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  1. My ig walks happily past every dog .i never allow h8m into dog parks for his own safety but he is reliable with every dog he encounters. He is now twelve and has never ever lunged or snapped
    I don’t think he ever has eye contact with other dogs except if he wNted to play when he was younger

    He immerses himself in sniffing ..he ignores all dogs and gallops off into sand dunes to explore then races back past other dogs
    With confidence
    He comes to me happy and excited and again distracts himself
    My job is to look out for him and see that a bigger dog doesn’t see him as prey so I scan the beAch before I let him go any further

    My Pomeranian is 12 too and he doesn’t love other dogs but tolerates them very well..ie never plays but will leave them alone
    If a visiting pup annoys him he will sniff and then ignore .if the pup annoys him then he growls snaps and then lies down in his spot and most dogs will never engage with h8m again except for a polite wag of a tail whilst passing

    He’s not had any trouble in our pack except from a prey driven saluki (now passed )who was mostly ok but would be reactive to some stimulus lordknows what
    Our Pom never ever lunges at dogs or retreats on a walk..he sees us as pack leaders and has greAt eye contact wit( us
    Again we have done nothing but basic obedience with him
    He ruled the roost calmly once the saluki passed away

    My point is…the success lies mostly in the dogs genetic makeup…the Pom had no scares in his early life and only learned to be wary of the saluki when that dog became older
    I had to be vigilant and supervise or separate for the safety of the little dogs
    They were fine in the house though…could share a lounge and space in general and the saluki wagged his tail in greeting each time the little dogs rose in the morning
    They had to be fed away from the saluki but they all walked together like a pack and no chasing games were permitted when off leash
    I simply couldn’t control the Salukis urge to chase down the Pom who would simply sit ( not at my command either) and wait til I had the saluki back on the lead
    He never ever ever responded to the saluki with growls or even eye contact
    Fearful …yep probably!
    Submissive naturally to that dog …yep
    Still in possible peril …probably!
    But doing all he instinctively could to reduce danger to himself by not reacting aggressively in an escalating situation where the saluki is ‘only playing’ but getting revved up into hunting mode

    Nothing was done in the training of the Pom …it was all just instinct
    I’ve been lucky
    But I’ve learned not to mix toy breeds with hunters
    I’ve learned that I have to keep learning and above all choose pups from a litter that are calm calm calm and confident in the first place and then do nothing but devote my time to raising them

  2. And then I found your vid where Neptune was barking at other dogs and you’re trying to train her out of it…

    See …
    I have an Iggy who has been picked on by dogs in various degrees …from an attack to simple growling and dominance

    He should be the most fear aggressive dog cos he was in a shed with other iggies for five months

    Why isn’t he reacting aggressively?
    Why is he the sweetest most submissive dog and not a mess of nerves?
    Not in any training I’ve done

    It’s just his nature to put up with it
    He will walk/ escape from the high grade aggressors, accept dominant ear licking etc from his pack and just gets on with seeking * pleasures in his life

  3. Thnx for ur vid. I watched despite your choice in this music…it’s so overused but I appreciate the efforts to film and your work overall
    Dog aggression is so hard to understand …you can read the cues if you’re observant and pretty experienced but it’s not like that for most of us
    If a pup is aggressive or has become that way like lyric through his unfortunate isolation due to an operation then I reckon it will always be a situation you have to watch and that adds anxiety to the mix ( coming from the owner)
    Most people just can’t relax so they stop taking the dog out full stop and then it only gets worse

    You really just have to be present and in control and that’s nigh impossible. Add a child who may get caught in the melee of a sudden situation and there you have a disaster even if the dog isn’t human aggressive

    You can certainly improve the situation but not even professional trainers can guarantee that a can’t arise when one of us ordinary folk is trying to control it
    Desexing isn’t a cure either. The behaviour is learned so nothing changes in a fear aggression scenario. A calm confident dog is already in the making when it’s part of a litter and you can see the differences when you see them interacting.
    Do not pick a pup that retreats a lot
    Don’t pick the pup that is too much in your face
    Choose the one that hangs back a little but is happy to come over
    And get a puppy at 8 weeks and expose it to all the situations it’s likely to encounter in life
    The dogs I’ve had trouble with have either been bought too late and not adequately socialised or have had an encounter with a boisterous dog, have had that scare and I didn’t do anything to help
    In all my years, I’ve had three like that.
    The rest ( many) were great with only basic obedience training…it was just in their nature not to respond aggressively

