So I spent 1,000+ Robux on Ninja Legends… (Pet Giveaway)

okay now this is pretty Opie Wow look at
my pens we have now yo what’s up fellow attackers its Captain Jack Attack and
his fellow pet captain whiskers here today in ninja Legends I’ll hold off on
the petty boy until the end of the video because you wouldn’t believe what
happened today well it’s the holidays so I decided to get roblox premium and yes
I ended up spending over 1000 robox on ninja Legends what exactly did I
spend it on well look at this insane team of pets like this is some pretty
insane stuff for immortal pets and a couple of eternalized pets like the mini
legend this dads are insane just look at that all together it’s eight pets in
total and I ended up getting the 60 plus and the 20 plus pet capacity passes so I
could evolve even more pets and quicker for you guys now instead of the weaker
pets I was able to forge up now we can actually do it legit nice pet giveaways
like from eternalized pets and onward like look at all these pets like look
all these eternalized Thunderstrike falcons they’re pretty much useless to
me and rather than selling them off i want to trade them up to you guys so if
you want to join the pet giveaway all you gotta do is smack by like in the
video subscribe to a channel with the bell ringing and then comment down your
whole box user name down below and alan to you and my pet giveaway i do a
giveaway every ninja Legends video and you could be the next lucky winner of
one of these insane pets like who doesn’t like free stuff I know I take
free stuff anytime there was a one to offer now was it worth it spending so
much robots in a simulator game like Mitchell legends personally I think it
was especially since I was at a point where I was stuck I wanted to get nicer
pets and I also wanted to try to get eternalized mini legend but with the pet
capacity of 20 it was really hard to evolve the pet
because I kept running out of room for them and it was just a pain like I had
to keep selling pets that I didn’t need and it was a complete waste I could have
made eternalized pets based on those pets they sold off it was this it was a
really bad process and I’m just so glad that we ended up going through with this
new game passes and stuff like I’m able to create a bunch of new eternalized
pets even some immortals hopefully some legendary pets in the future with this
so it’s definitely a good approach for me now with 180 it’s honestly a bit
overkill and just a hundred would have worked fine but having 180 pet slots
lets me not waste any pets and when I’m trying to evolve into legendary with the
team of eight pets all equipped at once I can get a ton of Chi ancient magma
boss I usually get about 2.5 million to 3 million chi per hit on the boss ow and
that’s plenty of Chi after a while in order to farm for more pets active
thunderstorm crystal after killing the boss my solo I was able to get about 5
billion Chi with this team of pets it’s like it’s insane it’s literally insane
as I keep playing the game and trying to evolve the pets
I’ll give them out to you guys and make sure you’re watching the video like the
video and also if you’re not subscribed yet smack that darn subscribe button you
can win one of these cool snazzy pets don’t forget to leave your roblox name
in the comments below so I can enter you in the giveaway like who doesn’t like
getting free stuff am i right that’s it for today’s videos guys I just want to
show you like how insane having 8 pets can be and have been sane having such a
big pet capacity can be and how easy it is to create
legendaries or immortals with all these passes it makes it a hundred times
easier in order to evolve these pets and you’ll start seeing some really good pet
giveaways from your boy Captain Jack Attack so
see who are gonna win these pet giveaways we’re gonna be doing three
winners today so looks like chocolate boy 535 won the first one congratulation
chocolate boy let’s who’s gonna win the next one
regulations white TXO meaning to being the second winner and let’s see who’s
gonna be the last one for today’s video regulations gaggy 22 moves from being
the last turn of today’s video and if you didn’t want in today’s video don’t
worry every ninja legends video I do a peg
giveaway so be sure to stay tuned to my other ninja legends videos and you may
be able to win a really cool eternalized thunder strike Falcon thanks for
watching and I’ll see you guys next time hey guys I hope you enjoyed the video be
sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and check out my other videos on my channel you

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