So Many Pets! – 2016 VLOGMAS DAY 12!

good morning I am feeling so much better today it's actually incredible whoo there's no alarm okay all right okay all right okay okay stop there we go I woke up today at like 5:30 I went to bed at 9:30 or 10 o'clock because I felt so terrible I was super congested I had a headache that made it so that I couldn't like look at anything and my stomach hurt really bad and I don't know if that was the chili I ate or what I have you know I have no idea what it was all I know is that this morning I feel great I actually feel totally fine and I'm like wow I beat that thing in like two days heck yeah so I got up super early I edited my vlog because I I couldn't do it yesterday just looking at the screen made me so the pain was for real so I made the vlog it's up and now I can actually play a little bit of Final Fantasy 15 this morning I'm so happy I'm finally playing this game and I've made a huge mistake I should not have started this this morning because it's really fun and I don't have to stop playing and I've got the kitties with me what a perfect morning you've gotten so much playtime in today huh morning Sam what where do you work what are you worried you did why'd that dude stop Star Trek thing you didn't okay this is this is like yeah rock on all right you were worried that you did this yeah yeah yeah you didn't don't all right good I'm still dude broke at them sweet sweet pizza huh would you show up just the box or would you show up what's in the obviously opened box oh well like dude does this person want to know what cool figure they got or right do they want a mystery oh this is really cute then like maybe they want to know but then like what if you open up another one and it's gross great and you're like oh no there's a cute one and then this other person got a god-sized thank you but deadly oh it isn't the name yeah then maybe you don't need to worry too much maybe so what do you say I'm saying maybe just leave them all trapped in their prisons until they're in the hands of loved ones all right all right also I love them there's a Diablo skateboard and not too long ago Jesse and I had which our longboard oh yeah just living I just love that there's so many things yeah and so many interesting ways to advertise your video game so Kristen what are you doing right now well Jesse's gonna do a Christmas giveaway for everybody so oh I know some pretty swag stuff like this Ryan Hart hammer oh damn I promise it's really a Reinhardt never yeah so I'm just taking pictures or anything so everyone can see what they're gonna get oh no I miss it just got done with my stream I've continued to feel totally fine today aside from some frustration with the actual game which I will not get into if you would like to see it my vods are free and you can go and watch it but I was salty I was very salty today I did a lot of yelling and now I have the streams exporting with little disclaimers because I kept forgetting during the actual stream to say hey by the way I was given this game for free so I wanted to make sure that they had like the disclaimer on the actual video that's going up on YouTube so yeah that's gonna take forever like it's just super super duper forever so I'm trying to convince samurai go and grab food with me and here we have game complete as Maximus observe as he sleeps in his what I haven't seen your beautiful face and so long it feels like oh my gosh I haven't seen this beautiful face is suppose this is the start of town a little bit hell yes I would I think the next time we're gonna film Dragon Ball is Monday but we can film any day that you're available what do you like to tell them what what channel it is that those videos take place I'm down with super cash fighters for more Philly cheesesteak action in addition to some fighting himself mostly sandwiches yeah the genius euphemism for like a Reuben yeah I love it Reubens are the best sandwiches notes also okay cool I've been on their channel before you should go and check it out also buy some food let's see if Watson makes this jump you did it good job welp we've eaten our sandwiches I walked into Jersey Mike's wearing Kitty slippers but Sam didn't catch me until it was too late so I got to embarrass him the whole time and now we're all curled up playing video games Sam's in there I'm in here with the boys and I'm just ready to have a nice chill night so if you guys also have a fantastic chill day or night as well you

22 thoughts on “So Many Pets! – 2016 VLOGMAS DAY 12!

  1. Perhaps it's my poor vision talking, but I could never have the TV that far away from me. I would never be able to read any in-game text lol.

  2. That guy seems awesome, I don't think id heard of Super Couch fighters before, am going to check them out now

  3. LMAO Sam did the "I love you sign" except his hand was facing towards him so it's like "I love me" XD

  4. I love all your pets. All so cute! I have 3 dogs, 2 cats and a parakeet. They bring so much joy! I'm glad you're feeling better! I bet it was that chili! Hehe.

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