Soggy Doggy Wet Dog Family Board Game – Cuter Than Butch?

you are now watching a Lucky Penny shop product each item provided by Spin Master for review hey if will Lucky Penny shopping hey not that day for you Beth day for a soggy doggy weight is mid-june all right this game at once not bad luck this game has been out for a while but we finally got a copy thanks to Spin Master to send this to us to us to check out on video we're gonna give it a shot don't you understand a word you just said I just said thanks to Spin Master for sending us the game I can check out on video sake doggy ages for plots it's going to involve water butch water mm-hmm and a bathtub and soul pain down most bands involve water so it's roomy out there but before we start everybody was singing this little Limerick rub-a-dub dog and two dogs in the tub two dogs in the tub eating Curtin what no no no no no making bubbles and eating bacon all day mmm okay let's move on here because we don't want to hear about what's making bubbles are you sure we've had some issues now with racing videos and you can and went a little out of control there we took one for the team l guess I understand race around the board wash soggy doggy oh so he's going to get wet of course if he shakes its back to start so when he shakes and everybody playing the game is potentially going to get wet that's a possibility you may need to prep yourself on this one oh I'm ready so be content soggy dodgy Doug frame bathtub game board for okay and the missing oh we need to get batteries who I forgot and the water all right so there's not much more on the box for us to check out but it's for two to four players ages four plus he looks pretty neat in there looks like we're going to be able to view it's adorable and he does he does so let's do this let's do our typical camera change here you grab your robe we will come back I'll get the batteries in water too okay I grab everything we need and we will be right back thanks best thing all right Butch and I are back I am about to take everything out of the box rub-a-dub I don't think you know so technically you're not really hopping in the bathtub with him dove it's moisturizing lotion Alphaeus days okay all right so the other boy it's good that it's bath day I am right mm-hmm you're all that your once a month Matt because you're right who this was in the box by the way which is very nice you can call for anything missing or any problems okay all right yeah let's just take the pieces out you can kind of see what's involved with setting the game up we want that little puppy don't we want them all right back and look it's a nice plastic so everything's going to get wet right at least I'm thinking everything's going to get wet but actually you will kiss – I hope not hopefully ever done eating yeah well it looks like you're ready to get wet new robe okay just get this out of the way I'm very curious with a little bath mate here oh boy cut see the little arrow there says cut yeah I mean how they help you out there mm-hmm now it's recommend to use scissors LPS Dave I see you've chosen a different tool yes that's my letter opener okay and then it works for a lot of instances especially when you want to go underneath our piece of dough nervously well I think we're good come on by for football come on ball did you stretchy there he is he's very stretchy living on look at that I can almost be like a hand puppet oh that see I could be a puppy just like you ain't that cute yeah hey Wow I'll call you Toby no just call me Toby no I don't like tubby Tommy no no no but I am Reginald Rachel that's too formal I don't touch you know I am a formal dog and I like to play games with other dogs are you oh okay I know you're a fan Seto I am NOT a fan so good all right so we have Reggie okay looks like we're going to have to do more setup like this right let's just get some things out of the bags here oh boy I'm ready you didn't use all the hot water before the Julia I did not feel good okay if some pieces looks like there's some tokens and some character pieces a we have here I'll show you one by one we have we have a bone which is right up your iron with the sd4 soggy doggy uh-huh I'm guessing this is going to go somewhere over this book just leave it over there and then we have a little robber down oh you're the one gamma Beth rubber ducky you're so much fun like that a little paw like a paw print dinner yes and then we have a bar of soap just like let me do this I didn't need it well it's plastic and it's red and then you have these little tokens which match look at that so you got the ducky that matches oh it has SD for the bone okay and then the soap the bar is soap and then the little paw print how cool is that right I think we need to do some investigative work here we need to grab the batteries a screwdriver get that done first Oh see here is the setup Oh that'll help so now we have everything out of the box well how much water do we need to look at that you've got some but I'm enough to shoot dogs LPS days oh it says right there step D a b c d a b c d okay that is the role our instruction I think that might have been another way let's get to the language we could read you could read the letter C in that first I'll show everybody till they can kind of see them and here is the battery information stuff stick little piece of information you do not put the toy together any differently and France France than you do in the United States correct but it does say pour water into the bathtub until it's just until just short of the rim oh okay so this would be the rim at probably the highest spot you can go interesting huh be fun oh there's the bad exact we'll come back then with some water the batteries get this all set up and then we will get our little buddy on their original fluffy Toby we'll be right back all right we are back I have my batteries and I figured out all the information that I needed for the game here so bad a replacement right here what are you doing hello young man my name is Reginald Muntz okey-dokey mm-hmm okay mmm-hmm what's happening please explain to me what's happening talk to me is Reginald my name is Reginald I'm very