Social Media Marketing automation: Social Rabbit Plugin for WordPress Update 2019

Just imagine: the traffic on your website
and the number of orders are constantly growing while you enjoy leisure time or work on other
important business tasks. What you need is automated social media promotion! Let’s find out how to do it with the help
of the Social Rabbit Plugin. Social Rabbit is an ace-high tool to boost
your sales through social media activities. With this plugin, you can auto-promote your
business on four top social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Social Rabbit makes scheduled posts for all
these social media networks and draws attention to your accounts via following, liking and
commenting on users’ posts and accounts. It doesn’t matter if you have AliDropship
Plugin installed on your site or not. Since Social Rabbit is a WordPress Plugin,
you can use it on any WordPress site. In this video, I’d like to highlight Social
Rabbit’s new features! With recent updates, we have made the plugin
even more convenient and autonomous. What is great about the Social Rabbit Plugin
is that you don’t even need to make new posts yourself. The plugin can generate posts from the images
loaded to your site’s Media Gallery and text and hashtag templates. What if it’s installed on your AliDropship
WordPress store? Then you will easily get posts with the pictures
of the products from your store published in social media! If you have previously used Social Rabbit,
you probably know that for the plugin to work correctly, you need to regularly update the
images in your Media Gallery that Social Rabbit uses to create posts. You may agree that sometimes this could be
a nuisance. But that’s in the past. Now Social Rabbit can automatically add images
to the Media Gallery according to the relevant keywords. Let me show you how it works! In Social Rabbit’s Media Gallery, simply
click “Add Automatically,” enter keywords associated with your business, choose the
database from which the Rabbit will upload images, then select the category (for Pixaby). See? It only takes a few seconds to set up this
timesaving option. In 10 minutes, Social Rabbit will start uploading
images. The number of images depends on the frequency
of your posts you set up in the “Gallery” tab. Social Rabbit will do literally everything
to effectively promote your social media pages on autopilot and relieve you from routine
tasks. But wait, there is more! Now you can use your phone number to login
to your Instagram account through the plugin interface. Plus, if Instagram asks you to confirm your
identity, you can use your phone number for this too. An easy, hassle-free and effective solution. Do you still promote your business on social
media platforms manually and spend too much time on it? Get Social Rabbit and watch your SMM flourish
on full autopilot! With Social Rabbit You’ll
Generate quality traffic from social media platforms
Replace an entire experienced SMM team Promote your website on social media on autopilot
24/7 Currently, there are more than 9,300 active
installations of the Social Rabbit plugin! People are using it and achieving great success
on social media. Why don’t you start getting the most out
of your social media pages, too? Click the link in the description or on the
screen to see the full list of features and learn more about how Social Rabbit can help
you with Social Media promotion. Or if you’re ready to start getting the
benefits of Social Rabbit now, click the link in the description or on the screen to get
your plugin! Do you have any questions about Social Rabbit
Plugin or dropshipping in general? Drop them in the comments, and I’ll get
it covered! See you!

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