Social Media Marketing for Pest Control with Gary Vaynerchuk

Hey everybody! This is Gary Vaynerchuk. First,
big shout-out to Bulwark exterminators. Thomas, this is especially for you. I could use you
guys right now out here, there’s so many bugs in this backyard… So, the real question is “How can we use Social
to create actual business results in a small geo-located kind of family business, like
exterminator?” It’s funny. I come from a small family business,
right? I grew up in a small, one store-located, one location Springfield, New Jersey liquor
store that in 1994 and ‘5, when I really was getting involved, really did its business
within a 10-15 mile radius and was doing traditional marketing, and then I approached my dad to
do a website, Spent $15,000 and got $800 in return in the first full year.
Not exciting as you guys can imagine as businessmen and women. The interesting part was four years
later the site did $4,000,000 in sales, and I think that’s the real answer, right? Just
engaging four or five people on twitter in a geo-targeted area that mentioned bugs is
not gonna convert into sales. Just putting some dollars into facebook for ads, though
might get a lot of impressions and awareness, might not necessarily convert into sales.
The real question is how do you actually get your business now and will that be the relevant
channels for your business 3-4 years from now, right? What happens in 24-36 months?
I actually am not as passionate about what’s gonna happen in the next two or three minutes,
I’m far more passionate [about] what’s gonna happen in the next two or three years. So
instead of thinking what’s gonna happen right now, we want to really wanna focus on this
singular question: Does Bulwark want to be in business in 36
months? If the answer is “yes”, now we have to start
getting quite serious about social, and here’s what I mean. I would tell you that you need
to think about yourselves bigger than what you are. Meaning, when I started WineLibrary
TV, I became America’s wine guy, not a wine salesman for one store. I would challenge you to think about what
would happen if you guys started becoming an authority, a media company, blogging around
home, period. Decor, insurance, the real estate market. What kind of media property can you
create on a dot com, on a blog, and then use social media as a content-gateway to that
site, which then becomes the most important Home website in your general area, and then
like, every fifth or sixth post, actually do a post that is selling your business
and your service. I think that’s gonna be one of the gateways and one of the future
things that everybody, that your business is in the media business, and you don’t realize
it yet. I think the other thing to really think about is getting better at targeted
ads on facebook. We’ve taken over a ton of campaigns where they were general campaigns,
they were general locations, but when you started adding targeting, and more importantly,
what if you made the creative? Look up what a sponsored story is, or a dark
post. Google those terms. That’s the way you actually get real results on facebook. I mean
today, I posted one post about buying my post on facebook and I’ve sold hundreds of books.
So, y’know, it takes time. I mean, I can very much respect why it’s not easy to understand
the ROI or the quick conversion of Social, because unlike SEO or SEM marketing, and banner
re-targeted advertising, or newspaper ads, or radio, or all the things before it, which
were sprints. They were moments in time. Social is a marathon, and so you may not see the
upfront five or six new customers for your business in Social, but done right over the
next 24 months, done really right over the next 24 to 36 months, you can put yourself
in a position where generations of your family are winning because you become the premier
and only player, and so those are the things I’ve been thinking a lot about.

5 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing for Pest Control with Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. This cat is so on point "almost" all the time!  Freaking pioneer in my book, and will be looked at the one that taught us social principles that work.  #listenidiot  haha
          h/t to one of "The" pioneers @Gary Vaynerchuk in social communication.

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  3. Great video on positioning yourself as the expert in your market. I love the concept of looking where you could be two or three years ahead. Just think of the unsurmountable lead, and distance you can put between you and your competition.

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