important okay Reginald uh-huh you seem to have taken over butch in his day with me that's you is it stuff neoguri that's made out of rubber okay all right mmm-hmm kids don't try this at home it looks like looks like it takes you really well though it's very comfortable I can imagine mmm-hmm this is my newest of the new week the new you mmm-hmm okay I think right now wait'll they see me down with a bakery on a roof door oh that did that say right there completely rule that that is actually turning it on and off okay so a couple things butch eventually I'm gonna need their original mm-hmm I'm actually going to need that need me actual dog soggy dog or photo I don't think so Tucker so all right so they wanted this on this okay and then this on this check and then I don't know if you've noticed this I know you can't see right now you can't see a thing okay there's an opening slot right here and that is going to line up with this right here and then these have two pins which go in the two pins so once that's in solves fascinating my dad the pin then you are good to go all right so no watch we'll just show it here it is right now sir dude you don't know what it's like for none it's a random clockwise hmm oh that's way oh that's original gradual doesn't rush and then it should turn off on the next turn there you go all right now in regards to the game area here this just fits around there's no specific placement of the soggy doggy star hmm like it doesn't even met doesn't they need to match up with anything but I'm going to put it so that the handles are near me so that I can actually spin them and press them here's a little pump that's going to give let's put the shower piece in so there's a little tab here do you see the tab which I see nothing okay okay and then then I figured out my man pop in there so now that has made a connection with the water in there I'm supposed to actually put that on I guess we'll do that in a second here and then these soap and all the pieces go here okay hmm now the tokens are very special let's just go over some basic rules here before we add basic rules by the matter no PSD okay so you roll the die and that means you move to the yellow space okay and define the little puppy paw that means there's the bone there see the bone and that means two turns so now look at the top of these little dials here there's one that's got here let me just zoom right in I have to tell you help us Dave I am sweaty right now I can imagine the little paw means you're going to push this the number of times it says for the bone which means you're going to push it the number of time it says so this one says bone which you're going to turn it clockwise not push sorry one okay so let's say you land on the bone I mean the paw that says one you would push it in one and that's going to probably start spritzing at all we might need to prime that a little bit we'll have to see okay the next thing I need to do is actually fill it with our old by the way if you roll a paw okay it's a special just push down okay we're at the pond the dye to dye the dye that I hope move your playing piece to the space in front of the player furthest around the game so if your about nothing if you're about to win and you roll that you can go all the way up and when they get about that now if you roll the question mark that means you roll again oh very simple hey hello you're doing your good I can't hear it you get it mm-hmm you get it you get it I'm ready for a friend then let's see couple other things we need to learn here okay let's just go over right here watch out sometimes when you turn the handle soggy will start shaking to get the water on turn the handle 1/2 turn to stop and once you start shaking that's an important one yeah that's going to get everybody wet and you can turn them off and you don't know how many times it's going to take mm but if that happens to you you have to move your playing piece back to the basket space oh boy so you're going to go back but fortunately they're giving you a little out here you get to grab your token at that point once you go back pick up a token with the matching symbol to your playing piece is soggy dog you start shaking but you already have a token you can give this back to stay on the same game board space so at least one time you don't have to move all the way back one time it can be frustrating if you're the one that's keep setting him off and coming back so I give me a little out out there once I you know kind of uniformly keep your rubbery love wheel alright so we're going to come back I think we've explained it pretty good mm-hmm we will do a game play get the water in there and we have to put that back on okay it's gonna come off well no so I got a little on the ankle will be right there no real get ahead into it I've always wanted to be as famous as soggy doggy okay I did it it just feels so comfortable in his skin okay all right we are back everyone okay butch are you ready to play the game Reginald looks sad obvious day I know but we got to get him out look how cute he is yeah all right so like I lost a part of me we need to get his head over the higher blue part there hmm like that like a zoo tuck them all in there get the backside in there okay well get that backside in there yep the bubble maker the bubble maker yes and then the water now we follow the steps so the water goes in next let me just see if I can turn him just make a little room here I'll make a little room I want to get the water right to that shuttle I mean very careful did you check the temperature of that water is it's lukewarm we don't want to read K we want to prime our pump make sure water's right open it's called alcohol is all over is back there we go that's gotta feel good okay and then now you are the soap thank you and I am the duckie mm-hmm remember we can collect one of these so we don't lose our spot so we have a little safety net there yep and then I'm ready to roll do you want to be the first one to go I'd be delighted and honored okay there we go blue oh yeah so the soap goes to boot and then that is one turn one term I think it's going to start right away ah not my guy there we go uh-huh