess I’ll just set you down here and enjoy the bunnies Though we’re not really supposed to feed them around here I guess I could walk back to the little park Did you just bite my lense?! Jesus! Now I have bunny marks on my frigging camera I feel like I just got here Don’t wanna leave so early I mean I could stay but then I’d get back so late I don’t know what to do at this point Bye bye rabbit island Bye bye I think I made the right decision to leave early Because now it’s really raining I’m in the shinkansen now To Hiroshima station and then I have one more bus And then that’s it for today I’m sorry it way really short today but that’s just the way it is Tomorrow I’m going shopping in Hiroshima if the weather permits it But shopping is usually indoors so it should be fine Ok I’ll shut up now So I don’t annoy the other people Bye

8 thoughts on “Solo Trip to Japan: Bunny Fever in Okunoshima (Rabbit Island) | Japaniku episode 19 (Ikutree)

  1. Rabbits are definitely my spirit animal (which is why I went completely giddy in this video, sorry x))!
    What's your spirit animal? 🙂

  2. Here is a question did your JR pass cover the travel on the local train to Okunoshima?
    So much fine print on all the different classes of JR passes ( ex express okay, but local is not covered)

    I wonder how your cat would have reacted to being on Okunoshima… lol

  3. Glad it wasn't raining until you decided to leave. Nice selfie you took with those giant looking ear things haha. Anyhow have a good weekend, take care.

  4. Wow, such a dark history behind this Island: apparently it was home to the super secret japanese army poison project! 🙂 Also the bunny ecosystem isn't that stable & the bunny origin is a mystery.

  5. It feels like this is your spirit trip to Bunny island. The Okunoshima literally imply a "distant island" so it took you very long trip from Belgium^^ The rainy weather was adding a calm and less crowded atmosphere to this video^^ Btw my spirit animals are whales and dolphins. (However, I disagree with Greenpeace org.) Thanks for an upload, I could enjoy it^^

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