    I reckon you never introduce a shyer dog to a new dog without close supervision and you have to distract all the time but that’s hard if you as 5he new owner hasnt established an alpha role..and may never do so☹️
    We r told to socialise even when a pup isn’t vaccinated but the trouble is youre still exposing the pup to situations he may be scared of and you’re not equipped to handle it
    If a pup can learn to sit very quickly ..imagine how quickly he will learn to react with aggression before we can even spot the precursor
    We as humans just don’t understand the root of it all and herein lies the problem for all who aren’t the Caesar Milan types ( and I’m not speaking with a great deal of confidence about him either cos I’m not qualified)

    I wish you with all sinceritythe very very best and hope your dogs can get along
    Really admire your perseverance ???
    Youre lucky you have each other to work together and it looks like you have a great relationship!

  4. my dog is worst i really need help, i cant stop barking when he meets a new dog and he have even severely attacked other small doggies so im kind of worried about that, what should i do?

  5. I hope this helps me. We just recently had to take a new dog (4 months old Labrador) because he was heavily abandoned by a…. complicated relative. We were the only ones willing to do it, but we have a 5 year old dog, small breed, who doesn’t get along with other dogs EVER. He hates the puppy right now and we are scared of trying to socialize them because of the sheer difference in sizes. But we need to, cause they keep barking at each other and making daily life a nightmare for the neighbourhood

  6. I am going to try this method more (and be more patient) We just got a puppy yesterday and I've been feeling rather depressed because my dog doesn't like him, we have another adult dog but he's already gotten along with him. My dog was in a similar situation, when we got her as a pup a couple of years ago, she had Ticks, For months I had to keep her in my room and separate her from the other dogs we had and because of that, she wasn't properly socialized (not my fault) so she is very afraid of dogs and people – she also had a traumatic experience when she got spayed, the people there treated her terribly. So I know it might take weeks if not months for her to feel comfortable around this puppy. I need all the encouragement I can get.

  7. I think my only issue is that you have to use the other dogs as a buffer constantly and you recall her when she's too close. Adult dogs are meant to correct behaviors for puppies so if he nips when she gets to close it teachs her to respect the other dogs boundaries. They have to learn that from other dogs, not from humans. I have a Golden mix who is fear aggressive, everything scares him so he barks and lunges but then hides. He is afraid of other dogs and he plays too rough. I simply let my older dog handle that and any time he got too rough, she nipped him or wrestled him down and dominated him, licked him in the face and walked off. He now plays well with other dogs, respecting their boundaries without a fear response. Sometimes humans shouldn't completely interfere with nature in that way.

  8. The end of the video makes up for the fact that all the text reading was super distracting to what the dogs were doing. The pose with all the dogs is priceless. Neptune is gorgeous. Something constructive…maybe if you do another video you could speak thru some of it. I do admire your love and patience (and the big room they all play in looks like doggie paradise:))

  9. Fantastic work.. One of our dogs are a bit aggressive and i have put off the puppy – desenz. wprk for a long time. I want to get a new dog and i guess i need to do the work… Thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. This was super helpful! My 6 year old border collie is puppy aggressive and we just got a new golden retriever pup. She has a lot of energy and we have had several close calls between the two of them, but I’m going to try some of this out. Thanks!!

  11. Thank you! I've been having a little trouble finding instructive video demonstrations of this technique. I notice that although Lyriq is described as aggressive, during these training sessions he seems relatively calm. I get the impression that is important so that he can learn. How did you do that – did you have to identify his threshold distance and start with the puppy that far away from him? Then as you train consistently, that threshold naturally improves? Also, how often did you do this training? It looks like it was a very long process (though worthwhile, of course!). Thanks!

  12. I absolutely HATE these types of videos… Endless text for you to read, annoying, repetitious music, and no speaking instruction. Why didn't you tell us what your story was and what you did to correct the problems? This strikes me as a really lazy man's way of making and sharing a video. I did not even watch the video, (fast-forwarded through it to see if anything changed as it went along) because I will not subject myself to all this reading of rapidly placed text. not to mention the awful music. Too bad… I was looking for resolution for bring a new dog into a household with an older, established, aggressive and jealous dog. Boring and lame video.

  13. Awesome video, we need to do the same thing with our reactive 5yr old Whippet and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup

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