right he knows a nice one right now by chance if I did a blue here I go to the next space the next unoccupied span without that so it doesn't say color and then that is to one pump one point ah that's what I want to feel good refreshing or if that's one of those like massage or showers you got a yeah a pink oh that's good one turn who turns oh I can you take an apple to one yeah I know that's why I keep doing oh yeah all right he's getting warmed up LPS there we go and a question mark which means you roll again yes a question mark Wow you roll again ooh my ducky all right so I go blue one ah rads flash I turn it off right away so I go back right mm-hmm and then I get to take my token for a safety on the neck strap that's right it does say handle okay blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah not say that you're sorry now you start shaking but you already have a token you can give this back to stay on the same game board space plane continue so now I've collected my one and free pass there I'll put yours over here even though you don't yeah I won't need to haven't heard it we have all medially all right so now it is your turn Balu what yes yellow oh man one two – see it's confusing in them one – yeah come on yellow one yeah you got lucky again actually why don't you shake I know Pau now that's good special now the paw means I can move past you one space how about one space and now I have a shower time mm-hmm yellow for you thank you okay so you get to move all the way up there and you have to oh wow okay I love it when he does that so now you get to go all the way back you have attained your token thank you so hopefully now if I get that I can use my token mm-hmm question mark rolling it pink hmm twos are gone nice look how close I am to winning you're pretty close help yes they are very close but I'm getting a paw print Oh yellow – hahahaha sorry buddy now let me say yeah I would not give in your token at this video maybe the worst possible spot to give your token I know don't give your token so you have to give your token okay I need to I need a big big whammy here where we whammy believe not a big one not a big whammy at all wet Oh keep it out of his eyes here you go there you go and you can't blue one okay cool now if we do make a mistake while we're playing everybody it's not intentional which is playing that's right kind of having front a front amongst friend having front amongst friends okay I need a big win for a big whammy big whammy yellow oh so – oh no I had my token won it's a kerchief help I'm in really good shape when I want anything else right now a shower Patri what do you think – okay so here we go I like the spinning game board mm-hmm blue Oh once ah to validate my token are you sure you want to do that yeah I think so you think that I want to win a game finally with you know canary paw print oh oh that moves you all the way there oh you got to give them a little spritz for me oh yeah what I use one thank you okay all right if I roll the red I like advantage no matter what matter was question mark except for that one here pink you are the Saudi doggie one let's do this Augie dog guys got some good water and let me just zoom right in on him and let him do a little shaking you want to do that shake it very shaken baby we'll be right back all right we are bad we thought we'd get an end close-up of our heart yeah what's that that's gross oh yes pay a bar of soap oh boy I'm going to need it come on Reginald you are definitely not hopping in there all right so let's give them some good pumps here so you can get nice and wet with him okay mm-hmm this is what I said you're gonna get the little you know when dogs get wet there's a certain mmm lovely smell you here we go and one okay nothing yet yes good yeah oh yeah Atta – I feel it he's getting 103 mm very random oh I just let's just get to make oh wait I didn't the camera oh no I've got my camera for you uh-huh okay oh look he's going everywhere Wow travel across the table dollar happy pump everybody hahahaha what happened Oh makin I think I knocked them up when I grabbed it I will clean up here be right back and wrap I always told you we're gonna go on like crazy ho hilarious all right we'll be right back dawg okay oh it does feel good reg thanks for sharing here with my turn I am quite thinkI as they say as the kids say these days okay stop it right there butch what are you doing Mike Tropius – our time you can't kick up the soggy doggy don't another she doggy dog you've had plenty of yes baby looks cuz me look happy he does and clean and by the way everybody what happened was it's just these front two pins came out so we just push them back in and soggy doggy was ready to go wouldn't you know you ready for a shower but shreddy reg I want a whole tutor we should we should put a pole up who the shooter sake doggy or butts all that's hands down I'm going to give up cue right in on that one help you you think so he cuter regice the best mm-hm alright well thanks for watching everybody our video for soggy doggy butch I'll get you showered up here in just a sec please I want to go through the playlist looking at description for a playlist or as always you can search Lucky Penny shop and then if you can't give the video a thumbs up share it on social media we do appreciate it as a dog in the shower or bath playlist no I don't think no later Oh what are you go buddy hahahahaha well you making bubble sounds all do doggy that's not the drink that we have to water what who says if you're looking for the item you just saw in the video click here watch more videos by clicking here don't forget to share our social media and give a thumbs up hey LPS Dave what's up butch make sure they don't forget to subscribe oh yeah please stuck here to subscribe to Lucky Penny shop and always remember when you see a Lucky Penny pick it up

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  3. Hi LPs Dave! Just so you know you have inspired me for my YouTube channel and what I mean is you helped me want to build up my YouTube channel and I've watched you since I was 3, thanks for being the best!

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