Solfac Duo – A New Dawning in Rural Pest Control

Solfac Duo – a residual insecticide
concentrate for use in the management of ants, cockroaches, spiders fleas and bedbugs including pyrethroid- resistant strains. Solfac Duo a suspension concentrate offers a unique
dual motive action by combining two powerful and effective
residual insecticides Beta-cyfluthrin and Imidacloprid a process called homogenised active
synergy combines the two active ingredients in a unique milling process to precise
tolerances this guarantees greater stability in your
spray mix and better coverage of the treated surface
which means the pest is exposed to both actives equally as seen here, Imidacloprid, a synaptic toxin affects the nicotinic receptors opening
voltage sensitive sodium channels this acts to intensify the action of
the potency of Beta-cyfluthrin a sodium channel toxin
the second motive action in Solfac Duo, Beta-cyfluthrin binds to sodium channels that are open
or activated and holds them open therefore disrupting
the functional neurons this unique combination results in a
synergistic effect that is one active intensifying the
action of the other delivering more effective control of
pests. Solfac Duo better results, better customer
satisfaction from Bayer

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